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 I've been looking into them and I'm very impressed with OuJ. I particularly resonate with their desire to create the simplest movements possible to produce the required data at your wrist. Would you mind sharing a picture of your Annual Calendar?
My first response was "What on earth am I looking at?" But it is quite an intriguing little work of art, isn't it...
The Mr. Porter sale has been good to us...
The moonphase fetish continues. I had been thinking I'd like a moonphase for a dress watch. However, I only wear suits for fun. So perhaps the answer is to push the creative license a bit...   Thoughts on this piece?   Schaumburg Perpetual MooN meteorite
How about that. Always learning something new on SF. Thanks!
 Gorgeous. This begs the question, how many pairs of Stows are too many?
Designer bulletproof vests.... What a fantastic concept. Does Israel have an established designer tapping that market yet?
Only a little. I have a pair of Transit heavy cotton button-front pants. I call them my "dress sweats." I'm usually a size 33 and a Medium in most US sizes. I took a L in these and had them tailored slightly because the M was really more of a 31-32. I've had them for maybe two years now and still wear them at least once a week in cooler temperatures, almost always when flying. Incredibly comfortable, fairly warm and yet somehow rife with attitude. As for outerwear, I...
Lest Welt War 2 break out...
I've got a few MHL tee shirts made of a heavy, stretchy cotton with really fantastic dyes. Not as soft as, say, Sunspel. But definitely tees with presence. They're probably my favorites next to my Transit Uomo tees. Nothing tops those.
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