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Aaand I just booked a class at the London College of Fashion.       I'm feeling a new beginning. Time to profit from this damn obsession.
  What's a "physical media?"
Those viberg boots are so mine. Anything for the children, I mean.
See Fok? Spam us. Spam us more!
::sigh:: Yeah.
I'm really on the fence trying to decide if I want a black or a brown leather jacket. All my bags are black. But most of my clothes and shoes are warm earth tones. Brown goes with so much more, but black leather jacket is... well... black leather jacket. Although, I think the "cool" factor of the black leather jacket isn't what it once was. Everyone and their dog has one now.
 No way.... But then... it makes perfect sense. Nice one Frills!
How much is YOUR time worth?
Anything for the children.   And now the real dilemma. Can I rock that with brown boots?....
New Posts  All Forums: