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 Yes it's not difficult to see why those are so popular.  So which Speedy did you go for? Pics?
 My unprofessional opinion is that the BLNR looks best if you brush the PCL bracelet it came with. I know NATO straps are all the rage for tool watches, but I only put nylon straps on my Seikos. Perhaps something like this might be a nice choice? http://www.dalucastraps.com/limited-edition-usa-nato-watch-strap-matte-buckle/ 
 Helpful post as ever, Dino. I am an avid Bazaar haggler and nothing kills one's ability to negotiate like an iconic watch. And yet, why travel with something you feel inclined to leave under lock and key? Insurance is a good idea. I think I should get a policy regardless. I shall ponder all of this as I go take a look at one of those Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial Chronograph GMTs.
 I have always found green Trickers to be particularly fetching. Blue looks great too. But, as I am given to wearing denim, I try to stay away from blue shoes.
I'm a big proponent of toe taps for all but the most formal (read: infrequently worn) of leather-soled shoes.
 How do you find that blue in the bezel? Sonnet-worthy? Nice acquisition! I'm struggling right now. The new maxi dial, ceramic bezel GMT Master IIs are pretty much the best looking GMT watches (in my opinion) I've seen and handled. But with two years of travel to all sorts of neighborhoods in all sorts of countries coming up, I feel like the right thing to do is something a little more anonymous. You gentlemen who wear Rolexes and travel alot - do you ever feel like the...
Oh no, that's just not going to happen.
I think it's that very robust marketing arm of Rolex that turned me off to the brand for so long. I've always carried a general distrust of popular things and a deep dislike of the event of brand recognition. Unnecessary lettering, as we see with the Grand Seiko's triple-branded dial and Rolex's use of the word "superlative," is quite vexing. And part of my brain always seems to wonder what percentage of the retail price of an item has trickled down from the marketing...
 Excellent suggestion. And may I complement your Bill Murray gif avatar? However, I learned at the checkout screen of a 4-6 week lead time, which puts me squarely in the beginning of springtime, and the return to normal Oxfords and boots. Oh woe is me. Guess I'll just bring my chelseas in and keep them in my credenza.
 Oh indeed it would. I'd be shooting for something much more casual. Perhaps some unremarkable black loafers. I just feel as if most slip-ons really don't get along with thick winter socks.
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