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 It was late in the day using natural light for the "before pic," but yes, they're rust.  No way am I "flipping" them to some hipster. These boots have only just broken in!
I'm starting to miss the original shade of my Rust 1ks. They have developed their own patina but a few years of Obenauff's and regular wear have darkened them considerably. At this point, they're so easily mistaken for brown.    Can anything be done? Maybe cordovan polish?
I just found a trapper/aviator hat I liked at Needless Markups and traced it back to the source, a company in Canada called Crown Cap: http://crowncap.com/   I bought a different (better than at NM and cheaper on the site) shearling hat, which is on the way. Can't speak to the quality just yet but they seem to have an excellent cost:quality ratio.   I am so sick of gloves that only last a season. Anyone have a line on good leather gloves that can still operate a touch...
I'd go for a medium probably
Bet trini loves that Beemer.
^ something like that I could only see in navy. Or triple oatmeal...
Rarely an option if you're snagging Starks on sale for under $250. But interesting re: sleeve length. Am I right to assume people generally roll theirs?I didn't know about the reference jacket a moment ago. Now I want one.
When and where do Belstaff jackets go on sale?
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