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 I knew that would get your attention. It's a store attached to their shop, where all the magic happens. And no, they don't give tours of the shop. =/ I drove past Deus when meeting my friend at Venice Beach on my way back to the airport, but didn't have time to pop in.
 I said it might match what he's looking for... But now that you mention it, was the tourbillon developed before watchmakers were showing off their balance wheels?
Does anyone have an opinion on Frederique Constant? For a "value" watchmaker, the designs seem pretty decent, if a bit oversized (this one is 43mm i believe).  
  Only if you want your watch to say you value clothing designer aesthetics over watchmaking heritage. Before I decided on Omega, I looked long and hard at the Longines master collection: http://www.longines.com/watches/the-longines-master-collectionI think many of those would make a practical first watch. I also think the B&M Classisma might match what you're going for:
 That's quite an elegant moon phase. I love the date hand integrated in the moon phase complication.
So I was just in L.A. and had to...                       "How much is that Mickey Rourke's bike in the winnnn-doooowww.."     In case anyone ever wondered what the RSD shop is like...
"So what do you mean when you say a watch 'has heritage'?" asks Pretty over lunch today.   I feel as if I am standing at the precipice of a sick and costly addiction. One great watch is enough... right?...
Hummina hummina...
 "Don't tell me how to eat donuts." ;) You are too kind. PS - Welcome to the forum. You picked an interesting first thread. 
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