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 Ugly or not, it sets a precedent I've been waiting for: a thin digital overlay powered by the automatic mechanical movement it sits atop. Scoff as you will, an automatic mechanical smart watch hybrid will be a fascinating and important achievement. I won't be told otherwise. Now if they could make it beautiful, it might be worth buying.
Some will say you should put trees in any shoe. With the boat shoes I tend not to. They do require some maintenance due to the salt water they tend to come in contact with. But i tend not to think of them as shoes that require shapeliness be maintained. Socks? Never.
I am officially intrigued
PS - Anyone else want to take a crack at the Vincero? I fear mine won't see much wrist time and would be happier if someone who'd wear it regularly had it. PM me. First to paypal me $15 for shipping gets it.
At any rate.. For waxy leather, I've had great results with saddle soap. Work up a lather with a bit of water and a clean rag and soap up the shoe. Then wipe it off and brush with a designated wax brush.
I actually have a pair of Clarks boat shoes that I quite adore, Mr. Munky, and they've been with me at least four good years now. Clarks may not be Jermyn Street material, but they're a decent enough shoe in my opinion. Well... a few of the models are...
Actually, on my "prospecting" visit to London (a few months ago) I did happen into Church's in the Burlington Arcade, where I found a lovely pair of Custom Grade black single monks. Perhaps those will prove versatile enough in lieu black oxfords. London is a dangerous place for shoe lovers. Dangerous indeed.
We'll that's a relief, Munky! For I do not and shall not have a "job," in the traditional sense. So how does one aquire a pair like you've got on the way?
These are definitely on my list. I probably should pick up a pair of plain black oxfords first, seeing as I'm about to move to London..
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