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Very nice. I often have the same dilemma when casually dressed: tuck in my shirt, or forego displaying the excellence of my belt.
Just bought some HUBS for a long-term hold. Fairly recent IPO, past the initial surge & correction, low P/E and what they're doing really is the future of online marketing.     Re AXP, I feel like they're loosing their hold on the upper-end of their market. Investors certainly seem to be losing confidence. Their cards have lost a lot of perks lately in an environment with more competition than ever from Barclay and Chase. Just this week AXP announced that they're...
 You know, I bought the Lammy 2000 rollerball to be the easy-to-use less conspicuous partner to my Visconti Rembrandt medium point FP, for quick jotting on the go. I've only had it for about a week now, but I find myself reaching for it more often than I'd anticipated. In terms of hand feel, Macrolon polycarbonate is just a joy to hold and look at, loving the brushed texture.  The spring loaded clip is a nice feature and the sharp angles ad a nice modern industrial feel to...
Pillars of society...
Sounds like a question for Mick  [[SPOILER]]
Edit: deleted.
 And a hearty tip of the cap to you, sir!
Hmmm, yes, well @jet, contrary to popular opinion I am not, in fact, a monkey; and bear little resemblance to my avatar. Except under the full moon, of course. But that is a story for another day.
 Oh ok. I was thinking Malta...
Tax sheltered brokerage account? I could use one of those. Care to share how you set that up?
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