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They only ask if I have LoJack. I don't.
I moved to a "high risk" area and insurance on my brand new Street Triple is around $1600/year. For my old '03 Speedmaster it's less than $250. 
I'm intrigued by Breguet's magnetic pivot, developed for the Classique Chronometrie. Apparently, Breguet has patented a way to attain pivot-point friction of zero by harnessing the power of, ::drum roll:: MAGNETS.   But now I'm wondering, what happens if you bring the watch too close to a powerful magnet? A microwave? Does it spin in a different direction in the southern hemisphere?   (Joking. Obviously.)       Any opinions on this piece?
 My apologies Dino, I certainly didn't mean to give offense. 
^^^^ Right. I must be an odd man to have gotten some thrill out of my first nice watch getting glances.   And hey, I have nothing technically against Rolex Per Se. I think they're fantastic watches. I just have a thing against brand recognition. As far as "Style" is concerned, I consider it a crutch. But, as they say, you can't account for taste and everyone's motivations are their own.
I make no claim to be completely free of vanity.   My philosophy on personal aesthetics, which we won't get too hung up on here, prioritizes my own enjoyment of an item above that of those around me, but not to the point of excluding external appreciation. Secondly, I find no small pleasure in being able to drive external appreciation without brand recognition.   Perhaps that will clarify my remarks.   And yes, I've seen more people than that one gentleman (who...
   I imagine the Omega V. Rolex debate is one that has waged on for decades. I have no-doubt enjoyed that at recent gatherings, acquaintances' eyes have more frequently been finding their way to my wrist with a look both curiously impressed and devoid of immediate recognition-slash-sizing-up. Compare to that curiously under-dressed young gentleman wearing Nikes and North Face with his sleeves rolled up to display his diamond bezel Datejust. "Oh he works at FIDELITY" you'd...
In my search for understanding of the popularity of Rolex I came across this gem of an article from two years ago in Forbes. I think I get it now.   The Rolex Problem: A (Semi) Rational Look At The World's Most Recognized Watch
  Oh hey, I like the RGMs, particularly the Model #222. Thanks for the recommendation! For Mrs. Hedonist I'm looking at a Raymond Weil Tango in mother of pearl, a Longines Prima Luna or Flagship and I'll see if she bites on a B&M mother of pearl/diamond. Never been a big Oris fan and Rado is a bit contemporary. Interesting designs there though. Thanks again!
Gentlemen, off the top of your head, can any of you think of a nice women's watch for around $1,000? My lady friend is now convinced that she'd like something better than Skagen, but isn't ready to spring for the mother of pearl Datejust she fell in love with. Anyone know some good "value" ladies watches in stainless with a simple, classic, round case?
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