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Upgrading my most-days boot soon. I feel like this is the toughest color decision of my life.    
Beards are in, no doubt about that.   The tragedy is that scraggly tramp scruff so many guys are calling a beard these days. And neck beards.   Hair on your face, that's fine. Hair on your neck, you're homeless.
Looks more like burgundy Italian-tanned shell.
i was the little kid in the sweat suit. Comfort all the way. Then cargos and rock tees. Then kakhis and a tie every day.
I knew i was forgetting something obvious. I have the same reaction seeing square toed shoes as I would seeing someone wearing two layered polos with both collars popped. Or maybe as Fok does seeing kids wearing RL (which I think is adorable. But I see his point...)
I can't stand those blue shirts with the white collars. Or French cuffs worn without a jacket. Black motorcycle jackets paired with white sneakers. Not a classic, but I still carry my irrational loathing of Canada Goose coats. Oddly though, the urban ninja man skirt thing is growing on me. At least I've seen some guys in NYC that managed to pull it off well.
What? A business is successful from running a puffed-up marketing narrative? That's pretty much every business ever. The Toyota Prius, with a carbon footprint that rivals an American pickup truck; expensive "limited edition" designer sneakers made by children working for a bowl of rice a day; Armani sewing the buttons on a Chinese shirt in rural Italy and calling it "made in Italy;" Taylor Stitch's utter crap "perfect tee"; Bonobos and their KDB; any watch brand launched...
 Gonna be a journeyman, eh? Right on. The English are pretty damn crafty.   Interesting though, the $5k figure. I remember saying to someone a few years back "moving always seems to cost about five grand." All told that is, lease to lease. But I guess it all depends. Def gonna be more in NYC for instance.
New Posts  All Forums: