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 If you'd like to buy the Size M. A.P.C. Duffle off me, I'd be happy to oblige instead of sending it back in. Only thing is I can't offer a return policy. The Hardy A. I think I'm going to try to exchange. I might just be a small now. That's the silver lining in all this.
how flattering are winter coats really supposed to be...   re: the toggles, that was my own error.    But yeah, I more or less agree on both counts. Just sucks. All my coat steals were misses.     edit- my tailor could probably fix the duffle... it wouldn't need THAT much work...
 Can I ask your chest size? I'm about a 40.
 Feels pretty much perfect. Not a fan of having to roll the sleeves, but that's just about every sweater for me. There's a  tad more fabric in the upper chest than I'd want, but I always need to remind myself that sweaters should be a bit loose. I get the feeling a medium would be flattering, but a skin tight sweater isn't what you want. 
Got the coats I copped from The Corner in. The A.P.C. duffle is awful and is going back. But can I get an opinion on the fits of these two? Apologizes for the lighting, but that's not the important factor here.             Veilance     The sleeves worry me...   Hardy Amies      
How does this fit guys? It's size L in the new fit.      
 Luxury customers have never had more to spend. Coincidently, I bet it's a good year for Old Navy too...
Yeah looks like Haberdash's sale is relegated to reject stuff.   Eh, I guess I should be good and wait out the three more weeks for Mr. P's big drops.     Do people really wear a lot of the Uniqlo oxfords? I was tempted to snap up a few of what was left in my size, but the dyes in them all seem so boring...
Ok it's Cyber Monday. Has the fashion industry completely co-opted this once grand day, or are there surprises yet to come...? 
When you have wolverine 1000 miles, you don't need beater boots.  Matter fact, don't buy shitty beater boots. Then you can afford boots worthy of all conditions. I was in an all-American store the other day helping my brother buy boots. I was like, "yeah, these wolverines are three years old." He was all, "holy shit, how do you condition them?" I was all like, "like this."
New Posts  All Forums: