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That's where I'm taking my patterning class (though, for bags).    Really depends on your style. For my place back in Boston, I pretty much furnished the whole thing at BoConcept. I love their SAs. You can walk in and they'll do a whole design consult for whatever your space/needs and help you come out with something great. Much of their stuff will be built for you and shipped, so there is some lead time. I like to think of it as Ikea for adults. Danish sensibilities,...
I am very curious what natural shell looks like when aged to a darker shade, but it's hard to find many photos on the web. I do quite like shell in those "liquor" shades - cognac, whiskey, etc. I hear tell that the natural shade can get there, but it seems like it would take years.     EDIT: Found an example of aged natural on reddit. Gorgeous.  
Uggs shearling slippers. I know. But they actually are great.
Oh man. I almost mentioned that guidi bag too. Almost bought it once actually. But the strap was ridiculous, the zipper was a bit much and it wasn't quite spacious enough. Unlined wasn't a huge deal. That guidi leather is nice..
First project is going to be my take on a drawstring bag.Really, there aren't any decent minimal hobo bags out there either?It's a bag patterning/cutting class that gives an overview of a myriad of styles and techniques. You get to work with a few people with around a decade of experience in the industry. I'll probably take a leather working class at some point too. Learning from experts saves tons of time.
I need to prototype a bag for a Kickstarter.More men than ever are carrying small bags. Only there really aren't enough solid options between high-end designer and rubbish. I want to work in that middle ground of quality and anonymity. Or at least give it a shot. I need a hobby!
Aaand I just booked a class at the London College of Fashion.       I'm feeling a new beginning. Time to profit from this damn obsession.
  What's a "physical media?"
Those viberg boots are so mine. Anything for the children, I mean.
See Fok? Spam us. Spam us more!
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