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Remember the first two rules of motorcycling.Rule no. 1) Look good.Rule no. 2) Safety first.
A would-be daredevil leading a group without discussing rider level is dangerous. Don't ride with anyone who hasn't read this:http://www.fjrowners.com/pace.html
Road trip in a car? I did that when I was a kid. And I learned a lot about America too. Mostly that it's nothing but corn and soy fields between Pennsylvania and Colorado. Boriiiing. If I'm going a distance I'm either flying through the night, drunk and knocked out on pills, or I'm getting some excitement out of it.   Hell, tomorrow I'm going to ride up to Lake Winnipesaukee for the night. It's an exercise in minimalism for sure. One pair of pants. Two sets of underwear....
 Road trips? Can't always predict the weather. Good to be prepared.  I think the main thing traction control is great for is the track though. If you have stupid-high HP, you need something to keep yourself from getting killed with it! At least I would.
Transit Uomo. Never before did a tee fit me so perfectly. Never before did I look at such a plain garment and say "that's beautiful." Nobody else has their dyes either. 
 "Issue" to some, "desired charm" to others. A British guy once broke it down to me something like this: If you ride the best-speced bike and are not always at the front of the pack, people will label you a wanker. You do not want to be a wanker. However if you ride a Triumph, a bike from a company that is not interested in spec sheets, you don't have the kind of pressure that comes with having the latest, best-speced bike. But if you overtake that guy with his new...
Yeah, personally I'm not all that tempted by all the gadgets and fancy electronics. ABS is non negotiable (It's saved my bacon in a few critical spots), but beyond that you're just making a bike that rides itself. I could see maybe if I was a track demon and was always like, number two or three in the pack and just couldn't gain that extra few feet - then maybe I'd lust after some teched-out Panigale so I could go full throttle out of an apex and not worry about sliding...
You know, I bought my A.V. Insulated Field Jacket to prevent me from wanting/needing to buy more jackets. Now I just want Veilance outerwear for all occasions.  Well, except the blazers, I still can't swallow the notion of wearing synthetic materials in a blazer cut.     I wonder, what are people's very general opinions of Acronym vs Veilance. Seems like Acronym uses similar materials but goes for much less minimalism and much more of a fashion-forward look.
Yeah. It's a hell of a machine. Even converted a few guys on my Triumph forum. One of them complains that while the bike rides cleaner than other nakeds in its class, he doesn't get the same nods of approval he did with his dirty old Speed triple.
@roger after zipping both jackets up and doing some jumping Jacks with the a/c off and Windows open, I've concluded that the standard LT trumps the hybrid. I am a bit wary of it not having pit zips. But it is clearly the standout. Although I will say that the bit of Gore Pro in the hybrid seemed to increase breathability in the underarm area. Really it is a fine jacket. But I'm keeping the more durable more breathable one.
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