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Edit:  Shit, looks like I got caught not knowing my meme.
There is only one motorcycle boot.     But actually, most of the time my lazy ass keeps it simple:         Everyone drops their bike some stupid way eventually. I have a buddy who rides a shiny red Duc. He rides up to a biker stop all cool. His girl gets off. And he's too busy peacocking to remember to put the kickstand down. By the time he realized what was happening he almost threw his back out trying to keep it upright, and wound up under the bike anyway. It...
Lola likey! She say hi.On a side note, I have purchased exactly zero gear this year and am loving it. My stuff all finally feels nice and broken in.This weekend, I plan to ride to Vermont on a Heady Topper run. Anyone interested?
I've got a stack of $100 Zappos gift cards that I bought with Chase points. And then they didn't have my size available. Looking to liquidate.  Buy one, or all.   1 each for $92.50 shipped.   If you buy all 6, I can do $550 flat.   Currently available: 6     PM Me if interested.
My recent purchase now has me wondering, how does one care for a woven leather shoe? I imagine a cleaner/conditioner and a good brushing is about all one can do...
But tods have those tiny nubs. Surely the more robust sole pads, including a slightly curved one under the toe box, would enhance the durability of the SF drivers. Yes, I just don't think I can be talked out of this one. Guess I just need to decide on brown or blue.
But since they're not nubs, but little pads, the sole will last longer... right?....
Would it be foolish of me to buy a pair of Ferragamo drivers that I don't intend to wear while driving, but rather as an all-around summer slip-on? Would they hold up to some walking or are drivers really only for driving? Not a great deal of walking. But some air travel, around hotels and resorts. Maybe during some light shopping or business meetings, etc.
Right then. New pair of Ferragamos on the way.
Does anyone know if Trickers' office is on vacation or something? I've written both their customer support email and their repairs email about my defective loafer around a week ago and haven't heard back.   Very distressing.     And since I took that picture, the tear has only increased!
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