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Thanks, but let's say your "true" size in one of these Ferragamo drivers is 8.5 but due to the design/last, the 8 fits nice and snugly too. Would having your toes a bit farther up the toe box drastically increase the wear and tear?   I fear I may have marked my new drivers for an early grave.
I've got a serious question about shoe sizing, particularly for elongated european lasts. Back when I was mostly wearing AE shoes, I was typically a 9D. Shoe buying was simple then. I found, one day, while purchasing some Church's single monks in a longer last, the 7.5E (UK) fit me more comfortably than anything I'd previously owned. And now, after trying on a number of Ferragamo shoes, I keep finding that the 8EE seems to fit best. Also found a pair of 8.5D (US) Alden...
I mean, hit up your local shop. Hobnob with the guys. Try everything on. Ask to look through their vendors catalogs. You'll find sothing you like. Just try to pick gear designed to take a slide.Camel Bak and a cooling vest? Risk of dehydration is way too high in heat like that. My upper limit is about 92 Fahrenheit.
Yeah, laces and bikes are just a hazard.   Unless it's Sidi's patented ratcheting lace system.
Edit:  Shit, looks like I got caught not knowing my meme.
There is only one motorcycle boot.     But actually, most of the time my lazy ass keeps it simple:         Everyone drops their bike some stupid way eventually. I have a buddy who rides a shiny red Duc. He rides up to a biker stop all cool. His girl gets off. And he's too busy peacocking to remember to put the kickstand down. By the time he realized what was happening he almost threw his back out trying to keep it upright, and wound up under the bike anyway. It...
Lola likey! She say hi.On a side note, I have purchased exactly zero gear this year and am loving it. My stuff all finally feels nice and broken in.This weekend, I plan to ride to Vermont on a Heady Topper run. Anyone interested?
I've got a stack of $100 Zappos gift cards that I bought with Chase points. And then they didn't have my size available. Looking to liquidate.  Buy one, or all.   1 each for $92.50 shipped.   If you buy all 6, I can do $550 flat.   Currently available: 6     PM Me if interested.
My recent purchase now has me wondering, how does one care for a woven leather shoe? I imagine a cleaner/conditioner and a good brushing is about all one can do...
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