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Absolutely gorgeous. And you have the chance to buy a great PP pre-owned from somebody you trust...@mimo, a little enabling please?
This is my jam lately.   Transit F/W '15            
@Berners15 - didn't know about omni'nettoyant. Think I'll pick up a bottle.     So, assuming Carmina is using halfway decent suede, is there really any need to fear little rain here and there if I left them unprotected?
Found a nice pair of everyday walking boots in Barcelona: Carmina suede chukkas in a sandy brown.   Side note: I was very impressed at the price/quality ratio of Carmina footwear. However, shoes needed to be examined carefully, as their quality control for stitching seems a bit suspect.   So after three coats of suede protector, I could swear the upper on the left boot is just slightly darker than the other. Not really looking to spray a thicker coat on the right boot...
That's great! I've been a fan of the PML as it is, but that blue dial is quite stunning. I'm sure pictures don't do it justice.Blue dials certainly seem to be growing in popularity. I think they are a nice compromise between black and silver.On a side note. I'm glad I took the GMT to Barcelona. Rubber B was enough to understate it so it didn't really draw any attention. Alas, time to fly home.
@Dachshund That's the one. La Boqueria. I shall make a point to hunt down your jamon paradise.
I'm a sucker for a good jamon Iberico
Didn't want to try a SBDC?I dare ya to try on a PROSPEX.
Reaching back to my question on rain coats, can anyone tell me what to do with this "storm collar" chin strap? Snip the thread, unbutton it and toss it aside?
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