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@DWFII the barefoot argument again? I really wish people would stop with that. I love going barefoot. Particularly in the absence of pavement (when did our ancestors come up with that one?). But, well, it's today. And I am not my ancestor. I have been spoiled by year's of soft footfalls and am less than willing to tough it out to prove some paleo ideal.
Thanks for the suggestions gentlemen. Another hunt is at hand! I've just visited RMW in London. I was a bit disappointed that the SA at the only company store in the region really didn't seem to know her product. But regardless of how human resources are managed, the company clearly knows it's bootmaking. I will say I was a tad put off by some sharp-ish singed edges in the interior upper stitching and some visible glue seams on the insole. If I purchase a pair I'll have...
You could get some draggin liners and knee armour. Then you can throw on whatever jeans you want. Or dainese summer two piece suit for all-day shenanigans. I have different gear for different riding mindsets. Kevlar jeans for casual tooling around town. Suit up for long, focused days. Lululemon shorts for riding to yoga. Fuck, I miss my bike. I'm in London for two years and she's home in the states. I will visit her in July. =(
I can't believe I'd never heard of RM Williams. They look quite perfect for what I've got in mind.I wonder, do you supposed dark brown suede or chestnut yearling would be more comfortable/versatile?
Well, Europe, with inoffensive tourist style. Preferably something that can do 10-mile walking days and then not look out of place in whatever restaurants I pop into. I can't imagine anything with a straight leather sole providing cushion enough to be up to the task of walking many miles a day for several consecutive days. I generally wear dress shoes as well, but rarely the same pair on consecutive days, so as to keep them well preserverd. And for weekend trips, I prefer...
Man, you guys have an interesting interpretation of walking shoes.   Noted.
Like $400.   A pair of Bull It jeans are pretty much just as durable. They're not selvedge, but you wreck the benefits of selvedge in one slide.   But hey, for the rider who has everything...
May I ask for a recommendation gentlemen?   What shoe would you recommend for walking several consecutive six-hour days in Paris that are comfortable, and yet won't draw too many scoffs from the locals?   I really don't think I've got something right for the task.
Excited to check out my first Harrod's sale, which I've been told starts on the 23rd.   As they say here in London, "There is only one sale."
It took about 6-7 weeks. Got it serviced because the owner had only had one service in 15 years so I figured better to do it now than risk some unknown factor causing a problem down the line (I factored a service into the purchase price). This way I get to start with it as new as it'll ever again feel. The technitian didn't find anything non-routine that needed to be done. Total cost $600 plus shipping.
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