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Looking for climbers sz 30 in black
Hi wardernised,i'm in the same boat as you.Anyone willing to handle our combined order?
bump for total dopeness.Can you point me to the site you bought for reference on sizing?I wear a 29 in Tellasons
Lol guys go easy on the dude
+4 to sample sale!Please PM!
Hi guys i would want a US PROXY SERVICE for buying a pair of Red Wings from J Crew to Singapore! PM me and we can work it out!Thanks!
Ah the tagged size is 29 but the actual measurements were 30',now it has stretched a good 31.5,so its absolutely perfect on my waist.Even after a short period of 3 days they have broken down nicely,the only trouble i have is doing a full squat with them and that's about it!
So i have been wearing my pair of tellasons,where i bought it off a member here. Its tagged a 29,but my natural waist is 31.5,so do you guys think it'll be fine?So far i've been wearing for the past 3 days it's been quite tight at the waist and thighs,how much would u reckon it'll stretch out and fit well? I can sit down and all,but sometimes theres way too much tension when i do so Its a John Graham Mellor Model Thanks!
Beautiful pair
Condition for 1st shirt?
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