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I just have the fly screen, @Cool The Kid I've considered getting the larger wind screen, but I really don't enjoy much about highway riding (except that thrill you get at certain speeds) - and I don't really like the way it looks.   Always remember the cardinal rules of motorcycling.   Rule number one: Look good. Rule number two: Safety first.
The highway fatigue might be slightly lower on the Speed than the Street. Heavier means steadier, which means less using your muscles for balancing. But only minimally. Heavier also means more using your muscles to push the bike around in the twisties. What it comes down to is how much highway time you plan to clock. On the back roads I can ride my STR for 10 hours with breaks here and there and a few preventative ibuprophens - no problem. But if I take it on the highway -...
A moment of reflection on one of my daily habits caused me to learn something about myself.   Before I turn in, I always remove the day's watch, give it a once over, and put it back in it's space in The Box.   Last night - upon noticing that one watch had stopped running two hours prior -  I realized something: I don't like to pull the crown.   This means not choosing favorites. It means a more even rotation.   Because if you don't want to pull the crown, you need...
Yeah, Ducati sends demo bikes around to dealerships. Mine back near Boston had a scrambler this past spring.
Niiice.   When I was in SE Asia, the funnest ride I had was the twisty mountain road climbing Doi Suthep. But that was a dawdle - especially on my 150cc rented scooter.
   Makes sense. I can understand the collector's mindset around such variations of classic watches far more easily than I can my late grandmother's obsession with porcelain plates and Hummel figurines.   As for this discussion of scratching bracelets. I've found that my GMT II's bracelet remains completely pristine even as I desk-dive with my watch on. Of course, this is due to my daily-use RubberB strap. I generally wear my beater anywhere that I sense some potential for...
@Cool The Kid   It helps to have a shop you go to on the regular and get to know some guys there. Many shops have to know you can actually ride before they drop the whole "we don't do test rides" bit. When shopping, show up on your bike in full-on gear.
 Here's a topic near and dear to me. The thing to realize is that nakeds are usually sport-standards. Which is a riding position between - well - sport and standard. So you're not face-down-ass-up, but you're not upright either. Pros - Ride longer with less fatigue on wrists- Some touring capability- Can be as nimble as a sport bike- Easier to "crash proof" Cons - Reduced aerodynamics- Highway riding will suck- Everyone will be jealous and it's annoying  As to what you're...
If I were to admit some confusion about why a bit of red text would make a Sub so desirable, would I be run out of TWAT with a pitchfork?
ask me about my perfect Sunday  
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