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This year. I'm living by the philosophy of "love the gear you're with." Of course, I'm only back with my bike for one month this year. =*( Broke 120 on the freeway yesterday. That was dumb. Got the heart pumping though.
Damn @NAMOR, nice kop. I think I like those even more than your green ones. I know what you mean about shoe-objectification. When I wear my lollipop stowes I get a lot of that. And since i moved to London it's even worse. They're quite shoe-crazed here.
Spotted this cool cat in Milan the other day. Italians, man, they ooze style so effortlessly  
Question, fellows. How much heel slippage is normal/optimal in a new pair of loafers? These new Trickers loafers feel great, but for a bit of slip in the heel as I walk. I tried the half size lower, which my feet felt extremely cramped in. The nuance of fit seems extreme. With medium weight socks, the slippage is minimal (a bit on the right heel). But with light no-show socks, there is enough slip to peel the rear of the sock down to my heel as I walk, effectively...
Found these yesterday for half off at a little boutique in Como. Talk about versatility. But I didn't know Trickers had a Made in Italy line.
You're in Milan. Everything is on sale. You've got time to go to only one boutique, department store or concept store. Where do you go. (Seriously. I need recommendations.)
Uh oh. Is Mr. P giving us bad advice? http://www.mrporter.com/journal/the-tutorial/how-to-keep-your-sneakers-clean/418
Scratch anxiety!::clapping hands excitedly:: Ooh a new Omega on the scene! And a Zenith. I'm sure they were both fine choices. Unboxing shots please!
Didn't take Seiko more than a few minutes to get these up. And so Federer was dethroned.
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