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 Reposted for posterity: MSAINT transforms lollipop Stows into Oxblood  @MSAINT if you're out there, may I ask if you used Saphir cordovan cream polish or the standard stuff? My thinking is that a cream polish meant for cordovan would be more appropriate for CXL...
 Nice work. Wish mine were as pretty. After unboxing in 2011:    Here they are today after a good saddle soaping followed by Reno and brushing.     I'm starting to see the old girls' true shade under there. But they're still way too saturated. I think what happened is, I over-saturated the already waxy leather, which allowed extra Obenauff's to accumulate on the surface, mix with dirt and drag some of the dirt in, especially at stress points, as the boot flexed.
 Nice. I've been wondering how to slightly darken/enrich the color of my new Stows in lollipop cavalier CXL and have been assuming wax would be ill advised. Though I wonder if a bit around the brogued toe box might add a nice touch... So how much did you apply? And you think black would be preferable over, say, a bit of Color 8 cream? Mine today:   With lollipop Stows, I wear this from Allen Edmonds:  Though I am thinking about trying to darken the belt to more closely...
 I must have gone overboard with the Obenauffs. Or perhaps I've just worn them a ton. Whatever the case, when I look at them and compare to the pictures when I first got them, I'm surprised it's they're the same Boots. I mean it's all part of the unique patina they develop over time, I know. But I vastly prefer red to brown... Going to try saddle soap, as I don't trust dish soap on shoes.
Thanks! I'll try that.
Here's the solution. Buy the TU250 after you take your MSF class, which you do as soon as it's warm enough for the local classes to start up. Better yet, buy one used as soon as you see it on Craigslist then proceed.   Ride it alot.   Then around August, pick up one of these:     Then ride off into a few of these:
 I suppose it also depends on whether you're even willing to wear your unlined leather boots in those dreadful conditions. Up here in Boston it doesn't get as bad as some places, but we see our share of nasty weather. Yet I tend to find my wellies more suited to the worst of rain and slush, and my sheepskin boots much warmer for those 2-degree mornings like we had today. One might argue that the application of Obenauf's to a boot can fairly well define them as a work boot....
They're clearly not riding boots. More, a gentleman's boot for the man who rides. And I certainly like that style of boot.
Flat toe/square toe shoes are cancerous to a man’s wardrobe and aesthetically offensive.  Their sole purpose lies in showing men what not to wear. 
Those are some good picks there Rumpie.   That black R.E. is particularly sharp.     I still think it's best to think of one's first bike as a commodity and not buy anything too special. I put at least $3k into my first bike, which caused me to hold onto it longer than I would have when I outgrew it...
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