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Beam me up Mimo! -- You know, I just can't get over how much better the lume on my $250 Seiko is compared to my Omega and my Rolex. What's the deal with the Swiss?
Yeah, with athletic shoes. Or loafers, I suppose..
Thanks for the kind words @mimo   Yeah @ShawnBC, it's going to be hard as hell for them to crack that segment without doing something pretty amazing. The company is doing another watch with Italian marble dials and center links, which is a bit more unique than the review models they sent out to mimo and myself.   But when you consider what you can get from the likes of Seiko or Orient at a similar price point... I mean you know the accuracy and reliability will be...
   Bonobos: JCrew And I'm seeing more and more in random magazines. I swear it's an epidemic. Highwaters and no socks.
In all the spring catalogs, none of the guys are wearing socks with their oxfords.   WTF is going on with the no-sock thing? It's fucking gross.
Vincero Steel Watch (N-202-L) Review   The folks from the Vincero Collective sent me a watch to look at and I thought I'd hazard a review. Vincero is a new kid on the block; a smaller brand that allows members to dictate the direction of "small batch" design. Mind you, I'm a complete novice when it comes to watch reviews.   So let's get on with it.   The packaging definitely sought to make a statement, from the marble plaque to the lacquer watch box. It certainly had...
Those Stowa flieger watches are definitely on my radar for a future purchase. Amazing that a brand with their connection to history still sells significant mechanical pilot watches for under $1k! Makes me wonder why someone would go shell out almost ten grand for an IWC Pilot!
I was thinking about some new tires. I opted for that stupid tire and wheel protection plan. Maybe I should jam a screw in one...
At the end of the day, almost all divers are Submariner derived. Sure they may have square or toothed indices or extra-wide hands, but they're not fooling anyone... That's why I support Seiko Starfish divers. They don't look like anything else.
But seriously, in the PMW category, how much uniqueness can one hope to find?
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