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Of course it did.
I find it hard entertain a one-watch scenario, simply due to the fact that I feel naked without one and am sometimes engaged in activities that put a watch at risk. At minimum I would need at least one good watch and one tough beater. If, the one-watch life were forced upon me, I would say the last man standing would be the one who kept the best time, wasn't overly complicated and could take a knock like a champ. Maybe a good Seiko or a simple DJ. But everyone's...
That Alpinist is a rather handsome watch. I do like when Seiko does green. A favorite of mine (though not a PMW) would be:   As for my incoming, you'll have to wait and see. I'll post pictures. A hint though: it's a diver. I only go for divers as beaters given my propensity for "aquatic douchebagery."  In the meanwhile, if anyone wants an SNE109 for a good price, I've got mine up on eBay.
New Seiko incoming. Beater = upgraded. 
That is a very cool looking watch that I know absolutely nothing about. So what's the deal with Celadon?
Talk on the street is its a fair and decent seller who sells for straight maket value. Never dealt with him myself. I always look for opinions on WUSAnd also. Holy Naughty Nautilus!
It's honestly a sight I could get used to.
I don't think I really even have a "grail watch." To me the perfect watch is something that fits my station and lifestyle - that I love - and tells the educated eye, in a glance, something about my personality. If I had some rare Patek, I'd probably only wear it rarely out of fear I'd catch it on a door knob or some such thing. But you know, if you live below your means, you're always rich.
 Ahh but you forgot the obligatory, barely-counts-fourth, the Seiko beater! But for watches that matter, I agree that three is the right amount. After that you've got to involve winders or spend time winding to keep them active.  Do that many people dive that everyone wants a Sub? I just find the 3 time zone capability of the GMT so useful. For "casual douchery" my vote is pretty much any good chrono. Speaking of which. Your meditation of the day:
Every time I look at that Longines it grows on me a little more. It's a fantastic example of what comes to mind when I think about an ideal sort of "vintage watch."   Classic Seamaster @tigerpac
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