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Thanks AB and PK. So, rg buckle is a nice to have, but won't worry about it.
Anyone with helpful advise?
I just bought my first rose gold watch (ALS 1815). Do folks here match belt buckle to that? Frankly haven't been able to find many belts with rose gold buckle. I've also got a plat wedding band. Do I not worry about matching my watch to that?
Any suggestions for good mtm shirts?
[/quote] The best and brightest thing made the entire thread laugh, but this is an admirable Grade A booster post. [/quote] My comment sounded more douchey than intended. The point I was trying to make was that, for better or worse, people come here/SV from all over believing that they've got an idea that will change the world and they can hit it big based on brains. My experience has been that people don't care where/if you've gone to college, what color you are,...
I live here (Bay Area) and agree, but isn't that true of any popular city (eg, Paris, ny)? It's like a very expensive buffet. You are paying for the shrimp, so you better get the shrimp or it's not worth it. For me, it is a very unique mix of climate, beauty and opportunity that attracts the best and brightest from all over the world.
Same for my Glaser bag. I think he'd put the logo inside. They're very proud of their product, hence wanting the logo on it.
It's a small linked-in world and you never know where people will land. Four days is not very long. If it were me and they pushed back I'd skip a couple of those days off. You can use whomever you want as references, but that doesn't mean they won't be able to talk to others, especially the boss.  I'd advise not burning any bridges.
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