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And now for something completely different.   inside the secretive world of London's sock club     Considering an infiltration, however I may need to up my ankle game first...
I've added all these to my "hit list" thanks! I didn't go in the museum, no. It was just a drive-by with our agent, who was showing us around a bit. I'll be back though.  Also now on the list; I do quite enjoy French (cuisine). Thanks!   You just don't miss an opportunity to defend your title, do you, Mimo!
That peacock's a rather overt statement then, isn't it...
 I sure hope so. Oh but to hear that minute repeater in person.  
Yes please.
 Thanks for sharing. That was an enjoyable read.
I suppose it was too much to hope for that this clock would be recognized on sight.Ever wonder where the phrase "GMT" came from?
Found a pretty good clock to set my Speedy to today.     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @mimo and @Munky     Fortunately I packed a travel size (only one shoebox) shoe care kit to keep with me these next two years. I'll use this as an excuse to up my polishing regimen a bit.   But I must say, I'm surprised at how many people I've seen wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. It's like the 1990's are back, in all their grungy, arch-support-lacking glory.
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