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Oh there is a running small seconds hand. It shares the subdial with the GMT hand. Which I think balances out the two-hand chrono subdial...
I do rather fancy this model. 150 meters would be plenty for me.   
 And actually, that very issue is why I'm looking around. I wear my Speedy Pro everywhere... except the beach. And I go to the beach quite a bit. Just to confirm my concern I took it to my watchmaker to test its water resistance and they advised me not to take it "anywhere near a beach." That it is a pilot's watch and not a diver. And here I was hoping it would be the only watch I ever needed...
Ok gentlemen, which do we prefer? Or
repost deleted
 Yeah that seems like a great option for $300, Thanks. Titanium would be nice. But my die is cast. I'll post my thoughts after the SNE109 arrives on monday.
Purchased. Thank God I decided finally. Thanks for weighing in
 Oh no, I do not like heavy and I'm not into the "big watch" craze. Over 42mm starts to feel a bit too much. Well what about the SNE109. Solar 200m diver with day/date. Nice looking bezel but I haven't seen one up close. Think its any less heavy?
 That Aqualand is very cool. Bulky though. Probably too massive a wrist presence for me. I'd love to find a mechanical dive watch with a compass feature but without too busy a face. Love the concept of the altichron, but it's just so damn busy to look at. I'm also considering a Seiko Monster: 
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