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 Couldn't resist... 
 Yeah totally, if I wanted to feel like I had floppy clown shoes on.  By and large, just not a fan of the narrow + long bias of CP Achilles - but at least the width issue can be fixed. Probably won't buy a second pair. My Butteros, however, fit great from the get-go.
Two out of three?   I still haven't seen one in the flesh. Going to have to, one of these days - though a part of me is resisting letting myself near that watch.  Exactly. There are some very fine watches in that territory. One would need to maintain a particularly strict tunnel vision to not get sidetracked...
You leave my earth tones and cuffs out of this. I'm just trying to show that the ice break-in didn't f*k em up at all.
 Thanks Gopher. I've been leaning in much the same direction. Though it has yet to be seen if Mrs. Hedonist will put aside her accountant's sensibilities and go through with a watch purchase. My love of watches is one of those things she tolerates to a point.    On a completely separate note. I still can't get the everose Yachtmaster out of my head. Though I have yet to find one and try it on. But I'm trying to decide how - and at what point - a watch like that might fit...
Nah dudes, I'm dead serious.  Worked like a charm.   Wouldn't try it on any cheap glued shoes or anything made of thin, flimsy materials or anything hand made on a last... But on a tough leather sneaker, not much to worry about.   If you want to get into the physics of it, room temperature water will generally increase in volume by about 9.05% when frozen. So not a huge increase, but enough to make a difference. Didn't notice any changes to the silhouette. Anyways, if...
Figured out how to break in narrow CP Achilles. 1 tie laces tight and insert plastic bag 2 fill plastic bag with water. Seal 3 put shoes in freezer for the day Bam. That ice foot stretches out and does 60% of the break in for ya.
Fuuuuk. Bangkok. Omg.
Comply tips + Arai helmet + stock exhaust = good enough.
You replace the tips with Comply s-400s or something you like. http://www.amazon.com/Comply-S-400-Earphone-Charcoal-3-Pairs/dp/B005DKZP7A/ref=pd_sim_23_5?ie=UTF8&refRID=1YT94RKAM0DC1TKW0DEA&dpID=51qGXYNB9WL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_
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