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Have any of you gentlemen ever browsed the diamond district on 47th in Manhattan for pre-owned watches? I'm thinking of heading over while I'm in town if there is indeed as much to see as I have heard - look at some watches and maybe buy some platinum for the Mrs. while the metal is hovering around historical lows.   But I imagine it can get dodgy at some of the shops. Anyone care to share their experience?
Aziz was funny for about as long as Jnco jeans were cool.
I learned from an AD recently that Daniel Craig is supporting a charitable organization that puts eye surgery services in an airplane and will fly around the world helping the underprivileged to see. Funded, in part, from the proceeds from this DeVille
Looks great @Andy57 I had two friends messaging me asking about the same watch this very week! Seems to be a hot item. Not usually a Seamaster fan, but I find this model particularly attractive. Wear it in good health. More pictures!
Popped into the Rolex boutique at Heathrow a few days back to poke around for the everose YM. The SA said "I can get you on the waiting list. That's about a year long right now."
Hm... I'd considered posting some questionable watch shots from my recent trip to Thailand. Glad I held back.
Thing with the Yachtmaster is, its just not useful enough from a practicality standpoint. I get a LOT of use out of the GMT function.   Now, if they made an everose GMT II on black rubber with an everose-fill black ceramic bezel.. THAT would be hard to resist.
 Couldn't resist... 
 Yeah totally, if I wanted to feel like I had floppy clown shoes on.  By and large, just not a fan of the narrow + long bias of CP Achilles - but at least the width issue can be fixed. Probably won't buy a second pair. My Butteros, however, fit great from the get-go.
Two out of three?   I still haven't seen one in the flesh. Going to have to, one of these days - though a part of me is resisting letting myself near that watch.  Exactly. There are some very fine watches in that territory. One would need to maintain a particularly strict tunnel vision to not get sidetracked...
New Posts  All Forums: