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Yes, indeed. The exhibition is much more than a room full of old watches. I spent three hours in there and ultimately had to pass by a number of exhibits due to sheer information/pleasure overload.   Many pieces were brought out of Patek's own museum in Geneva for the first time ever, in celebration of their 175th anniversary.   A favorite item was the gilded singing bird (automaton) box. Apparently, great watchmakers have got up to a bit more than just fancy movements...
Thanks for all the advice gents. Clearly I've got an enjoyable hunt on my hands. I've got a basic waxed cotton long coat and a Goretex packable jacket. But nothing waterproof that I can throw over a suit. Lucky indeed that it is summer. I made a little pit stop this morning. I'll have to organize my photos. But here's a taste of things to come.
Going to guess that's from Tokyo?You're just full of wisdom Dino. So, ahem, to what does KOW refer?
I know this is off-thread, but I've got a suspicion some of the TWATerati might have an opinion.   I'm going to need a raincoat (or "Mac" as I'm told they are called here) and I can see only two options: Burberry and Aquascutum ("Heritage" and "Corby").   I tried both on today and like each one. Feeling indecisive. I'll spare you all the long pros and cons list. Anyone care to render an opinion? Perhaps someone who's given either one the test of time?
I bought a GMT, personally. But it was never a choice between a GMT and a Sub. It was a matter of which GMT watch to buy, because I frequently need to track multiple time zones. I went with the Rolex reluctantly, but they invented the GMT function so their example pretty much optimizes it. And it's also beautiful and very functional.If I were into diving, the sub would be in contention for that function. But I'm more of the mind to look for a watch that fulfills a...
If you're doing actual running/yoga/aerobics/cardio etc., best thing you can do is grab a pair or two of Lululemon Pacebreaker Shorts in the darkest, most subtle shade you can get. They're not a fashion piece (unless you're one of those Crossfit junkies or something), but I've not found a better all-around exercise short. Little zipper key pocket, snug-but-stretchy wicking liner, extremely breathable and practically weightless.
Well as long as there's precedent. I mean, you can't just stick a movement of METAS certification in any old stainless case...
Solid recommendation Gopher! Their cheese toaster cast quite the heady trail for my nose to follow. Upon viewing the wares, there was no going back.
Epic toasted cheese sandwich at Borough Market.
So then I stumbled across the next evolution of the Constellation   and deep inside, the seed of desire sprouted.       However, doesn't Rolex typically have the best claim to the Fluted Throne?
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