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That moment when you walk out of Burberry with the big bag.
Yeah I'm sure it'll be fine. My number 1 rule in any big city I'm not familiar with is to ignore anyone who tries to engage me on the street. That's half the battle. Then there's the beach factor. But a bit of volleyball wouldn't hurt a GMT... Right?
Headed to Barcelona tomorrow and am deciding between my Rolex and my beater. I hear pickpockets and thieves are quite aggressive in Barcelona... like to target tourists with nice things...
well, the cigar smokin dude doesn't look like a tool... Simple is better.
A meetup would be fun, though I'm kind of in London a lot right now. Will be back in Boston end of July through most of August (reverse vacation). Back Bar is small for a meetup and the furniture is awkward. Amazing cocktails though. Liberty Hotel foyer would be an ideal spot, with several restaurants right there and most patrons dressing to impress. You see everything from Ghetto Fabulous to Don Draper in there. Not sure if they're doing it this year, but Thursday...
  YEAH, baby, yeah. Groovy.
It does sound rather silly doesn't it. Haha.I was more miffed at the possibility that the tecnitian assbling my watch at its service a few weeks ago may have handled the crystal with his bare fingers. Or worse, that the seals weren't doing their job in the shower.
Rolex Headache number 2: I've just noticed that in certain light, at a particular angle, I can see a faint milky smudge on the inside surface of the crystal. :sigh:
+1 for Backbar. But Drink is better.   If you're over 26, I'd stay out of Allston altogether. If not, check out the Middle East for random shows, Phoenix for jazzy live music bar and Sunset for the largest selection of Beer anywhere. Mm and Bon Chon Chicken.     Thoughts on London so far:     Day 1) Man, people here kick it UP a notch from standard American dress. Real shoes, outfits go together, hardly any technical jackets, no square toe shoes. This is...
Did somebody say Boston? Fave seafood: Atlantic Fish Fave Bar: Drink (fort point) Jazz Brunch: The Beehive Low key divy jazz joint: Wally's Cafe Baller Dinner: Menton Quick lobster roll: James Hook & Co Can't-miss boutiques: Uniform and Bodega. Honorable mention: Ball & Buck Deal with tourists for the best view that comes with a cocktail: Top of the Hub My regular spots: Eastern Standard (Fenway), Highland Kitchen (Somerville), and of course Drink. I'll be in Barcelona...
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