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It isn't often that an off-beat bike build leaves me speechless. This is one of those times.
Any pictures of the post-radioactive patina?For anyone who hasn't seen it on WUS:The Ultimate Lume TestThat's what got me curious about Deep Blue. But they are an odd company from New York. Not sure what kind of Swiss movements they're hawking. They make Tritium look good though.
excellent point.
I think electric bikes are a great idea and an inevitability. It just surprises the crap out of me that Harley Davidson is leading the charge. But their market is a large, rapidly-aging commodity. I like my bikes to make enough noise to be a presence among the text-and-drive lobotomy victims I share the road with. So the quietness is a concern to me. But instant torque is oh so alluring. And without internal combustion, maintenance would be drastically reduced. It's...
For some reason I'm in love with Lume lately. I wonder, does anyone know about Deep Blue's newer Swiss automatic tritium watches?
What is the best/longest lasting lume you've ever seen on a watch?
What... the f**k... is this... Harley Davidson Launches Electric Motorcycle     
Kevlar woven into cotton is like a chain made from interlocked steel and plastic links
Spent the day hopping between ocean and pool. My new impulse beater, a Seiko SNE109, has been great. It's got a fun, stylized bezel of brushed and mirrored stainless. It's easy to operate, screw-down crown and it's nice and cheap, so I can beat the everliving sh*t out of it with impunity. Wouldn't go that with my everyday watch: The ratcheting bezel does turn rather easily, but not as much as many reviewers would have you believe. The date and day line up enough for a...
Impulse beater. It matched my swim trunks.
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