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What? A business is successful from running a puffed-up marketing narrative? That's pretty much every business ever. The Toyota Prius, with a carbon footprint that rivals an American pickup truck; expensive "limited edition" designer sneakers made by children working for a bowl of rice a day; Armani sewing the buttons on a Chinese shirt in rural Italy and calling it "made in Italy;" Taylor Stitch's utter crap "perfect tee"; Bonobos and their KDB; any watch brand launched...
 Gonna be a journeyman, eh? Right on. The English are pretty damn crafty.   Interesting though, the $5k figure. I remember saying to someone a few years back "moving always seems to cost about five grand." All told that is, lease to lease. But I guess it all depends. Def gonna be more in NYC for instance.
Yeah, there are tons of furniture makers out there, and no one way to do it. Can only speak to what I've owned, which is Ikea, BoConcept and some Crate & Barrel. Designing a space is kind of a big undertaking. It takes a really good eye to put a place together piece by piece and still have everything match. I went with 90% BoConcept because you really can't pull off a minimal aesthetic unless you're all-in, and they made it easy to put a whole space together that...
 Yeah, something like that. My better half is here on secondment and I'm tagging along. If you have the opportunity to come over here for a year or two on a sponsored visa, I highly recommend you consider it - and not just because a British visa can be a complete bitch to get a hold of for most people. In addition to London being an all-around fantastic city oozing with culture and polite alcoholics, it's a two-hour, £50-ish flight from all the great cities of Europe....
Guess there's always Wayfair
That's where I'm taking my patterning class (though, for bags).    Really depends on your style. For my place back in Boston, I pretty much furnished the whole thing at BoConcept. I love their SAs. You can walk in and they'll do a whole design consult for whatever your space/needs and help you come out with something great. Much of their stuff will be built for you and shipped, so there is some lead time. I like to think of it as Ikea for adults. Danish sensibilities,...
I am very curious what natural shell looks like when aged to a darker shade, but it's hard to find many photos on the web. I do quite like shell in those "liquor" shades - cognac, whiskey, etc. I hear tell that the natural shade can get there, but it seems like it would take years.     EDIT: Found an example of aged natural on reddit. Gorgeous.  
Uggs shearling slippers. I know. But they actually are great.
Oh man. I almost mentioned that guidi bag too. Almost bought it once actually. But the strap was ridiculous, the zipper was a bit much and it wasn't quite spacious enough. Unlined wasn't a huge deal. That guidi leather is nice..
First project is going to be my take on a drawstring bag.Really, there aren't any decent minimal hobo bags out there either?It's a bag patterning/cutting class that gives an overview of a myriad of styles and techniques. You get to work with a few people with around a decade of experience in the industry. I'll probably take a leather working class at some point too. Learning from experts saves tons of time.
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