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Diemme does have some interesting models...   Purple croc anyone?       Yeah baby blue python.
Absolutely stunning @brax. I can only imagine that your heart skipped a beat when the clasp first clicked shut around your wrist.    Amazing how keenly Patek can stay true to a classic aesthetic sensibility while producing something with a substantial degree of modern relevance.   May you and a long line of progeny wear it in good health. 
 Yes! Thanks NWI. (And yes, @Find Finn) Gonna pick up a pair of these soon (or something like them). In my search, I actually found a guy in Italy who makes and sells similar sneakers on Etsy. Never expected to see shoemakers on Etsy...
Who made those great Italian woven leather slip-on sneakers I saw somehwere on SF months ago? It was like if CP made Rivieras.
Next kop?: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Patek-Philippe-watch-box-mahogany-/111650892650?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19fee96b6a
Or gamble on their new platform gaining traction in the coming years? Margins on the watch must be absurd..
AAPL? Earnings report on the 27th and we know the Watch sold out in China...
@Sweden   (the 4k was a typo FYI, I'd meant to say 3)   If you'd rather have the Explorer than your Pilot, why not?   It really all comes down to what's motivating you to have one watch vs another. At the end of the day, a Swiss timepiece is an emotional purchase and many $10,000 watches are effectively not that much better than many $5,000 watches. If you're thinking in terms of comparing which would sell for a few hundred bucks more, I'd push back and say what...
@mimo I recently took my GMT II in for service (15 years old and it had only ever been in for service once). My AD quoted a flat $600 (which is on par with Rolex official prices) unless any additional parts were needed. I assume there are probably certain components (like seals) that are switched out on every overhaul service. It could be that they broke down the full price of the overhaul into subcategories?  @Dino944 would probably know ...   @Sweden - I'd say mid to...
 I'm guessing Calatrava. I peg Brax for a traditionalist. 
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