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 Is this where I'm supposed to say, "No, that's a martini at 16710."? I assure you, no bachelors were harmed in the making of those dogs.  Yeah, TOTH is really an establishment to be suffered for the view. Bristol Lounge is probably my go-to hangout for posh refreshments (try the Boston cream pie), which is awkward because I rarely see anyone my age in there. I like to play "spot the fading call-girl." You list some great spots. If I may add a few of my own highlights:...
New strap. Oh! And new (to me) watch.  
  Indeed! I know it's a tourist spot, but I'm a sucker for a good view. And I was suddenly in the mood for Kobe dogs. (Full disclosure: Less than 20% of meat marked Kobe is in fact Kobe beef. Were it genuine, I'm sure few would have the gall to ground it up and stuff it in a casing).
Yes indeed Mr. Moo., very nice indeed. And I notice that's one of the cerachrom subs? Love that blue lume. On a side note, my RubberB strap is now affixed, though there was some difficulty requiring the skills of a fast-handed Oriental fellow with a loupe.
Approve? Not quite. Put down the pitchfork? Yes. Consider me "in the clear."
Pairs well with a dirty martini, hot dog sliders and a 52nd floor view.
Boat shoes are designed for slippery smooth surfaces in wet environments. A true boat shoe's laces tie in all the way around the lower ankle, ensuring that they won't come off when deluged. The bottoms will alternate between traditional traction and micro-slits that work well on the deck of a boat.  Here in Boston, and most of New England, they're a staple as a great many of the elites tend to be either nautically-oriented or at least wish to give that appearance. As with...
 Riverside. Yeah I would endeavor to *make certain* it paid for itself. But I'm leaving the country for a couple of years soon. =/
 Ugly or not, it sets a precedent I've been waiting for: a thin digital overlay powered by the automatic mechanical movement it sits atop. Scoff as you will, an automatic mechanical smart watch hybrid will be a fascinating and important achievement. I won't be told otherwise. Now if they could make it beautiful, it might be worth buying.
New Posts  All Forums: