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When I was kicking tires in an AD not long ago I asked about sales figures of various models. He said Subs and Daytonas sell strongest and the new BLNR has created a GMT sensation. Can't keep those in stock. But the Cellinis aren't selling well. He said people generally look to Rolex for the tool watches. I feel the same. I like some of the newer Cellinis, but for the price there are other brands whose pieces I like much more.
Comparing cars to watches is really little more than a fun exercise. But I think there is some merit. With Audi and Omega, I see both taking a supreme interest in sport (Olympics obsession) and advanced science, in complete modernism and in utility and intricacy that sometimes is the best bang for your buck possible, and sometimes misses the mark entirely. In Rolex and BMW I see a reliable, mid-luxury, risk-averse workhorse that is slow to evolve but tends to get it...
More of a brand personality comparison. Less certain of the VC comparison. Maybe they're the Aston Martin. But Omega is definitely the Audi and Rolex the BMW.
Yeah. Omega = Audi. VC = Mercedes
Well finally today I talked to the head technician at the Omega boutique. He said after having some more time with Speedy, he does not recommend service. Said that it's not a chronometer and you shouldn't expect it to act like one, that they all run a little differently in different positions and mine seems to average out to keeping as good time as any. He said he re-tested it today in multiple positions and it was averaging out to +0. But after a few days it tended to be...
Only the finest rubber for TWAT
You're probably right Mimo. In other news.
Bah, if I want to fix the position error on my speedy, it needs a "full service."   Do I: Live with it gaining a little more time than it should. Send it to Jomashop for the gray market warranty service Pay Omega the $710 for an overhaul     Decisions decisions. Does anyone have experience with Jomashop's service department?
Hmmm. Where can I find a good deal on a gently pre-owned Shogun...
I like that Tag
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