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So then I stumbled across the next evolution of the Constellation   and deep inside, the seed of desire sprouted.       However, doesn't Rolex typically have the best claim to the Fluted Throne?
I just can't stand when SA's get all snooty about luxury goods and brands. Puts a rotten taste in my mouth. I mean a raised eyebrow and clever double entendre is one thing. "Not even watches?" Come on now. What he really means is "not going to line my pockets." The TH Carrera actually does have some respectable provenance. I don't quite know why the brand has become, as you say, the "whipping boy" other than that not much of what they produce tends to strike most serious...
London is giving me ADD of the eyes. It's a veritable feast for the eyes of fine shoes and wrist-bound treasures - from the burnished green wholecuts in SOHO right down to that scruffy hipster chap at that baudy circus show last night with his unexpected vintage gold-cased Longines.   Am I just imagining it, or do people seem to blatantly look you up and down here more commonly than in the Eastern U.S.?
After several years of careful maintenance, my two favorite pairs of raws have developed a little exterior surface fraying 1" or so above the cuffs from the roll-up crease. Can't hem that problem away without making them too short. As long as I keep them rolled, no one needs to know. But I'll know... =/
 Hmmm, couple that with some Amex point Saks gift cards and we're in business! Any idea how often those 20-30% codes happen? And thanks!
I'm hunting for a way to not pay retail on a Burberry Heritage trench. Doesn't seem like they ever really go on sale. Anyone have an angle on that? Currently in London/Boston most of the time.
I'm undergoing a search now myself, having recently moved to the UK.   From my research, it seems that the ideal trench should be made of the famous tight-weave gabardine fabric (cotton or wool, but I can't find wool gabardine anywhere). Cotton gabardine, which the Burberry Heritage Trench is made of, is not meant to feel impressive to the touch. It is made to be waterproof. Don't let anyone tell you they're "not impressed with Burberry's quality these days." The brand...
Gents, now that I've landed in London, it seems I shall need a rain coat.   Is there really no equal to Burberry's gabardine trench? I don't know if it's classic, or passé..
Yeah, good point @LA Guy. Maybe I'll just get the Belstaff I've been eyeing. @basil rathbone If your ankles are fit and you're not carrying a 50lb pack, I'd recommend Merrell Moab GTX shoes. I hiked 27 miles high up in the Andes in a two-year old pair and kept the pair around for another year or so. They were great.
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