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any idea where can find a brand new pair of black raw D02 made in japan size 26? or am i shit out of luck.....i know ssense had them but they are sold out
what is everyones thoughts on the d02 classic coated denim in black? have these differed that much from season to season?
 guys, dont want to be a pain, but any help? are these legit, again the only tag pic i can get...
thanks for the replies on my earlier question, hate to do this but, a quick legit check? this is the only pic of the tag i can find...    
quick question everyone, is it the general consensus that the '013 raw d02 are generally the ones to get in terms of being best cut and fit/quality?
DHL is faster, but you are going to get hit with fee's, customs, duties, etc. the second DHL touches it they charge you. if you go the USPS route, which is turn get delivered by Canada Post, while it will probably be a couple days atleast longer than DHL, there is a good chance you wont get charged at terms of customs/duties.
thank you very much for the reply, exactly the info i was looking for!
railcar is the place to use for denim alterations i have heard..
quick question,   are the honeycombs behind the knee really that pronounced? or is the contrast/filter amped up on the pics to make them stand out more?   just how accurate are the colours/washes in the pics on the ysl website to the actual in hand product?   thanks everyone.
same here, same size as well, glad to see they appear to have more stock in the smaller sizes
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