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 Ar the quarters on those made of PVC? That's wild. I love my MMM GATs, but those are a bit much...
Canada Goose coats. So much disdain. If I wanted to wrap myself in fluffy feathers of epic proportions, I'd book a room at the Westin.   I mean sure if you live out in the bush or spend a great deal of time on fishing boats, I can understand. But in the city? Yeah, you enjoy your three-foot-wide silhouette and your dog fur-lined hood. Tool.   So over it.
Same size as with stark. Hmm well you tell me, how's this fit?
I paid 250 and used them on and off for a season. Washed them recently. So let's say $200 shipped.
Speaking of tight gloves, I'm getting thumb cramps from buying a pair of Held Air n Dry in a 7 when I should have gone 8. Anyone want to buy them off me?
Can we talk about the sleeves on the fisherman sweater? I mean, the shoulder seam is a bit far out and it's quite a roll-up on the cuffs. Makes for a very slouchy fit....   I dunno. It feels nice from a comfort standpoint but then I look in the mirror and....eh...
Yeah I'd say Seiko or Citizen.    My go-to non-technical travel watch (beach vacations mostly) is a Seiko SNE109 with a nato strap. As such:         Solar, waterproof day/date (I often need both when traveling). I think I got it for a hair under $200, which makes it a beater as far as I'm concerned. Rotating bezel is useful for parking meters....     If I'm in an unfamiliar climate on an extended trip that involves scooters and/or hiking, I'll bring the Casio,...
Tissot looks good. I'll show her some for sure. @chobo, what do you look for in a travel watch? I just did a month in SE Asia with a Casio PROTREK and was very happy with it. A compass and barometer are surprisingly underrated. But smart watches.. Don't they rely on 3g or wifi? Deal breaker for me. A watch should stand alone on its internal technology.
Yeah I think she wants something swiss. I already tried to get her to look at Seiko and she said they didn't look "special" enough. I think she's looking for it to be priced around $400-$700. Thats why I was thinking F.C. 
 Hey, that's not half bad! At $130 on Amazon, incredibly affordable too. I must say, at that price I'm a bit suspicious about build quality/reliability/durability. Can you (or anyone) speak to the quality?
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