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This winter has been one of the more disheartening I can remember. So I bought myself a little pick me up for my birthday. Decision made.   Haven't taken her home yet and all her fancy clothes are still on order, but here's my new girl, getting prepped in the shop:     
 Yeah I think you're onto something. My last Gore jacket washed fine, but the insulation zipped out. I think the old sponge bath is the way to go with this one.
So I just went through the ordeal of trying to wash my Arc'teryx Veilance Insulated Field Jacket for the first time.     What a nightmare. Forget about buying a 3-pack of Nikwax products just to be able to care for it in the first place. I do my research on how to clean it, pop it in the washer on the appropriate settings and after twenty minutes I hear BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG coming from on yonder in my apartment. I run to the washing machine only to find the damn...
How many rolls at the sleeve is too many...?
Who is John Galt?
Never get hit w duties from Mr. P. But you gotta be on the ball when they announce drops. I think my stark from them was about $230.
Oh Joy. I'm one drop away from my semi-annual Mr. Porter basics binge. Nothing like unnecessarily luxurious skivvies at 70% off.
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