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It does require a layering strategy, of course. It's not like a big puffer that you can rock over a tee shirt and be toasty. But I prefer it, because that makes it more versatile in different types of weather. On the coldest days id wear something like a thermal Henley and a chunky wool sweater or my stark (with my trapper hat). On 25 degree and above days it'd usually be an Oxford and merino v neck. Above freezing, anything light is fine. I think the fact that it is wind...
I just need to say, the Arc'teryx Veilance insulated field jacket is the single best piece of outerwear I've ever owned. I used to switch my jackets almost daily. Now I don't want to wear anything else unless the weather is nice. It's completely waterproof, seam sealed, minimalistic and has every detail worked out in such a way that I could not imagine it having been done better, from the deployable hood to the placement of the key clip. This last point is a rare pleasure...
My buddy who used to live in Bushwick had a sweet Cannondale he rode around on. To protect it from theft, he covered the entire thing in stickers so it looked like a piece of shit.
But they have the little squiggly orange bar loop thingy...
Speaking of security and such, how many of y'all have had a bike stolen? Now that I have a flashy new bike I'm trying to figure out how to protect her best without going overboard. I was thinking a rotor lock and a big chain. Thoughts anyone?
Yo @Rumpelstiltskin, what's up with the lonely steak sandwich in your Pinterest?  
They only ask if I have LoJack. I don't.
I moved to a "high risk" area and insurance on my brand new Street Triple is around $1600/year. For my old '03 Speedmaster it's less than $250. 
I'm intrigued by Breguet's magnetic pivot, developed for the Classique Chronometrie. Apparently, Breguet has patented a way to attain pivot-point friction of zero by harnessing the power of, ::drum roll:: MAGNETS.   But now I'm wondering, what happens if you bring the watch too close to a powerful magnet? A microwave? Does it spin in a different direction in the southern hemisphere?   (Joking. Obviously.)       Any opinions on this piece?
 My apologies Dino, I certainly didn't mean to give offense. 
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