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How about that. Always learning something new on SF. Thanks!
 Gorgeous. This begs the question, how many pairs of Stows are too many?
Designer bulletproof vests.... What a fantastic concept. Does Israel have an established designer tapping that market yet?
Only a little. I have a pair of Transit heavy cotton button-front pants. I call them my "dress sweats." I'm usually a size 33 and a Medium in most US sizes. I took a L in these and had them tailored slightly because the M was really more of a 31-32. I've had them for maybe two years now and still wear them at least once a week in cooler temperatures, almost always when flying. Incredibly comfortable, fairly warm and yet somehow rife with attitude. As for outerwear, I...
Lest Welt War 2 break out...
I've got a few MHL tee shirts made of a heavy, stretchy cotton with really fantastic dyes. Not as soft as, say, Sunspel. But definitely tees with presence. They're probably my favorites next to my Transit Uomo tees. Nothing tops those.
 I was looking at those trousers. How's the fit? Yeah her knits are great. I love when she does orange or mustard yellow.
 Love MHL. Her fabric choices are beyond reproach. I like the minimalism with which this example buys into the fair isle look.
I suppose I should be grateful that there are no size 8s. Cordovan Stows for $450 USD is a rare sight indeed and I'm still busy breaking in my lollipop cavaliers!
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