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      Thanks gentlemen. I will first see what options are available for potential factory repair. Otherwise I think a good cobbler consultation may indeed be worth a try. Such a shame to see good hide end up this way!
Woe is me. I ordered a pair of cordovan trainers from Epaulett in November and finally received them. But unfortunately, the heel counter seam was utterly botched in manufacturing. Given that these had a six-month turnaround time, I'm sure an exchange isn't an option. Haven't heard back from them yet... Please spare me any "this is what happens" commentary. I wanted cordovan trainers. But is there any hope of repair if I find someone good?
Behold, the $6,200 G Shock
 Transition-gate 2016? Forums have taught me a great many things, not the least of which is that if you put enough people obsessed about one topic in the same place, they tend to look for a reason to display their knowledge; happily at the expense of someone more highly regarded. This is why it's a privilege to hang out in this wee little corner of the watch-loving internet. TWAT keeps it classy. Usually...
I need to plan one epic motorcycle trip for my second and final (?) year living in the UK. I'm thinking Romania.       Where would you go?
 I love the overall design of the PanoMatic. If they would just not label the date window and power reserve I might go for one.    Your honor, I'd like that last remark stricken from the record.
Finally. Julian Bowery in cognac shell.                
Not a chance. Triumph does things the Triumph way. And they'd probably say that their 675 makes 800s redundant.
New Speed Triple is niiiccceeee.   Boosted power, slicker design, and they added traction control and ABS.   Philosophically, I think T.C. goes against what the S3 was always about. But shit. I want one.
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