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Yeah I'm neither a sociologist nor a fashion historian. That was coming from some ivory tower university academic more than a decade ago. Clearly the guy'd never seen pantaloons.     But yeah, it's totally easier to look good in a relaxed fit. Just throw on a white tee shirt and some normal-ass jeans. Not going to offend anyone there. Keeping everything perfectly fitted requires a good tailor (or two) and staying the same size. Still, there's 'relaxed' and there's...
Knowing I'm being bated, I'll give the request the benefit of the doubt.   I suppose, at its core, it's a subjective matter of taste. I recognize this. But I prefer fits that flatter a given body type - that are about the person inside the outfit and not the outfit itself; more style-oriented than fashion-oriented. There's a point at which style crosses over into fashion-victim-land (with fashion-obsessed-land as a midpoint), and I think Kanye's looks and a lot of these...
 Eh, just hating on ill-fitting clothes. But I guess there's a market for sloppy, so who am I to judge?
Yeah, right? At a time after Raf successfully brought back the skinny suit and bearded, flannel-clad hipsters are rocking ball-cleave, Kanye turns around and opts to push Haute Baggin' Saggin' Barry.
http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/09/17/fashion/kanye-wests-line-yeezy-causes-a-stir.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0&referrer= Kanye is at it again. Seriously. Can someone explain what's going on with the huge sweat shirts?
Fok is pretty much right. The fits are often meant to be generous because the fabrics have great drape. But you can sometimes size down for a more fitted look. Really depends on the piece though. But at that price, it's worth the gamble. Oh yeah, sleeves run long.
Even with my degree in philosophy, I can't quite understand that there is a substantive debate here. Of course, I never really studied Focault... But I have studied slouchy-shoulder jackets. As I always say, see Transit Uomo. Great ones for sale at a steal on C21.
+1   I like to avoid wearing dark colors on the bike. My bike itself is snow white. Especially in bad weather conditions, the number one thing people say when they wreck into a biker is "I didn't even see him!"     Over here in London, where the weather is less-than-optimal, full textile suits and fluorescent crossing guard vests are the norm. When you see people dressing for image, they're usually rocking a Learner plate.   Of course, there are those guys who have...
Never met anyone who took a slide wearing a cotton jacket. Curious to hear how that would turn out...   Actually I did crash once wearing just my Levi's denim jacket. Like a smashed fly into the back window of an SUV. Didn't slide though - thank god - 'cause my jacket was ok. Wearing it today actually.
Yeah, one really shouldn't pay more than like 50 bucks for them, and even that's a stretch.   But hey, call me curious. I don't expect them to be anywhere near the quality of the designer knockoffs improved versions. But let's see what happens when I dunk them in salt water, throw on two pairs of socks and take them on the treadmill for 30 minutes.
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