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Here here! There's a lot to like with the older models in my opinion. At their core, Rolex have always crafted celebrated tool watches. A light, compact, all-metal construction that can be easily cleaned up or customized for a few bucks just seems true to that vein. In addition, I feel as if BLNR fever has caused a great sell-off of a discontinued line that will quite soon be regarded as collectors items from, as one writer put it, "When the GMT was still a tool watch."...
Ooh I quite like this! Not sure about that bracelet but the design of the watch itself has got a lot to like.
Very useful information as always. Very reassuring. Now then. I can excitedly say: Incoming!As for my search, I had a chance to compare both of the new ceramic models and an older 16710 in a final showdown. In the end I decided I'm just not sold on the BLNR, or ceramic in general. There's a certain soulfulness in the older models I found undeniable. And also, a surplus of people selling them off to upgrade!Pics to come.
FWIW The only way I've kept off weight that I've lost is by changing long-term habits. That being said, if you ever want to drop 5lbs in 10 days, eat nothing but soup. Low sodium. However, you'll gain it back the second any manner of cheese shows up in your fridge!
 I went up into Hackney and visited a few pubs on my last visit (December). The Streetwear styles reminded me a lot of Brooklyn New York in that, more or less, anything seemed to go. The main difference seemed to be that in Brooklyn, people are usually concerned with doing something distinctively new (for better or worse). I also saw scores of students dressed as Santa Claus having some sort of hootinanny. In central London, things were indeed much more formal. I stopped...
 Thank you Dino. And to the best of your knowledge, they'd still have bezel inserts on hand if need be? Any idea of the price to replace one? Just trying to factor in everything involved with a pre-owned purchase!
Quick two-part question:   1) When servicing a pre-owned GMT II 16710, would Rolex refinish/replace a scratched aluminum bezel insert?   2) Is there a reliable source for "spare" aluminum bezel inserts? In case one wanted to keep a few on hand...   As for pens. Nothing fancy, but I enjoy my Visconti.
 Mimicry is not exactly my prerogative in all of this. Ideally I would remain true to my own style while... "referencing" the local fashion in a manner that shows a baseline of respect to tradition. This does give me a bit to process though. Thanks.  What is all this chatter about brown shoes? I saw plenty being worn about on my last visit to London. I suppose you'll have to pardon my ignorance  of the notion that the color brown could actually be "out."  Thanks for your...
Right. My thanks. I am actually going over to accompany Mrs. Hedonist on a rotation with her major accounting firm. I'll be managing my team here in the states remotely, probably from rented office space. I'll go to some entrepreneurial-themed events, accompany the lovely lady to work functions, be a regular at a local pub - that sort of modus operandi.
Not certain if this is the proper thread, but I could use some good natured advice. I am American and about to spend two years in London. What are some wardrobe essentials an American might not already have or might not anticipate needing? I've already been told to have a tux made. My Asian tailor is visiting this month, so I can have pretty much anything made. Thanks!
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