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It feels a bit like Christmas today.          
@Matto - Thanks for sticking up for Kevlar jeans. I suppose it'd be good to have a pair for everyday casual short rides. Maybe I'll give 'em a second chance...     @Rumpelstiltskin - Way to make my decision even harder. If I were going to be tracking the bike often, I'd go right for the Vortice. But realistically, I'm more likely to fall into the "commuter" or "sport touring" bucket. The hard choice is between perf and gore tex. If you're going to spend $300+ on an item...
DINGDINGDING Spring's here. Time to think about new gear.   Let the enabling begin. Who's for boots?   I'm making the jump from cruiser to Street Triple and I've realized I could be in a whole new world of hurt if I'm wearing my cheap cruiser gear in a "sports" off.   Two options:   Sidi ST Boot, perforated version. For track-level protection with full breathability.   Pros: Safe as hell. Warm weather friendly. Durable. Matches white/black/red bike. Cons: Look...
I believe they start at about $10k USD for his most basic. If I recall correctly, the moon phase shown here are quite a bit more.
+1 to let's see one   There is something about Sarpaneva's style that lingers in my brain. A certain outspokenness, bold, playful and mysterious without going over the top.
And now for something completely different.  
Yeah @Cool The Kid you're probably right. But a second hand leather suit? Nas-TAY!     [seasonal outburst removed]
 But one of my two bikes also has the model name "Speedmaster." It was destiny that both my watch and my ride would sport that prestigious name. But in all seriousness, I appreciate the concern, but I've got to give it a few more years before I give it up. I gave up cigarettes in late December and I've got a rule about giving up more than one vice in a year.  I've got beefier gear than that, trust me. Kevlar undies is just the beginning. 
Who knows, maybe I'll come to the same determination so many have after wearing the 3573 for a while and comparing. And yeah, the complete lack of plastics was a pretty strong point for me. I just hate plastics. But hey, I can always trade down to the classic later on. Thanks for your concern. Cheers.
 That is a bit of an imperfection, no doubt. But if you're buying new and you want the display caseback, it's the only option. Perhaps when a more accurate inscription comes out in a future 3573 release, if the company ever gives up its stubbornness regarding that claim, I'll buy the new caseback. For now, my die is cast.
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