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I've thought about taking watchmaker classes.   My fear is that if I learn that much about horology, I'll start a course down a dangerous rabbit hole.   And I don't mean @mimo's gold sub rabbit hole.    
 I suppose either, though I'm keen on boots presently. I'm in barcelona for the better part of a week. Looking for some eye candy - see if anything grabs me.
 Holly Bush, right! I'll put that on my itinerary for this week. Yes the Northamton trip sounds much preferable. Is that going on currently? Didn't make it to Spring. We tried to hold out until our very late reservation, but ohhhh the call of the brasseries
@mimo - I've always been more of a Coke man myself. Now, why are you lusting for a minute repeater all of a sudden? I'd be more interested in one of those bird boxes in that upcoming Hong Kong auction mentioned a few pages back.   Unofficial example:     @gopherblue - Just a pint? Given the sack of quid I was steeling myself to piss away to the Crown, I'm thinking a trip to SOHO might be in order. I hear the Harrods sale starts in a week. I am told that's a thing.
Apart from Carmina, any notable bootmakers in Barcelona I may not be aware of, coming from the states? Heading there in a week.
Thanks! Yes for the most part. There were some finger smudges and some of the old clasp adjustment scratches weren't completely polished out, but not a speck of dust and this 15 year old watch is ticking and looking as flawlessly as could be expected.They really did do a great job of packing. Box within a box, tons of bubble wrap and tamper tape, and a complimentary velvet watch pouch with velvet bracelet separator.
Sweet resolution. I sent them a detailed report establishing previous ownership and proving that a change of ownership was not taking place. A day later, my baby is home. Valuable lessons learned here. Mainly; if at all possible, do not put a Rolex in a cardboard box.
 I missed a ton, including all of those. But I'll get to them. Honestly, it was a good thing I only had about 4 hours to devote to shopping on the trip. I would have risked getting a little too caught up in it all.. Shout out to Le 66 over by the Arch.
Finally made it out to Paris. I had heard that shopping in Paris is a thing, but how good could it be? Every major city has designer shops.   I can confirm, shopping in Paris is a thing. They've got these boutique concept stores where you browse racks that were expertly matched for harmonious outfits spanning multiple designers both world-renowned and new. And prices are far more reasonable than what I was used to in Boston or NYC. Sales attendants are often fashion...
Thank you Dino. I wish I liked what you had to say but I am grateful for it.
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