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Rainy day.    
Three whole washes? Well I'm certain there must be some wisdom there that escapes me...   But down in Florida you can always just roll 'em up until then.
Yeah. Here's how to do it right.     At least I think those are yoga pants. Possibly jeggings...
 It's not a bad a fit for off the rack, provided you're indeed going to shave off a few lbs. Though I might nip the sleeves back a tad. I usually go first thumb knuckle for coats, 1/4" or so back from there for shirts and yet another 1/4" back for jackets. But I suppose that's a matter of preference.
 I dunno, I'm a big proponent of yoga pants.... Just not in public.
It's the crown-out look, dawg. All the cool kids are doin' it.
Which color (considering I don't wear alot of denim)?  
Are there any recommended ETFs for those looking for sustained long term dividend yields and less concerned with capital appreciation? I am happy to admit, I am a noob with investing. But I've played around with enough small-fry positions to know that I'm not good at stock picking (well there was that one time when I threw everything I had at NFLX at $68 after the CEO made some stupid coke-enabled announcement). My solar stock tanked when oil got cheap and my EMES...
Jumping in this thread for the first time. Hope to learn something and not "lose my ass."   I'm curious about thoughts on dividends as well. Some like to buy big from the "dividend barons," stocks that haven't reduced dividend yields in 20 years or so, and look to the dividends as a source of income rather than caring about capital appreciation. More of an investment methodology than a source of speculative plays.   Anyone ever take that approach around these parts?...
 Is this where I'm supposed to say, "No, that's a martini at 16710."? I assure you, no bachelors were harmed in the making of those dogs.  Yeah, TOTH is really an establishment to be suffered for the view. Bristol Lounge is probably my go-to hangout for posh refreshments (try the Boston cream pie), which is awkward because I rarely see anyone my age in there. I like to play "spot the fading call-girl." You list some great spots. If I may add a few of my own highlights:...
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