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VERY nice @kimmo. You are truly a man of good taste.     Speaking of taste. What do you all make of this?     I'm just wondering what sort of watch buyer looking to buy a $4k+ mechanical watch would want anything to do with a Tiffany's logo.   "Hey Burt, nice timepiece. That Swiss?" "Yeah, Chuck, sure is. I got it at Tiffany's."
If you already have navy, why not change it up? I like to match leatger straps to belts when possible. What color belt do you wear most often?
I remember that. CEO smoked some dope and made a stupid announcement. I snapped them up at 72 and sold at 130 or so. If only I had more capital to throw around back then. And if only I held it longer. But whatever. If you come out ahead on speculation, it's a win.
Eye candy.  
I'm pretty stoked that, for once, I come into spring wanting/needing absolutely no motorcycle gear/accessories/add-ons etc.   Well that's not entirely true. I did put on new levers. But only because the cheap Chinese garbage i slapped on last season were faulty.     It's a kind of zen transition I'm making: from thinking of motorcycle enjoyment in terms of the machine to enjoyment in terms of the ride. Instead of a corbin seat, I'm going to treat myself to more turns...
 You mean... we've been misled?? 
I suppose Pan Am was in the waffle business...
She's a Hilton. Actually it's nice to see that she finally set about building her own little empire instead of leveraging her father's.    As for trying to criticize a person like that in any substantial way... Well, the mice will always squeak.
We'll Rolex certainly seems to have gotten it right half a century ago. Last pilot flew a plain I was on was sporting a 16710 in Coke.True story.
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