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I've never known Horween to do pebbled cordovan. But anything is possible I suppose.
Excellent points. I think it may be best to stick with the Bowery design. It is quite lovely as it is.Tell me did you have yours made lined? I am curious about the pros and cons of going fully lined vs only lining the toe box.
Hmmmm, Zegna maybe. Though I think Ralph Lauren would probably be the smart choice. Both feature timeless designs of exceptional quality, but have a firm enough grasp on the modern without going overboard. Also, both produce enough variety that you'd always have something decent for any occasion.
  "Right now the hipster industrial complex is in its infancy, the distribution of power is still being established. But what happens when brands really start exercising their power? The reality is that we're not far from brands telling artists what to do, how to cater to their interests, how to make them look better and, most worryingly, what they can't do. We're staring down the barrel of an era of corporate censorship—an unprecedented new nightmare, the ripples of which...
@Varnu has pushed me over the edge. I'm going to have a pair of cordovan Julian boots made. They have Horween cognac skins in stock!   So here's a thought. I was always taken by the wing-cap toe hybrid of wolverine's 721LTD:   How do you all suppose that "pointed cap" might look with just a touch of broguing...?
Probably fine. Most of the time it's raining here, you'll get more of a perpetual mist than a downpour. But it has been quite mild. Just pack a good sweater, an umbrella and a technical base layer or two.
@DWFII Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Stellar feedback as always!
 Never borrow another pen to fill out a landing card.
Question for the shoemakers out there. Have you noticed any real-world differences in quality or performance of welted vs nailed soles? I am having a pair of boots made and have the option of nailed soles. I am told this can make the sole harder wearing, but I wonder if it is necessary for casual boots or if it would effect the weight of the boots. Ah and also, I wonder if it would make resoling more difficult for my neighborhood cobbler.
That cash clip in the middle is pretty slick.
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