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 Ahem. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/mcy/4506562723.html
From everything I'm hearing, the FZ-09 sounds like the bike for you. If it's 80% commuting and you need light weight but want massive torque - AND you don't want to shell out for the Street Triple - I'd say wait til the fall and look for someone who got bored with their FZ
Yeah, you have a point. Theoretically speaking. =P  SVs are great bikes. But I guess the most important question is: what kind of riding do you do? I'm into aggressive street riding and need to slice through traffic, so a naked sport-standard works well for me. No thoughts of a used R6?
.Rounded headlights are outdated. They don't go with the new geometric design aesthetic anyway.
Yeah and you haven't had it long. Sure do like what you did with that seat and I am a fan of the dominator exhaust.   Bonnie is a great bike. I know dudes who have put a ton of miles on one. Hell who doesn't?   If around town a little here and there is your thing, I wouldn't see the need to upgrade. If, like me, you find yourself scraping your pipes in turns after a year or two, ringing out every ounce of power your engine has and finding more and more excuses to go...
Let me put it this way:  There's the bike you buy because it looks cool and fits a certain aesthetic. There's the bike you buy because it sounds awesome. There's the bike you buy for the handling and versatility. And there's the bike you buy for raw power. The Street Triple R is all of these things. There's no bike you can do ANYthing on. But this is as close as it comes IMO. Sure it's doesn't reference archaic unsafe technology that seems to impress hipsters, or have all...
 Maybe it's just me, but I need to see buttons on any breast pockets on a denim jacket. That looks decent, but it's decidedly minimal in styling. But in terms of minimal, I had a thing for this one by jack spade from earlier in spring: Also like this modern interpretation of the classic from LVC But mine is a bit of a departure. I ride motorcycles so I like the hidden reflective patches and small-of-the-back pouch pocket and vents. Since I wear it only when it's pretty...
 Ain't that adorable. 
Ps   Belstaff Thornwood
I tried that  I tried on the clash in red when I was at RSD HQ a few months back. I'm not a hipster, but if I was I probably would have gone for it - that red color is pretty sweet. I did, however, just get my dirty off-white RSD Ronin jacket finally tailored by the one decent leather guy in Boston. A dude's leather jacket is his signature. I say pick carefully and stick to it. The exception is if you actually need performance gear.  Everyone get some good rides in this...
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