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Eye candy.  
I'm pretty stoked that, for once, I come into spring wanting/needing absolutely no motorcycle gear/accessories/add-ons etc.   Well that's not entirely true. I did put on new levers. But only because the cheap Chinese garbage i slapped on last season were faulty.     It's a kind of zen transition I'm making: from thinking of motorcycle enjoyment in terms of the machine to enjoyment in terms of the ride. Instead of a corbin seat, I'm going to treat myself to more turns...
 You mean... we've been misled?? 
I suppose Pan Am was in the waffle business...
She's a Hilton. Actually it's nice to see that she finally set about building her own little empire instead of leveraging her father's.    As for trying to criticize a person like that in any substantial way... Well, the mice will always squeak.
We'll Rolex certainly seems to have gotten it right half a century ago. Last pilot flew a plain I was on was sporting a 16710 in Coke.True story.
Good answer. Horween would have been better. But Argentinians know their way around a cow, generally speaking. 
Forgive me if this has been mentioned @Vincero. What sort of leather is the weekender made of? What is the grain, origin and tanning process? I always consider material composition first in purchases. Craftsmanship second and "fashionability" third.   Also, yes, inside pockets are useful. My Mark Jacobs weekender has three inside pockets, one zip and two open. Great for stuffing socks brushes and creams into. 
 That's what I thought at first, but then in an e-mail regarding the appraisal they referenced "when the watch comes back from being serviced," which I take to mean they're sending it in. Anyhow, thanks!
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