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At the end of the day, almost all divers are Submariner derived. Sure they may have square or toothed indices or extra-wide hands, but they're not fooling anyone... That's why I support Seiko Starfish divers. They don't look like anything else.
But seriously, in the PMW category, how much uniqueness can one hope to find?
  Way ahead of ya, my friend.
Uh oh. Mrs. Hedonist does not share my appreciation for the GMT Master...
What are some truly whimsical dress watches?   I do like the look of the Glashutte Sixties, for example:     Though not quite my taste, I also can appreciate the devil-may-care attitude of the Franck Muller Vingage Curvex   What else might you point out?
It was almost 60 yesterday here in Boston. I would have gone and picked up my bike from storage were it not for the fact that I washed and waxed it before putting it away, and I didn't feel like having to repeat the process again after a few hours of riding.
 What kind of watch was it?
 Maybe it was a while ago..
You mentioned a crash in the PMW thread...
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