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 There is no logic to Hedonism. It is an art, my metaphor-proof friend.
Even though most Cambodians can't tell $2,000 shoes from $300 shoes?
Ho ho ho.There are two kinds of men in the world. The kind who wins a restaurant gift card and orders what he always orders, or the kind who kicks in a few bucks extra and gets the king crab for a change.
Why thank you. As a reward: free Hilton Honors silver status for everyone: https://hiltonhhonors.com/ProcessLanding/ProcessLanding/?lp=accentureftgold   As for release... how would I know such things? ::clearing his throat::
We're off to a fantastic start here...
I get back from a month in Thailand where massages cost around $8 an hour and a truly fantastic meal might cost $30. A week in the Executive Suite at Le Meridian cost about $500. I think I raided the minibar three times. You could hire a boat to take you around to different islands all day for less than $50, and they'll even catch you a fish and cook it up if you like - for no extra charge. Nothing there is labeled non-GMO or organic. Most Thai people have never even heard...
Generally speaking, all leather items on a man's person should be the same (or a very similar) color. Two-tone items are excluded from this rule.
I remember when Lululemon had that bit of scandal about their "Luon" yoga pants material being too transparent when stretched. Around that time I was an avid frequenter of Yoga studios. I no longer am.
One rule: be concise.     When we have nice things and are gentle to them, we can tun them into other nice things at will. The same can not usually be said for average things.
New Posts  All Forums: