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Thanks again. Popped into Blue in Green and grabbed a great pair of D'Artisan raws. They had them hemmed before I finished lunch.
So I wasn't losing my mind (re: thread title change).   Breitling :sigh:     Well hell, with such good SEO, maybe we'll have more entertainment from Lego-watch-posting trolls.
I may differ on the patina-love front. I prefer things to look as pristine as possible as a rule (with the exception of some footwear). Probably why I'm a fan of brushed surfaces. But if something on my watch gets old and worn, I won't hesitate to recondition or replace it (as long as the part is OEM).
Sure am Tiger. Hello from Señor Speedy
New restaurant recommendation for New York: Scalinatella (on 61st).   Though I will warn you, it's a hedonists-only kind of place.
Hey I need some new raws and am staying in Midtown. Anyone know a place nearby with good Japanese denim?
Rode up to Pai, TH a few weeks back. First time riding a 300. Wasn't so bad, really. Handled a lot like my triple. Just tamer.  
 You might try Hatton Garden, which is London's jewelry district. It caters more to diamond and bridal jewelry (as do most of these sorts of districts) but there are many shops that carry pre-owned watches - though on my last walk through there was a massive Rolex bias. You can find pretty much any kind of basic GMT, Sub or Datejust in windows there. Many BLNRs were out. Haven't seen a whole lot of the haute horology stuff, but that doesn't mean it can't be found. I guess...
Thanks for the warning @Dino944   Nothing turns me off like the first words out of someone's mouth being "how much did you pay for that..."   Still, it sounds like fun to me! I'll prepare a few witty rejoinders and go poke around the seedy underbelly of New York's jewelry scene.
Have any of you gentlemen ever browsed the diamond district on 47th in Manhattan for pre-owned watches? I'm thinking of heading over while I'm in town if there is indeed as much to see as I have heard - look at some watches and maybe buy some platinum for the Mrs. while the metal is hovering around historical lows.   But I imagine it can get dodgy at some of the shops. Anyone care to share their experience?
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