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 I was looking at those trousers. How's the fit? Yeah her knits are great. I love when she does orange or mustard yellow.
 Love MHL. Her fabric choices are beyond reproach. I like the minimalism with which this example buys into the fair isle look.
I suppose I should be grateful that there are no size 8s. Cordovan Stows for $450 USD is a rare sight indeed and I'm still busy breaking in my lollipop cavaliers!
I hear there's one in development...
New strap.  
Sprezzatura! ::vomit::
How long does the average pair of CPs even last before looking beat up?
I'd just like to point out how NOT to wear double monks.
   FWIW, I see monks (mostly double) in the fashion-forward part of town fairly frequently and almost never downtown, in the financial district. I think of Monks as kind of a dandy's dress shoe. I myself being a bit of a dandy, there's a pair of black single monks in my closet. They also seem to be preferred more by consultants and small business owners than desk jockeys - based on the people I've known who wear them. On a trip to London not long ago, I had a chat with the...
New Posts  All Forums: