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Yes Munky, I do mean to pick up a pair of galoshes one of these days.   For the record, the post was half joking.  But only half, haha.   The salt was ample, but the drivers did manage to keep us clear of any slush. And indeed, Boston roadworkers do love their salt. The stuff is absolutely everywhere right now. Perhaps some day they will incorporate flamethrowers to help deal with the snow. Until then, rock salt will likely be the inexpensive and favored...
 Munky, old bean, are you rotating your shoes daily? Let us not get too carried away with our new acquisitions...
But that soft, pristine sole...
Shoe crisis.   In a few hours I will be hosting a party for friends and well-wishers at the newest evening club in Boston. As such, I wish to wear my finest pair of Church's custom grade black calf single monks, which seem right for the occasion.   The only issue here is that I may have to walk a very small amount between cars and doors through recently dropped snow and an unpredictable, but likely large, amount of rock salt. I don't want to be overly fussy, but...
You certainly speak reasonably, sir. I certainly wouldn't say I'm tired of the Speedy. I just like so many watches and can only have so very few. I do hope to build a collection strong enough that I should never feel compelled to part with any one. The GMT II would likely be as safe a second entry as possible. My thanks for entertaining my wandering eye!
... and then I handled a black & blue GMT Master II.
While you're looking around, you might as well take a peak at this cashmere hoodie. I'm the same height and have one of these that I got on sale. Not as good as you get with the 40% on top of 30% that's going on now though.
Trickers is great with customer service in general. They've sent me out some spare matching suede and leather bits to have my leatherworker fashion a tongue loop for my wayward boot tongue.
100% wool means "do not wash."
Looks like JLC added the black dial MUT moon to their site.  
New Posts  All Forums: