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 Ahh but you forgot the obligatory, barely-counts-fourth, the Seiko beater! But for watches that matter, I agree that three is the right amount. After that you've got to involve winders or spend time winding to keep them active.  Do that many people dive that everyone wants a Sub? I just find the 3 time zone capability of the GMT so useful. For "casual douchery" my vote is pretty much any good chrono. Speaking of which. Your meditation of the day:
Every time I look at that Longines it grows on me a little more. It's a fantastic example of what comes to mind when I think about an ideal sort of "vintage watch."   Classic Seamaster @tigerpac
 Simply marvelous.
 Well we've all got our hands in that cookie jar. Doesn't mean we live for cookies.
TWTR... like BABA I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.    Picked up some AMD the other day at 2.30 at the bad news re: executive turnover. Starting to doubt their capacity to pull back. They're pretty deep in the shit....
I checked out a few Porsches recently, whereupon I noticed analog clocks in the magnificently appointed dash.   The hands did not line up with the markers.   What does it say about me that this would most likely preclude me from buying one?
 Personality: Subjectively, of course. From my own point of view, it would have a lot to do with managing to be somewhat unique and/or distinguishing in design as well as demonstrating a decision to ignore design aesthetics that may even be ubiquitous and proven to sell volumes of units to the mainstream (>>shooting an eye askance to Tudor<<) Prestige: Also subjectively. In this case I look at a few of factors.What has the watchmaker added to the field of horology? How...
   Yeesh, I'm talking about a Jetta and you'd probably push me towards an S Class. I love how nobody on TWAT will say, "Gee, Boston, you just bought that Rolex. Why not be patient and enjoy it a while?"
All this has got me itching for another kop. Fiancé Hedonist has moved past my moment of horological opportunity and insists that I must wait until our wedding before she buys me a dress watch. This news, combined with my recently-acquired GMT II being away for service for several weeks now - and a swollen war chest of rewards points (read: gift cards waiting to happen) has got my trigger finger a bit itchy.   Perhaps I should just treat myself to a little Seiko Shogun...
Not entirely certain I agree with the off-the-rack comparison, given that a lot of those high-end watches are JLC movements with a nicer finishing and a case in precious metal.   VC, PP, AP. They've all used JLC movements in watches that sell for much more than Jaeger's own models.   Once you're into the $20k+ pricepoint, cost starts to go up a lot more from things like metals, finishing techniques and handwork, additional complications etc. Stuff that appeals to the...
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