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 Oh ok. I was thinking Malta...
Tax sheltered brokerage account? I could use one of those. Care to share how you set that up?
Office mates.
 Care to share an example or two of what you'd consider a highly versatile blue fabric? I'm going through mild denim withdrawal, so blue shirting is kind of a new focus for me.
 I had considered this. However, I am told London flats are quite small and that I'll probably have to leave 60% of my wardrobe back home as it is... So I need to focus on minimalism and versatility.
 If I might jump in - philosophy and motivation being a point of fascination for me - I have observed a few archetypes when it comes to perceptible reasons why SF members have joined. Seeking improvement in mimicking what popular opinion dictates as "stylish" or "fashionable" Seeking improvement in developing a unique personal style Suffering from one or a number of "material fetishisms" and looking for enablers and/or commiseration Addicted to sartorial shopping in...
After @Cleav recomended I have a number of blue shirts on hand for my upcoming move to London, I realized I don't have very many at all. So I'm going to have two made. One spread collar and one Oxford collar. (I've also loaded up on knit and basic ties).   Want to help me pic two fabrics? I'm thinking a solid and a stripe.                  
Rainy day.    
Three whole washes? Well I'm certain there must be some wisdom there that escapes me...   But down in Florida you can always just roll 'em up until then.
Yeah. Here's how to do it right.     At least I think those are yoga pants. Possibly jeggings...
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