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^ something like that I could only see in navy. Or triple oatmeal...
Rarely an option if you're snagging Starks on sale for under $250. But interesting re: sleeve length. Am I right to assume people generally roll theirs?I didn't know about the reference jacket a moment ago. Now I want one.
When and where do Belstaff jackets go on sale?
I can't believe how long I've lived without an S.N.S. sweater. I'll need to find more of these.
Something has to fill the space before the next wave.
At last ... A second chance...
 Well the toggle situation was resolved. Last chance, assuming my tailor can fix the sleeves... 
Now that I'm wearing my Size L around a bit I can confirm size L is perfect for a 40" chest, any slimmer and I'd look pretty damn weird. So happy the M got sold out and I took a gamble on an L. These do seem to run a bit small these days.
New Posts  All Forums: