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 So you have indeed noticed a marked uptick in interest in Omega recently? I'd been under the impression that they've always been quite popular. Perhaps their major sponsorship role in the Winter Olympics has increased their "top-of-mind" presence to people.
a 60s-70s De Ville perhaps?
What were nato straps originally developed for? I see Omega is making one in leather now. How interesting.
Does the 57 use the 9300 movement? That 57 sure is good looking. +1 to 42mm though. I think it's an ideal size.
But then how would all the divers know how much air they have left without the chrono OR a rotating bezel?
Oh there is a running small seconds hand. It shares the subdial with the GMT hand. Which I think balances out the two-hand chrono subdial...
I do rather fancy this model. 150 meters would be plenty for me.   
 And actually, that very issue is why I'm looking around. I wear my Speedy Pro everywhere... except the beach. And I go to the beach quite a bit. Just to confirm my concern I took it to my watchmaker to test its water resistance and they advised me not to take it "anywhere near a beach." That it is a pilot's watch and not a diver. And here I was hoping it would be the only watch I ever needed...
Ok gentlemen, which do we prefer? Or
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