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They got Maui Jim too? >sigh<   I use to love B&L Ray Bans. Then when Luxxotica got ahold of them with their reverse-midas-touch, I had to swear off them for life due to lens and frame issues. c'est la vie I guess.   As for Tom Ford eyewear, they're made by Marcolin. Don't know much about them.
I recently purchased a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses that look quite fantastic and are polarized. This was at one of those large designer sunglasses stores in Milan. To my dismay, a friend with polarized sunglasses noticed dark streaks proceeding inward from the frame. They are minimally visible to the naked eye, but very visible when viewed through a polarized lens. What's more, I ultimately noticed that when looking at my phone with them on, the right lens blocks what...
Watches of Switzerland not have an Explorer II in stock? Wouldn't happen.
Happy Labor Day.
What a shame. He had a good thing going before it got ahead of him.
Oh man. Tell me about it. Tell me you got some Heady Topper out there.It's just over a year since I went up there with some friends. One of my buddies went down on Rte 100B. He was fine, just some bruises. Gotta stay alert when riding all day. One's eyes can gloss over in the magical rhythm of late summer back-road bliss. The mind can wander.Way up in the mountains are some awesome valleys and switchbacks. Some of the turns have impossible grades. No way to back off once...
What ever happened to ol' Drew, anyway? Hear he went off his rocker and disappeared.
I wonder, do smaller independent designers ever gain major notoriety without being bought by some larger label? In Paris and Milan, down the side streets well away from the Margiellas of the world, you can find fresh and interesting designs from unknowns. But they seem to stay unknown.
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