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When I called Rolex USA, this AD was recommended as an "Authorized Repair Center," which I believe means they just process it and ship it to Rolex. Even still, I was pleased to find there was an official location I could drive to, as shipping watches gives me anxiety.   I suppose I'll just have them do the appraisal then. Thanks!
Does anyone know the simplest way to get an insurance appraisal done on watches?   The AD I just took my Rolex to for service said they would do it for $85. But considering I'm already on the hook for $600 for the service, which I know includes a markup I'm rather peeved that they would want to charge me at all to look at it for two minutes and print a slip of paper with a valuation on it.   What other options exist?
Tried one of these on in a post a few pages back. It's the new omega smartwatch. They're really targeting it at pilots from what I could gather. 
And I rase ya...     Aww hell yeah.
You guys.... This Vacheron Constantin catalog...   I'm  ruined.    It's that feeling like being dockside in Venezia when the setting sun brings with it a mysterious breeze and the evening fog begins to roll in over the gondolas, which gently toss and clack. Everything is bathed in this purple-gold light and time stops - or at least it tries to - lest any resplendent modicum of a moment be left unperceived and unenjoyed.   All of this in a tiny, glittering machine. 
Thanks @Winot The conveneince of the tube situation is why we're looking at Southwark on the short list. Say, how's that Borough Market?
 Part of it is luck of the draw. Part of it is knowing that, at least around here, beauties stay beauties by working out very hard all the time. All I had to do is find the most physically demanding studio in the land before being surrounded by "Ds driving Cs." But to be fair, it's not normal yoga. They integrate cardio and light dumbbells. Took weeks to not feel the urge to pass out. Gentlemen arrive early to snag the coveted back row, though the reason for this trend has...
It's a secondary benefit of the white bike. Here in Boston, it's camo. 
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