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The sale season in Milan starts first Saturday in July. Anybody know of any cant-miss boutiques there? Will be there on the weekend of the 17th. I'm definitely going to hit up Transit and Buttero.
I remember a year or two ago reading about a furniture designer in Brooklyn who found an enormous stockpile of WWII era military fabric and started making home furnishings from it. I guess his crap went gangbusters.Maybe you google him down and offer to pay a premium for some of his raws.
Has Church's always done sneakers or is this a recent thing post Prada group acquisition.   Saw this in the shop the other day:     Even cleaner looking than the CP Achilles. But it's got a gabardine lining instead of leather. Not sure which would be more comfortable.
Heartfelt congratulations. This watch straddles the line between sport and dress in a strata of its own.
Yeah I'm not into brown OR black. Black is just too hot wearing sometimes. My leather is dirty gray. It's not trying to be anything except leather. Out here in London, there are basically two looks: trench coat or perfecto knock-off. Literally, 4/5 leather jackets are perfecto knockoffs. It's almost completely turned me off to biker jackets. And I'm a biker!
Sucks about ToJ. If only the guy had had the sense to partner with a competent manufacturer. Even some so-called "Bespoke" shops just do the measurements and have the work done elsewhere.   Anyhow.   Shout out to RSD  
I've got a few pairs of AEs. A bit heavy/clunky they are, but hard wearing. In terms of overall construction and comfort, they're a far cry from my Church's custom grades, which are probably my nicest shoes thus far. They're comfortable enough, but the AE lasts I've got seem to feel a bit flatter than my Church's. But so do my Trickers, which are my heaviest boots by a margin.
There's always room for sticky toffee pudding.
@BLAUGRANA   1) Most watches come with a warranty. Not sure about Tudor's, but you won't get the MFG warranty if you buy through a gray, generally speaking. You'd get the gray's own warranty. The bigger grays have their own workshops. Tudor is basically a Rolex, but with an ETA movement instead of an in-house movement and a slightly lower grade of finish. But it's the same company. If that's what you're looking at, I wouldn't be too worried about needing to make a...
New Posts  All Forums: