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Gentlemen, I just moved to London and am finding myself somewhat unprepared for the weather. Seems to me that most people wear their dress shoes despite the rain when I'm tempted to just throw on the Wellies. But that can't be good for the leather. Perhaps people treat their shoes with silicon?    Would someone care to explain to me a typical Londoner mindset with regard to shoes and rain?   Cheers.
If it makes you feel any better Mimo, I had no denim with me on that trip...
II bought a PROTREK for a long trip through Asia. I had one with analog hands and a digital readout. It was very functional and was great for spotting incoming monsoons and getting to shelter, or navigating through Bangkok's Chinatown by scooter when I couldn't read anything but my compass.Then I got home, put my Speedy back on and sold it.In TWAT land, it's more about watches as art than pretending we're supremely interested in the functional aspects.@Grammaton Cleric...
My main criticism of Vincero was dust inside the case. That's Chinese quality control for ya.
I was recently told that Seiko's DiaShield titanium protector can come off from exposure to chlorine. Is this true? No Shogun in the pool?
Nice work @mimo! That blue dial Glashutte looks aaaawfully familiar.
Making good time.
 Nowhere fashionable. Eastern Standard, outside the Hotel Commonwealth (about three blocks from Fenway Park). Good service, non-hipster New American menu, spacious 1930s-ish interior. It's that place you keep going back to when the flavors of the month get tedious. The manager, Andrew, has always been very good to me. I've never found a piece of grit or broken shell in one of their shucked oysters. That's a pretty rare level of care. 
@kimmo   Very nice! I love the retro-yet-enduring case shape and the before-it-was-cool 4:30 date. Bet the indices catch the light nicely too.
Speaking of going on the cheap.. Took my new beater out for a night on the town with one last visit to my favorite restaurant. I said I'd start with a half a dozen oysters and the manager brought out this with a complimentary splash of white Sancerre.
New Posts  All Forums: