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 Ooh even better! They say laces are dangerous when riding so those are def. an improvement.   @akatsuki - Hey how long have you had your Stows and how have they held up? I've got my first pair on the way from the UK.
RC390 will be tons of fun. SV is a fantastic all-around bike, but you seem to be looking for more of a certain je ne sais quoi.... I just came across these, btw. Grenson x Edwin moto boots. http://shop.edwin-europe.com/collections/collaborations/products/edwin-blitz-boot-by-grenson-brown Pretty slick eh? C'mon @TRINI .. Take a peek
I don't doubt it.
I figure at any rate, the guys at customs will already know that more lax regulations are imminent, regarding Cuban goods. In Boston, they pretty much stopped enforcing the Marijuana laws when the decriminalization announcement was made, yet before new laws were written. Only so many perps can be processed a day, and only so many packages inspected..
Well I'll be.. Got my Partagas order without issue. I had no idea it was this easy all along.
Same for me. Happy as long as the money goes to a good cause. Here's to a happy, healthy 2015.
Has anyone seen some Alden cordovan on sale anywhere?
They're great boots, I don't dispute it. But from here on out, I'll only be buying lined boots that better keep to their original shape.
Sadly, after several years of having them as my go-to boot, I have decided to move on from my 1Ks and get into Tricker's. The reason is simple, an unlined boot looses its shape too easily. I will continue to wear my 1ks as beaters for work or mucking about. But for a long term "nice" boot, these have not made the cut.
My vote would be mid weight gray. Gray is always the safest choice for something unreasonably expensive.
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