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Dents.co.uk 20% off everything. Seems to be a glitch at the shopping cart for another 20% off.   Get in there fast.
It's a track bike, mate. That's it. If I bought one, it'd be in addition to my Triple.   Personally, I think the sport position is pretty ridiculous for everyday use when you look at how far sport standards have come...
How about people who watch movies on their iPhones?    
http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/ktm-rc390-usa/   Looks like it's going to be here in 2015.   I mean with something like this out there, why bother taking a street bike and "tracking it" at all?
Omg omg. ::wringing his hands with excitement::   KTM RC390 is going to be released in the U.S. at a price tag of $5,500   It'll ton up. It'll stick to the track. It'll lean at insane angles and - with a top speed of 111 and 44BHP - you'll get to run the rev range through the entire gearbox. What a fun little toy. I'd been thinking of buying a new watch, but this might be more fun.  
 Infatuation may be a more accurate word at this stage. And I hear what you're saying about legitimate dealers only bothering if there's a huge markup. I haven't seen one that really made me want to jump yet for less than double what these watches are supposedly worth. Thank you for your words of caution.  That is a gorgeous example. Just the sort of style I'm looking for. As a matter of fact, I'll be in London next week with Mrs. Hedonist, and had been considering looking...
 Struck out at European Watch Co. A rep there told me "We're a very small shop and we have many people who ask us to help them find a particular model...etc." Brushed off. Perhaps Paul Duggan might be of more assistance. Thanks, I didn't know about that shop. So I suppose I'd best just avoid online sellers altogether, eh?
I don't know what has happened, but suddenly I am quite obsessed with finding a vintage Omega Constellation of the "pie pan" variety, possibly a cal. 564. Something like this:       Only the more I research the movements and styles of the Constellations from the late 50s through mid 60s, the more I find myself not trusting any seller I come across. I'm quite convinced that as many as 70% of these on eBay are far from original, if not flagrant frauds from Asia. And...
I hate eBay sometimes. There are no real auctions left, no good prices. If something looks like a bargain, it's probably a fake or damaged. The platform is flooded with high-volume professional sellers and garbage items to the point where it's usually more economical to pay full price for something from a legit source than to waste hours of I-could-have-been-making-money time trying to find a bargain.   What happened eBay? You used to be such a great resource!
You could stow away in an amtrak bathroom...
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