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 It's all about the top button...
Don't get too turned on...    
Thank you, sir. In all honesty, I wasn't really "dead split" between the two.
If I were ever to find myself in water deeper than 30 meters, I assure you, I will have stopped ticking long before my watch.
Pretty cool looking. How many bowls of rice (daily wage) do you think Nike has to pay the manufacturing staff per unit?
 Apple pie or Custard?
     Thank you gentlemen. I must say, I'm finding myself almost giddy every time I look at my left wrist today. The timeless beauty, the simplicity, the functionality, the size of it (not succumbing to the gargantuan watch fad), the fact that the average person will have no idea what it really is ... and I can have a peek under the hood at my leisure. This is truly a watch that can go pretty much anywhere I need a watch to go.
It feels a bit like Christmas today.          
@Matto - Thanks for sticking up for Kevlar jeans. I suppose it'd be good to have a pair for everyday casual short rides. Maybe I'll give 'em a second chance...     @Rumpelstiltskin - Way to make my decision even harder. If I were going to be tracking the bike often, I'd go right for the Vortice. But realistically, I'm more likely to fall into the "commuter" or "sport touring" bucket. The hard choice is between perf and gore tex. If you're going to spend $300+ on an item...
DINGDINGDING Spring's here. Time to think about new gear.   Let the enabling begin. Who's for boots?   I'm making the jump from cruiser to Street Triple and I've realized I could be in a whole new world of hurt if I'm wearing my cheap cruiser gear in a "sports" off.   Two options:   Sidi ST Boot, perforated version. For track-level protection with full breathability.   Pros: Safe as hell. Warm weather friendly. Durable. Matches white/black/red bike. Cons: Look...
New Posts  All Forums: