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The rules of style are a little different in Venice this time of year.  
Textile fairs are interesting places. Went to one in London yesterday looking for fabrics for an upcoming project. Saw buyers from some pretty big names milling around. Had a look at Riri's catalog, they really are top-notch when it comes to fastening. Seemed to be a lot of interest in floral prints and big, fluffy wool/acrylic blends along with all the classic stuff.   British Milerian showed me their new waxed cotton laminates, which have one side laminated to the...
Yeah, the Street Triple is a far better bike. But the... passengers... always found the Speedy more comfortable.
 Nah, this was the OKCupid pic. Jacket by Roland Sands Design.    Wait 'til you see how I layer popped collar polo shirts.
Just returned from my semi-annual shopping trip - this time it was Florence (for leather) and Milan (for everything else). With the dollar killing the Euro and pretty much everything at 40% off, I got a bit carried away.   Leather shopping isn't something I do often. I don't give a shit about labels (Only thing that makes Gucci jackets worth $3k is five letters that I don't find particularly interesting), and yet I don't like to compromise on quality. So, I go to where...
 Well done gentlemen, most especially Fok.
Anyone know anything about Fanmail tees? I have an unquenchable thirst for high-end tees, and might try a few out.
 Don't worry about the 1K's toe box. It'll lose most of its structure and go much more slubby before too long.
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