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Ooh, carpincho. Nice
Nah. Just me baby.
I thought Buzz Aldrin posers wore these
@ethanm - Yeah, man. You get it. I think camo, in general, looks pretty ridiculous. I don't care who wears it on a runway. Shit belongs in the bushes and on the desert. And yet, go to any airport in the South...   When my leather goes on, generally, I'm about to risk my life. When I take it off, I'm pumped full of adrenaline and fucking thrilled to be alive. Then I see some snotty dude in a Perfecto knock-off with MMM gats and am like.... "that's cute."   But hey,...
So I finally got a pair of those $100 eBay peccary gloves. They come from Romania and delivery takes a few weeks.   The fit is dead on. No finger too long or short (they ask for your middle finger length) and just the right width. I'm no expert in glove construction but I'd estimate the construction is of medium (good) quality. Certainly not to the level of Italian or British specialists, but adequate. Seems like strong enough thread. I am pleased with the leather as...
Let's not split hairs here. Just sharing a motorcyclist's perspective. I doubt naval officers look at the guy wearing a peacoat and think "poser."
Nope. Nothing military inspired. Not my thing. Too... Utilitarian.
When I see somebody in a motorcycle-derived jacket style who has clearly never hit at least 100mph on two wheels, I think... Ahem... That styleforum has an unfortunate bias.
At least it wasn't a Maserati Ghibli...
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