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To be fair @Dachshund it may be that some sweat collected under the Rubber B at times. I just never really noticed. While we're discussing materials, the company uses Tenara thread by Gore. Probably one of many things contributing to the exorbitant price of Rubber B straps. It's supposed to be fairly impervious to the elements. But who knows.   Don't have any experience with caoutchouc, at least not to my knowledge. Curious though.
I just wore my Rollie+RubberB all around a hot, humid Caribbean island for half week. Ocean, rainforest, pool, restaurants etc. Only took it off to sleep (and a brief stretch of rock climbing). Between my metal, leather and cheaper rubber straps, I seem to notice this one's presence the least. There's nowhere for sweat to collect really, so I guess it just evaporates away.
I've got to say, I'm quite impressed with Rubber B's direction in watch straps. Thanks to @aleksandr, I decided to pick up one of their vulcanized rubber straps for my GMT II.   Now they've just launched hybrid straps of genuine Alligator (or full-grain leather) with a vulcanized rubber lining. Imagine that! The comfort of rubber with the luxury of alligator.   A few examples:           Purists will no doubt balk, but I like the idea of an Alligator strap...
 Well yeah, I think some are dial and some are crown. But specifically, I mean....
Can somebody translate these arcane symbols for me?
Suddenly wondering about the schmutz on the bezel....
 It's like the video was designed to say: "Yeah, you think you're a real biker? You ain't nothin."
When I was kicking tires in an AD not long ago I asked about sales figures of various models. He said Subs and Daytonas sell strongest and the new BLNR has created a GMT sensation. Can't keep those in stock. But the Cellinis aren't selling well. He said people generally look to Rolex for the tool watches. I feel the same. I like some of the newer Cellinis, but for the price there are other brands whose pieces I like much more.
Comparing cars to watches is really little more than a fun exercise. But I think there is some merit. With Audi and Omega, I see both taking a supreme interest in sport (Olympics obsession) and advanced science, in complete modernism and in utility and intricacy that sometimes is the best bang for your buck possible, and sometimes misses the mark entirely. In Rolex and BMW I see a reliable, mid-luxury, risk-averse workhorse that is slow to evolve but tends to get it...
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