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 What? No! How did I miss that one!
Looks like I'm snowed in today, so, without further ado, here's my process for antiquing the Lollipop Cavalier CXL Trickers. The polish scuffs easily but can also be re-blended with a thumb or horsehair brush, true to the CXL pull-up quality. I don't think I'm quite finished with this pair, but I'll take a break from messing with them for a while to enjoy my handiwork. Less is probably more here.   Notes: I could be wrong but, you want a polish that stains. The waxier...
Perhaps you might use a thin, gel heel insert to raise your foot up a bit...
 Indeed they were! Thanks for the kind words. I took a full set of pictures of the process. Thinking of putting together a guide. But I want to see how it all holds up for a few days, since these are CXL.
Before     After       Antiquing process complete.
 Corsas do have great grip. I've only ridden in the rain a bit and they were fine, but I was being tame. Full disclosure: i drive a car in bad weather usually. As for squaring off.... I mean not if you CORNER brah...
 Love my Etro swim trunks. Best made pair I've ever had.
 yes...ahem...well... perhaps I wouldn't recommend it for welts of a lighter shade...
 Quite right. And let us remind ourselves that these are country brogues we're (mostly) dealing with here. Wasn't broguing originally developed to dispatch bog water from one's feet? I say, wear em in the mud!
I've had great luck with Perelli Corsas
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