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Thanks @KeithT   Navy looks great on that Monaco as well.   It's nice to have a strap that will pass as black in a dimly-lit environment, but lets out a nice bit of color when it's bright.
Well I'm sold.
Thanks @notwithit   Tough call. I'm leaning towards the Oni because I have a Levi's jacket that - while an updated, modern style - is closer to the SDA.   I just have no idea how that "secret denim" will break in or how much color it would stand to lose/how quickly....
Need a denim jacket and am stuck between these. What's your vote.   Oni 20oz Secret Denim (low tension)   or Studio D'Artisan DB-440
God help me. I just got back from my local denim specialist. They had a pair of shell 721 LTDs. The last one in stock, and it was my size.   But they want $1,200 for the pair.  FML
 Not sure exactly. But these are sold by Central Watch in Grand Central Station and are made from Louisiana alligator. At $125, they're priced at roughly half of what I see similar straps sell for in London. Here's the link:
A going away present to myself for leaving NYC. New strap in navy gator.  
 Seeing your post, and being in Midtown for one more day, I swung by the shop on Madison today to give Kamakura a look. Wound up buying two shirts and some socks. TLDR: I'm impressed.Been a while since I bought a BD shirt off the rack. As for sizing, it depends on which shirts you're looking at. The purely casual shirts that run in S, M, and L are generally sized for people of smaller statures and, for my build, the L would require too much alteration to bother...
Honestly @bows1, you've got to find the most skilled alterations tailor around and ask him to give you the options. It will probably come down to shortening from the shoulder and possibly ruining the contour of the sleeves, or being okay with new stitching at the sleeve placket.   I had a similar issue with a tricky Italian jacket with working buttons, mixed fabric and a raw edge. Long story short, the raw edge had to be folded and there was a new stitch line along the...
I think it was Tim Allen who said, "Being wealthy when noone else is, is like being the only one at the party with a drink."
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