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Question for the shoemakers out there. Have you noticed any real-world differences in quality or performance of welted vs nailed soles? I am having a pair of boots made and have the option of nailed soles. I am told this can make the sole harder wearing, but I wonder if it is necessary for casual boots or if it would effect the weight of the boots. Ah and also, I wonder if it would make resoling more difficult for my neighborhood cobbler.
That cash clip in the middle is pretty slick.
Happy to do my part!
Shell Cordovan GATs via Epaulet.   Just put down my pre-order.
Too many possible combinations. This will be a perfect gift for my brother-in-law. You can transfer the prize right?
I wonder if the "class yearnings" argument for modern hipsters is even realistic. At least, if emulation were the goal, you'd think they'd get a little closer than "urban lumberjack."
I sometimes wonder if I should bother to hate on trends simply because they differ from my tastes and area able to be captured in a few accurate stereotypes.   That blog post makes some amusing points, but is also quite clearly coming from an overtly diminutive perspective.
http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/shell-cordovan-belt.htmlThe lighter shade of these may work
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