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Uh oh. It's freezing rain in Boston. Get ready for everyone to bust out their ARCTIC RESEARCH PROJECT POLAR APPROVED PARKAS WITH DOGFUR TRIMMED HOODS.
Nothing I really want badly ever seems to go on sale - at least not where the acquisition phase is not fraught with stress.     So what, deal with the drama of "Cyber Weekend" sales to save a few bucks on some basics? Eh.
Just your friendly seasonal reminder to break out the Nikwax and prep your gear/reup the DWR. Just touched up my AV insulated field coat. Ready for Boston's winter.
 Oh hey, not bad. Decent selection and the prices seem much more reasonable than what I'm reading they charge for Vintage Omegas in London. Thanks!
Dents.co.uk 20% off everything. Seems to be a glitch at the shopping cart for another 20% off.   Get in there fast.
It's a track bike, mate. That's it. If I bought one, it'd be in addition to my Triple.   Personally, I think the sport position is pretty ridiculous for everyday use when you look at how far sport standards have come...
How about people who watch movies on their iPhones?    
http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/ktm-rc390-usa/   Looks like it's going to be here in 2015.   I mean with something like this out there, why bother taking a street bike and "tracking it" at all?
Omg omg. ::wringing his hands with excitement::   KTM RC390 is going to be released in the U.S. at a price tag of $5,500   It'll ton up. It'll stick to the track. It'll lean at insane angles and - with a top speed of 111 and 44BHP - you'll get to run the rev range through the entire gearbox. What a fun little toy. I'd been thinking of buying a new watch, but this might be more fun.  
 Infatuation may be a more accurate word at this stage. And I hear what you're saying about legitimate dealers only bothering if there's a huge markup. I haven't seen one that really made me want to jump yet for less than double what these watches are supposedly worth. Thank you for your words of caution.  That is a gorgeous example. Just the sort of style I'm looking for. As a matter of fact, I'll be in London next week with Mrs. Hedonist, and had been considering looking...
New Posts  All Forums: