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Hipster-grade Horween CXL strap back on. After spending too much of the winter with my GMTII, I'm re-discovering how much enjoyment I continue to get out the Speedy.   I've found that changing straps is a good way to smack down the desire for new watches that sometimes nags at me.    
 Curious what's got you so up in arms, if you don't mind my asking. Looking at that dial sure does make me smile every time.  Very nice! Love the bokeh in that shot too. I see I'm not the only one around here using a navy gator strap!
Julian Bowery 
 There's this whole notion of "perceived value" when it comes to the purchases we make, and nowhere can you see as much variance as in clothes shopping. There's form, there's function and then there's that intangible "x" factor: what's in or whats new or what's on sale today, etc. The more years I put behind me, the more I've realized the value of having set criteria for purchases before I get on the hunt. Otherwise that "third quality" can pull you in a million...
Interesting how this "fast fashion" model has shifted some designers' inclinations from predicting/creating trends to attempting to analyzing what's in right now and deliver it quickly. I think all that really got going in the 90s when grunge threw everything for a loop and brands like Forever 21 and H&M grew like wildfires.   But in the 90s, there was still so much bling. Now it's not cool to show wealth. I suspect a combination of designing for what the masses actually...
The rules of style are a little different in Venice this time of year.  
Textile fairs are interesting places. Went to one in London yesterday looking for fabrics for an upcoming project. Saw buyers from some pretty big names milling around. Had a look at Riri's catalog, they really are top-notch when it comes to fastening. Seemed to be a lot of interest in floral prints and big, fluffy wool/acrylic blends along with all the classic stuff.   British Milerian showed me their new waxed cotton laminates, which have one side laminated to the...
Yeah, the Street Triple is a far better bike. But the... passengers... always found the Speedy more comfortable.
 Nah, this was the OKCupid pic. Jacket by Roland Sands Design.    Wait 'til you see how I layer popped collar polo shirts.
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