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But tods have those tiny nubs. Surely the more robust sole pads, including a slightly curved one under the toe box, would enhance the durability of the SF drivers. Yes, I just don't think I can be talked out of this one. Guess I just need to decide on brown or blue.
But since they're not nubs, but little pads, the sole will last longer... right?....
Would it be foolish of me to buy a pair of Ferragamo drivers that I don't intend to wear while driving, but rather as an all-around summer slip-on? Would they hold up to some walking or are drivers really only for driving? Not a great deal of walking. But some air travel, around hotels and resorts. Maybe during some light shopping or business meetings, etc.
Right then. New pair of Ferragamos on the way.
Does anyone know if Trickers' office is on vacation or something? I've written both their customer support email and their repairs email about my defective loafer around a week ago and haven't heard back.   Very distressing.     And since I took that picture, the tear has only increased!
I feel like shortly after Toms hit the scene, espadrilles became chic and more and more footwear became, like, an ode to burlap.
I tried this model on not long ago and was very surprised by how nice it felt on my wrist. I think hiring JLC's CEO away from them has been working out nicely for Montblanc. I also think that, when you consider what other watches of similar build quality can cost, they are priced rather competitively.All in all, I think if you want a watch purely for its build/movement quality and aesthetic properties, the right Montblanc can be a fine choice.Where they lag behind is in...
It was definitely the manufacturering. I'm still not convinced I didn't get a half size too large. But this would explain the heel slip on the right side. Trickers had been contacted but, since these are the made in Italy line and on final sale... Expectations are low.
Now this is a disappointing pair of Trickers... It's been just two weeks!
Thumbs to the middle, bend so then edges touch, then curve inward. Roll the apex point left and right until desired curvature reached. Repeat.See also, Borsalino.
New Posts  All Forums: