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are the Rebels' coming back at all? prefer the short sleeve versions, do not see them listed at all on the website?
are the short-sleeved hooded rebel coming back anytime soon?
I asked this a couple weeks ago without a response, I could care less about the sale, but was wondering if the stadium jacket in black size small is going to be restocked at anytime?
any idea on when a re-stock of the stadium jacket in black is coming? looking for a size small.
will the flash fullzip hoodie in the duo colourway be back in stock anytime soon?   looking for a small, was there a day or two ago, now is sold out?   http://shop.johnelliott.co/collections/hoodies/products/flash-fullzip-hoodie-duo
I know most on here are probably sick of all the size questions, so my apologies ahead of time....but for someone who wears a men's US7 in a converse chuck taylor, and a men's US7.5 in pretty much all nike, as well as converse jack purcell; what size do I need to order for the cp original achilles low? I am unsure on wether a 39 or a 40 would be the correct choice? my feet are slightly narrow, narrow-medium would be a good description   thanks for your help, and...
i think i read no international shipping from a post on here, but do they ship to Canada?   thanks.
webstore does not still have them, the size 40 are greyed out and cant be added to the shopping cart, i think only sizes available are still 42, 43.
anyone here buy the size 40 white leather low's from fourhorsemen.ca? they had them for the longest time and now they are sold, if you bought them and have them still brand new unworn and would consider selling them i will pay $500 for them.
thats perfect, thank you very much for the info.
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