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Guys, which Arc'teryx hardshell should I buy, Beta LT or Beta LT Hybrid?   I'm really more of a weekend warrior with outdoor activities. Most of the time this will be for city/travel use. Sometimes I go backpacking/Hiking/camping/fishing, but nothing terribly extreme. The regular Beta LT is Gore Tex pro all throughout so it is 3.5oz lighter and more durable, but doesn't have many features. The LT Hybrid has a collar and pit zips but only uses Gore Tex Pro on the...
O hai. I didn't see you there.
Well there's always this ridiculous thing:       That's probably going to be my answer to a cruiser when I get too mature (read: old) for sport bikes and such.
Not “too much bike" so much as too tiring a riding position. But you know what you're doing. If I were to get another second bike (just sold my cruiser due to lack of use), it would likely be a 300-500cc track bike, or an R6 if I felt daring about it. But if it weren't a track bike, I'd look at something like the Ducati multistrada for longer trips.
An HP4... Didn't see that one coming. Get a Street Triple. Given your apparent tastes, the SV would likely feel to generic. I think Royal Enfield's time has long passed. And a vespa... Well only if it is actually for your wife. With the Triple, any time you don't feel like piloting a warp-speed rocketship, you'll have the most balanced bike ever created and it's relaxed 105 horsepower to amuse yourself with. Edit: ok I just have to ask. About how many thousands of miles...
Those specs at the price they're going for. Track ready without any mods. I saw someone hit 112 MPH in a youtube vid, so they're not that slow. It's the best bargain in town if you're just getting into the track, which I aim to do soon.
I really want a track bike and for some reason I'm growing rather obsessed with the KTM RC 390     Ps Rumps - That shit is dope. Nice work.
 If you have an in there, I'd say go for it. They understand e-commerce better than any other motorcycle shop I know of. If you can learn a bit of what makes their secret sauce, you'd be a valuable employee in a number of possible industries.
Scoots of Anarchy  
There's my girl.    On the road... 
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