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  Anyone with less than 5000 posts who goes looking for respect on Styleforum deserves all he gets.   I'm hear to read and ask questions about clothes.   ccm
  Hi Spoo.   I get that, but I'm not exactly in a typical situation - I'm working on ships for 4wks at a time.  Time on the internet is not something I am short of.    Despite this, although the clothing I am working on was acquired cheaply, I am using the cheap clothing to develop skill sets.  So that someday, when I am buying $800+ shirts, I will know from experience how to take care of them/address uncommon problems.     When later in life it is not a thrifted shirt,...
  Thanks, KObalto.    ccm
  What is this word, "expensive"?  I thought you guys were all ballers.   Yeah, I was just saying it wasn't even an option.  I mentioned that it can't be done, in case someone were to suggest it.   ccm
  Ah.  So that's what "lolwut" means.  Who knew?   ccm
Hmm, found a thread elsewhere recommending an underside application of an iron on patch deal called Stitch Witchery:   But people said the iron temps required to set the adhesive borders burning the fabric.   This might be what I've been looking for:   Normally used...   About halfway down, under High Skilled alterations - Reweaving.   ccm 
  Thanks for these words of wisdom.  I was really on the edge prior to this.   ccm
  And get a time machine.  It's an option.   Hmm.  I really thought more people here would have had some useful experience with repairing a puncture in a shirt.   ccm 
  Good idea, but I'm working offshore at the moment.  So I'm a thousand miles away from the shirts.   I'll post some pics when I get home on Thursday.   ccm
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