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 Now you're just antagonizing me. This model has crept under my skin, sir. I should really be setting my sights on a nice, classic Reverso or Tank. But so far, I'm thinking my next "kop" might have to be a snowflake.
I think it's great looking and no doubt very reliable. That movement is Goddamn fantastic. The problem is that Omega has so vehemently fought to uphold the "Moonwatch" identity - they have always kind of hung their hat on it. Rolex conquered the sea. Omega's perview was space, where errors and malfunctions are even more costly and unacceptable. So in my mind, the truest most purely historical (and frankly, beautiful) Omega is the Speedy in as close to the original...
Nice work Mimo! And good looking out catching the pop-off caseback. Admittedly, I did not open mine up. So what about the dust issue. Any to speak of?
Yeah. They have some great merch indeed.Agreed about the Speedy. I love mine so much but I just can't seem to feel the same way about any other Omega.
I'd love to take her home to mama
There's a certain thickness beyond which I just can't wear a watch. I just can't grasp some people's love of the PO, for example. The thing wears like a brick. Omega's co-axial escapement is a thing of beauty, but tack on any complications and it becomes quite a beast.
 One of the big trends I find interesting is the move toward synthetic hairsprings. They called Ulysse Nardin crazy. Then Patek started going that way and now even Rolex's new movement demonstrates their commitment to change over. I wonder how long one would have to own a watch to really see the benefit there. It's purely an emotional preference, but I rather like knowing that everything in my wristwatch is either metal or stone.
Snoopy subdial. Seems like a collector's item in the making.
Edit: yes perhaps that was a bit crass. --puts down the bourbon--
 I know Rubber B talks about their straps as having "solid inserts" to enhance durability. I doubt they're titanium, but I also don't think it matters. I just ordered this one:   In my opinion, the new everose YM is GORGEOUS. I wouldn't buy it, personally. I'm just not a big enough Rolex fanboy (yet) to want a sports watch in a precious metal. Maybe later in life after I have a couple of gold or platinum dress watches in my watch box. However, if I were to meet someone...
New Posts  All Forums: