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I hear there's one in development...
New strap.  
Sprezzatura! ::vomit::
How long does the average pair of CPs even last before looking beat up?
I'd just like to point out how NOT to wear double monks.
   FWIW, I see monks (mostly double) in the fashion-forward part of town fairly frequently and almost never downtown, in the financial district. I think of Monks as kind of a dandy's dress shoe. I myself being a bit of a dandy, there's a pair of black single monks in my closet. They also seem to be preferred more by consultants and small business owners than desk jockeys - based on the people I've known who wear them. On a trip to London not long ago, I had a chat with the...
I picked up one of these for my Arai Vector 2 last year and have been loving it. I usually would ride with a clear visor and sunglasses. I like the Oakley Wind Jacket sunglasses because I can swap out photochromic lenses on cloudy days/night for polarized lenses on very sunny days.   But it's nice to keep my sunglasses packed away entirely on longer days out, especially if it's too cold for visor-up enjoyment. Arai Pro Shade The sunshade locks into the upright position...
Gents, would anybody have a recommendation for Mrs. Hedonist? Driven mad with jealousy from my recent trickers acquisition, she now endeavors to find a pair of knee-length suede boots of similar quality (but sleeker of course). I fail to think of a recommendation for her. Any brands to get started looking at?
 Nice lookin' shoes Munky; like my boots in shoe form. While I'm sure you wear them most confidently, I can confirm that a few light coats of black cream around the toe box, wing edges and counter add a nice bit of antiquing. Looks great when you get a little black polish into the broguing and stitches. A first application of Saphir Reno made the color a bit deeper as well.
I've begun the antiquing process for my lollipop Stows. I don't plan to do much and I think I'll halt it here for the time being. But with two coats of burgundy and two (thin) coats of black in targeted areas, I'm seeing a much improved depth and richness. When my Saphir black arrives I think I'll do some finer detailing.  
New Posts  All Forums: