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There comes a time in every man's life, where he gets his Sunspel basics.    
Any active codes  for END. right now?
I'd love them in green or blue as well!
  Bimmer VS Beemer, Do you know the difference???          
  Something in here should work.
 Yes please do. Thanks!
 I scrubbed off what I could with cotton swabs, mostly I was very careful with the paintbrush and tried to brush away from the welt with the horsehair brush. The rag helps to blend around the welt as well, since it's a denser and more controllable surface than a brush. There were some black flecks that got onto the welt where it joins with the upper that I couldn't get off without ruining my polish work. Chalk it up to patina!
 What? No! How did I miss that one!
Looks like I'm snowed in today, so, without further ado, here's my process for antiquing the Lollipop Cavalier CXL Trickers. The polish scuffs easily but can also be re-blended with a thumb or horsehair brush, true to the CXL pull-up quality. I don't think I'm quite finished with this pair, but I'll take a break from messing with them for a while to enjoy my handiwork. Less is probably more here.   Notes: I could be wrong but, you want a polish that stains. The waxier...
Perhaps you might use a thin, gel heel insert to raise your foot up a bit...
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