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Completely different fabrics so they fit differently
I wanna say it has a slight pastely tone to it because of the shade of blue
I love my Navajo print shirt it's awesome, I wore it this morning while digging out my old bike    .."The Worlds Fastest Indian"...  
For those of you talking about the solid blacks:     The "solid blacks" have the warp and weft threads dyed black where as the regular "black selvedge" has a black warp and white weft (the "white flakes" highway mentioned)
..and regular guy fit pics!
I've heard of soaking just the legs and stretching them by hand yourself helps some although I don't see this being a very good method 
awww knucks I thought you were gonna lose the weight to make them work O.o  
      I'm sure whatever you make will be cool and im sure if you ask they'll send you some fit pics of the regular guys, btw hows your NF belt look my black ones looking pretty good now i'll have to get some pics up later   
So what are you gonna do for your custom jeans??
Yup congratz (M***)!
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