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Yeah these are pretty versitile for dress or casual. Almost perfectly ride that line. I find the contours to be decidedly casual (mostly the bulbous toe box, which I love), though the make/material to be quite dress appropriate. I could see dressing them up for sure. I'm not much for suits myself, except for swanky weekend shenanigans. Wonder how they'd pair with a suit. Do furnish photos if/when you find out!   The fit? What can I say. They give my feet the perfect...
I went Vibram. Proper stompin' boots.
When I opened this box, so much of my footwear collection suddenly became redundant.                          
Out in "Kings Landing" with the travel beater.
Hm. Very good points, and cause for consideration. The water resistance issue is the Speedy's Achilles heel in my opinion, and one of the reasons I often find myself gravitating toward my GMTII. I still remember when I had it pressure tested and the local watchmaker advised me not to "bring it anywhere near a beach" if I know what's good for me. Rolex certainly is great at making do-it-all daily wearers.And agreed on the anniversary editions. As much as I love my Speedy...
I tend to agree. I'm just wondering if I missed some significant heritage/pedigree component to the Daytona. To be perfectly honest, the Speedy to me is pretty much the quintessential chrono, and as you say, the price can't be beat - especially considering the history behind it. If I were in a position to desire several chronos, I would see the Daytona as a strong contender, but it likely wouldn't be the second one I'd add. I might go for a Carrera as well. As such, I feel...
This is not meant to be any more than an honest question. Why, typically, does one prefer the Daytona to the Speedy? Bullet points are fine.
Nice. I got that un-tanned cloudy looking gray that also isn't sold anymore.
They're due in today. Just too late for my flight to Croatia. Word of caution on the Secret Denim. Get it pre-washed and do research sizing. I had to sell one on eBay (for a profit) before getting it right.
 Uniqueness, modernity, comfort, restraint and classical-referencing beauty are not often found in the same place.  As for wearability, guess that depends on how much you're influenced by tradition.
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