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I bet you're Mr. Cool LOL
good day
Quote: $900 a decent deal? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I love HF suits and just inquired on how much a MTM would be at their Chicago location and it's $1,830. I'd faint if I found a place to MTM fully canvassed Super 150's wool HF for $900...  
How much would you pay for a MTM 1/2 canvassed suit made with Super 120s Loro Piano wool? A store near me in Naperville, IL sells them for $900.
  This is my first WAYWRN post (new to SF). I'm a year out of grad school and I'm slowly trying to upgrade my wardrobe. I don't have a pic of the shoes I'm wearing - they're AE Maxfields in chili.  
So far the only OTR suits that i've found that fit me extremely well are Joseph Abboud. With other brands of suits the lapels buckle and/or puff out away from my chest. Are JAbboud suits absolute crap? If so, does anyone know any other brands that fit similar to them? Here's an example: Thanks gents
If there is one that that Mr. Falls has it's class. Although Chicago doesn't get as cold as Canada and I'm not outside for long during my commute.    
Why would you even think a MA in a general humanities would help your job prospects? I have an MPA and it has helped me greatly.
I'm in Chicago and would put my money on Green Bay, they have 14 returning players of injury reserved from their superbowl team. Finley at TE is a stud and Rogers is the top QB in the league, especially now that he and his receivers are perfecting the back shoulder pass.
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