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Gentlemen, off the top of your head, can any of you think of a nice women's watch for around $1,000? My lady friend is now convinced that she'd like something better than Skagen, but isn't ready to spring for the mother of pearl Datejust she fell in love with. Anyone know some good "value" ladies watches in stainless with a simple, classic, round case?
Todays forecast is "dry, cold hands with an 80% chance of grinning stupidly."   The cruiser is back from winter storage. When I can get in a 500 mile weekend, I'll go pick up my STR. Happy spring.
Oh dear, yes, I hadn't noticed the rotor design on the Glashuette. That's quite loud, isn't it? I've got a rule against unnecessary words and lettering on my affects. Nevertheless, I'm happy to wait a while to get what I want rather than compromise.   But thanks for the suggestion @mimo. All things considered, it is quite a handsome watch.
Oh it's a bit too far off my dress watch chriteria to buy it. Just thought it was rather fun and wondered what TWAT folks thought of the make/model. It'll be a few years before I move on a new watch and so far JLC Master series seems to be where I'm setting my sights. But I wonder, has anyone owned a JLC Memovox? I'd be curious to know about the experience of owning the "cricket."
 I tried on some, Zenith, Longines a few (utterly forgettable) Frederique Constants and that Montblanc. I must say, the Montblanc was the only one that made an impression. I wouldn't call it love at first sight, but it seemed like a lot of watch for $5k and a relatively clean dial for all the complications. The way the blued hands caught the light in person was quite delightful. 
Did some tire kicking today. Tried the hesalite speedy on next to my sapphire sandwich. It was nice, but I think I made the right choice. Not sure it really felt all that much "warmer" as so many report, though that could have been due to lack of sunlight. Then I tried this out, on a whim:
Match made in heaven.
Waiting for day's end.
This image is not disturbing in any way...
New Posts  All Forums: