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The correct reply to any complement is, simply, "Thank you."
How are you liking the Galvanic? I sometimes wonder if the extra length over my IFJ would be worth switching. Can't comment on that model's zippers but my Veilance jacket's zipper is usually quite easy, unless the fabric want's to jump inside. A well placed thumb quickly guards against that. As for the warmth, I'm sure you'll be fine. With Gore Tex backed with Coreloft you'll be able to wear the jacket over a Tee shirt into the 40s and a sweater into the 30s. If you plan...
However it is to happen I highly endorse getting an Insulated Field Jacket. Maybe sell some extra stuff on eBay. It's easily the most crucial and revered article of clothing in my wardrobe during the times when I use it.   I wear it in all temperatures/(informal)conditions below 43 degrees. Nothing has yet to stain/hurt/tear/mess up whatever proprietary weave of nylon composes the shell of this jacket. I will admit, there is some collar fuzzing due to my beard. Not a big...
Good,inexpensive, fast - choose two.
Jeeze, tough crowd.
Probably. When I retire.
I get a bit more bitter about early February. Twenty degrees or lower, frozen shit all over everything, and nobody's even trying to be cheerful anymore.
I am a staunch environmentalist. I always recycle my jokes.
The man who would feed a Cambodian for two weeks is beneath me.
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