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 I mean, of course it depends on how they're tuned. But there are some tendencies. With triples the power is pretty damn linear. Tame down low, zippy up top. But if you get, say, a 1000cc triple... well that's just a whole other matter.   They're all pretty nice, but tan is on the brown spectrum. It's too polarizing. I'm looking for the one sneaker to rule them all. I think it's gotta be burgundy. Goes with everything, and it's not white. ::fingers crossed::
 Yeah I meant generally. I'm on a CP buy-and-return rampage. Black, eh. Gray, eh. Gonna try Burgundy tomorrow...
@trini. I want you to answer one question. What's the most versatile color for low top sneakers. And it can't be white. Cause I don't like showing off dirt. Ok... Go
Yeah that's kind of what I figured. Been caught in a buy-and-exchange cycle trying different CPs. Probably the break-in will be worth it for the vulcanized rubber soles in the CPs. But I'm so indecisive on color. Wish I could just be happy with white.   Oh yeah, anyone know if there's a difference between the Achilles "Original" and the "Premium" other than price?
Anyone who's had MMM GATS and CP Achilles lows to compare, any thoughts on which ones are more comfy/durable? 
Kriega r-25 backpack. For staying in shape, squats and pull-ups. Shit tons of em.
Rode a bicycle today with my buddy around the English countryside. Was a good way to work up an appetite for his mother's Sunday lamb roast. Weird British bicycle though. Required a wrench to adjust the seat, was way upright and raked so narrow it turned scary sharp. Would have traded it for my STR in a second.
What's the hoodie in that??
Yeah I'm neither a sociologist nor a fashion historian. That was coming from some ivory tower university academic more than a decade ago. Clearly the guy'd never seen pantaloons.     But yeah, it's totally easier to look good in a relaxed fit. Just throw on a white tee shirt and some normal-ass jeans. Not going to offend anyone there. Keeping everything perfectly fitted requires a good tailor (or two) and staying the same size. Still, there's 'relaxed' and there's...
Knowing I'm being bated, I'll give the request the benefit of the doubt.   I suppose, at its core, it's a subjective matter of taste. I recognize this. But I prefer fits that flatter a given body type - that are about the person inside the outfit and not the outfit itself; more style-oriented than fashion-oriented. There's a point at which style crosses over into fashion-victim-land (with fashion-obsessed-land as a midpoint), and I think Kanye's looks and a lot of these...
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