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Totally. Now if only the frackin' freezing rain would stop long enough to take her for a proper blast!
PT, not so much. Wouldn't mind knowing a good gym or two though, as I'm moving to London in five weeks. Do people do hot yoga there? Or is that more of a Yankee thing...
To be fair @Dachshund it may be that some sweat collected under the Rubber B at times. I just never really noticed. While we're discussing materials, the company uses Tenara thread by Gore. Probably one of many things contributing to the exorbitant price of Rubber B straps. It's supposed to be fairly impervious to the elements. But who knows.   Don't have any experience with caoutchouc, at least not to my knowledge. Curious though.
I just wore my Rollie+RubberB all around a hot, humid Caribbean island for half week. Ocean, rainforest, pool, restaurants etc. Only took it off to sleep (and a brief stretch of rock climbing). Between my metal, leather and cheaper rubber straps, I seem to notice this one's presence the least. There's nowhere for sweat to collect really, so I guess it just evaporates away.
I've got to say, I'm quite impressed with Rubber B's direction in watch straps. Thanks to @aleksandr, I decided to pick up one of their vulcanized rubber straps for my GMT II.   Now they've just launched hybrid straps of genuine Alligator (or full-grain leather) with a vulcanized rubber lining. Imagine that! The comfort of rubber with the luxury of alligator.   A few examples:           Purists will no doubt balk, but I like the idea of an Alligator strap...
 Well yeah, I think some are dial and some are crown. But specifically, I mean....
Can somebody translate these arcane symbols for me?
Suddenly wondering about the schmutz on the bezel....
 It's like the video was designed to say: "Yeah, you think you're a real biker? You ain't nothin."
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