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Never get hit w duties from Mr. P. But you gotta be on the ball when they announce drops. I think my stark from them was about $230.
Oh Joy. I'm one drop away from my semi-annual Mr. Porter basics binge. Nothing like unnecessarily luxurious skivvies at 70% off.
Elbow patches are for professors. Let's move on.
Snagged the last triple gray reg cardigan on Mr P. this morning. Hope an L fits as good as with the stark.
you mean it's not this? 
I mean. In an ideal world one would have other sweaters in their drawers... I like the high collar though. Hard to find one that stays put at your neck that isn't a roll or turtle. A bit unnecessary in warmer weather. But Boston winters can be brutal, so mine gets a lot of use.
You're about a month late on their reference. You'll never get the hot items if it takes you this long to learn of them. [/quote] Hot item? The Starks are hot but nobody was really talking about the Reference until lately. And really, it's applications are limited.
New Posts  All Forums: