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 The Ronin runs a bit trim. European sizing, basically. I'm about a 41" chest and went with a Large. Because I'm a stickler, I went to a leatherworker and had the sleeves shortened and the body contoured to me. I will say the sleeves run a bit long for me, so check that measurement. If the size works, great. If it's off, make sure you have a good leatherworker.
 Get the Ronin. I have one and it's f*king sweet. Joe rocket would get the job done. Leather won't be as nice and detailing won't be as cool. But it'd be fine. Just nothing special and less likely to survive many years and multiple slides.  I had a slide in my Ronin once. Helped break it in.
Well that is, no doubt, a passion we share. Perhaps it is a trait shared by many of the immensely small community of Julian Boot owners. That obsessive eye for skilled analog labor that is increasingly uncommon in modern manufacturing. Laser cut, machine stitched goods may be every bit as durable as their more expensive, hand-made competitors. But they don't tell the same kind of story.   Better not let you around Oni Secret Denim, hand loomed by en elderly man rumored...
16oz, right, that would have been my second guess. They remind me of my SDA 16s, though they seem a bit more stiff. Maybe newer.   Anyhow, excellent choice! Japanese textiles really are a thing of beauty. Big fan of Kamakura shirts recently too.   Had my Julians shipped to England, hopefully they arrive soon!
What's that, some 18 oz Japanese denim?
Might pair well with this conservatively-sized necklace. 
Julian's are MTO. They have you take detailed measurements of each foot and send in pencil outlines. So the size will be pretty bang on unless you get your measurements wrong.As for price, they start at about $800. Double for shell.There aren't many places you can buy them off the rack. They're a very small manufacture. RRL sometimes has a run of them. I think Barneys does too. But they'll cost the same as MTO, so I don't know why anyone would buy them pre-made.
Gah! The wait is killing me. Mine should arrive this week.
+1Back when I believed "Rolex guy" was a type of person, I did everything to avoid liking the manufacture. I assumed they were overrated, overpriced and far too populist. Maybe this is partly true - when you consider it wasn't that long ago when you could buy one for a couple hundred bucks, while now it won't be long before $10k only gets you a basic model.But when it comes down to it, Rolex's popularity is pretty well-warranted. As a company, they have a mindset that...
 >sigh< Nothing crazy. Just a nice SBGA011.
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