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I kind of really like this one: Dress watches can have a black dial, yes?...
Amazon seems a fine enough place to buy a watch. Picked up my Omega Speedmaster Pro there and it's been running flawlessly so far. I saved at least a cool grand over buying at an AD too.   I'll admit the experience is fun, going into the shop; seeing all those glistening timepieces like jewels glistening in the light; being sucked up to by very competent salespeople…. But at the end of the day it's a machine that sits on your wrist that you may as well procure in an...
They'll certainly never get any love from me.
 Repeat after me: "The good sales don't come 'til January"
"The two best days of my riding life: The day I bought an MV Agusta. And the day I sold it!"
Yeah but forget about brand loyalty. Once these watches have their new straps, it's straight to eBay with 'em. Never looking back.
Great news for anyone who doesn't like the idea of paying half what his Skagen is worth to replace its shoddy leather strap. Big Apple Watch as well as some sellers on eBay are now selling replacement straps around the $25 mark.   Kind of ridiculous that Skagen makes you send in a $100 watch and pay $45 to replace a strap that probably costs them $2 apice and breaks in less than a year of light use.
Maybe you'd be into this one:http://m.ebay.com/itm/171541629406?nav=SEARCH
Three fantastic bikes. I was looking very hard at that Brutale, but there's a Triumph dealer literally in my neighborhood. Closest MV shop is an hour away. And forget about your parts being in stock if you mess something up. MV is not a one-bike-man's ride.     That V7 is…yummy...
Pff - what year was that?   Mine look like this: 
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