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Wise thoughts, Chogall, wise indeed. Truly as speculative a play as they come.
The thing is, Uber's cartel will buy politicians and pay off opposition until the laws work in their favor. Just like Pablo Escobar did in the early 90s with extradition (though much less violent). The money that's backing Uber is turning it into a steamroller. It will be volatile, yes. And no doubt it will be VASTLY overvalued at IPO. But I don't see its market share going away. And now there's talk of turning their drivers into de-facto delivery men. I think what...
Uber IPO seems to be on the horizon. That is one I'm not going to miss; certified unicorn.   But the question is, how ridiculous will the initial valuation be and what kind of immediate correction (if any) might we see? Initial Investors in the FB IPO would have seen a 240% ROI by now. But those who waited three months to pull the trigger could have hit as high as 510%.   Anyone in here have thoughts on how to play this one? Whenever it does happen...
Wearing cool gear and having armor are not mutually exclusive. But I will agree that it's probably more important to protect against slide than blunt force... If you're not really riding fast... Probably easier to mend a broken bone than fix a foot that's been pavement-grated to a stump.
 Everyone needs a hobby. At least she hasn't joined a Hummel collectors guild.
Yeah. Boots are overrated too. All you need is these.
All good points, boy there is a lot of love for the Reverso here. Even still, I think I might prefer the MUT moon buy a hair. Luckily I'm not the one who has to decide!     Anyhow, regardless of the marketing they use to keep up with the times, I still have a great deal of respect for Ralph Lauren as a brand. For an American designer, I think they've kept a pretty good balance between classic and modern styling. I'd go so far as to say RL is my overall favorite American...
 Well you know, with a Reverso you can wear the engraving on the outside. So, aesthetically, it would need to be able to stand alone.
 In terms of a watch that should almost certainly have to undergo engraving, I suppose it really doesn't get much better than a Reverso, does it? Though I suppose one does have to be a bit more careful about what is engraved and how!  Ah yes, one of my favorite dress watches in the price range and another that I would most certainly be happy with. I will be sure to include this on my suggestion list. I do quite like the new gray dial version:    Another fine suggestion,...
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