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Brown? What about burgundy Horween CXL?  
  I appreciate your support Mr. Moo, but I think DLJr is right. I just don't think I could go through with the divorce for one more immediately sexy but, no doubt, more temperamental. Perhaps I'm not as head over heels in love with my Speedy as I was when I first met her. But she's been faithful, never let me down and is still quite a looker. She's reliable, easy to pick up and put down without fuss and has a certain comfort and timeless simplicity that I would most...
My daily wear as well. An uncommonly good fragrance for a fashion design house to have come up with!
I hear it's a coming of age thing.
I could just walk in there, plunk down my Speedy and walk out with it for just a couple grand...   Even still. I'd have to see the Control Geographic first.
Yes it was pre-owned. Damn good shape; looked like the owner kept it in a case most of the time. Came with a JLC strap, but not the original.
Great points everyone. Much obliged for the opinions and comparisons. And great point @TheTukker regarding the Master Geographic. I had only seen that one with a silver dial, but in black I do find it quite fetching. I shall have to find one to try on!   I decided to take this quandary to my local pre-owned watch boutique this morning and kick some tires, whereupon I endeavored to try on many watches, including the Nomos Zurich (white dial), the IWC Pilot Worldtimer, a...
 What was it that tipped the scale toward the Nomos? I haven't seen that particular model in person yet but my guess would be that the finish on the JLC would be the more remarkable, while the Nomos, the more straightforward instrument.
What do you like for dual time or worldtimer watches? I'm about to move to London for two years and I'll be managing a team back in the states, also must maintain contact with several people in the far East. Seems sensible to have something on my wrist that'll tell time in at least two places at a glance.   Here are three options I'm considering:            
 Just make sure you have old British ladies making them by hand with industrial-era equipment.
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