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I've ridden with clip-ons, and I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about, at least for street riding. At the track, that position is ideal (it's as aerodynamic as you can get). But for the street and at speeds under around 80mph, they seem pretty unnecessary.   I mean I guess if someone is trying to make some kind of style statement or something, or if they ride the same bike on the track and street - I can see why they might opt for clip-ons.   But from a...
I'm thinking of spring a pair of denim jeans with DWR. Has anyone tried this before?
Any photos of it?
My first impression is that it's modeled after the Cartier Tank, which I believe was the first wristwatch. But apart from that I think it's quite a handsome looking watch. I'd say leave the chronograph off to keep it classy.   Mind you, a pre-owned Tank Solo XL can be had for around $2,600 if you look around...
Great shoes aren't glued together.  
 If the shoe/boot is made of quality leather, it deserves a goodyear welt. That means the shoe can be reconstructed by a cobbler and will probably last as long as you want it around for and care for it. If you don't keep shoes for very long anyway because you get bored with them, cemented last would be fine. If you want them to last a long, long time, go for goodyear. As for me, I don't buy anything cemented except athletic shoes that aren't expected to last more than a...
Exclusive: The Most Fashionable Homeless Man in Ukraine (or World?)      Behold, the face of Derelicte™        
Tucking my baby in for the winter today. We had one last blast this past weekend, playing "tag" with the red line through some gorgeous state park roads. Many riders were out. They saw the 10-day forecast. We all knew it was just about over. And tonight, snow.  
 Banana Republic has some of the best suits at the $500 price point, but you'll probably need to tailor them. For a slightly higher price point, you can go to the Men's Department at Nordstrom, which has their own tailors. They should be able to fit you from the rack and have your suit to you in a week or so.
New Posts  All Forums: