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Nice work @mimo! That blue dial Glashutte looks aaaawfully familiar.
Making good time.
 Nowhere fashionable. Eastern Standard, outside the Hotel Commonwealth (about three blocks from Fenway Park). Good service, non-hipster New American menu, spacious 1930s-ish interior. It's that place you keep going back to when the flavors of the month get tedious. The manager, Andrew, has always been very good to me. I've never found a piece of grit or broken shell in one of their shucked oysters. That's a pretty rare level of care. 
@kimmo   Very nice! I love the retro-yet-enduring case shape and the before-it-was-cool 4:30 date. Bet the indices catch the light nicely too.
Speaking of going on the cheap.. Took my new beater out for a night on the town with one last visit to my favorite restaurant. I said I'd start with a half a dozen oysters and the manager brought out this with a complimentary splash of white Sancerre.
I should point out, as a matter of course, that many 116710 GMT owners get their bracelets brushed. 
BLNR... what a stunner...
Good point @mimo , if you want something simple and risk-averse that will always be in style @AriGold , the Submariner is probably the watch to buy.   Of course, the GMT does also come in black...    
Are you more likely to go diving or travel? I went with a GMT myself and love it. But hey, it's a Rolex. If you get bored with it, you won't lose much or any money selling out off. I think "Batman" is the new "Pepsi," (read: most desirable) for two reasons: 1) It's a watch designed for pilots and if the GMT bezel coloring is meant to approximate daylight, you can't get any truer than blue/black (the two main colors of the sky). 2) That blue ceramic is pretty unique in the...
Sumo silver. Tempting.
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