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Mr. Porter X Belstaff in Video   http://www.mrporter.com/journal/journal_issue179/2?cm_mmc=Email-_-WNP-_-190814-_-USCH3#undefined
Oh man. You guys should all pick up one of these. I'm snapping them up in every color.     The Arc'teryx Skyline shirt. It's so soft. So stretchy. So breathable. So sunproof. Fits trim but not restrictively so. And it doesn't really show sweat.   FWIW, stains have been easy to get out.
When I go out with my buddy who rides harder than I do, we always ride new roads at a pretty moderate pace, not usually over 60 except on straightways. We pass a good twisty section that looks up to code, we'll turn around and hit it again backwards and forwards at our limits. But not the first time.
, +1
OMGOMGOMGOMG    Skully AR1 just became available for pre-order.    
Remember the first two rules of motorcycling.Rule no. 1) Look good.Rule no. 2) Safety first.
A would-be daredevil leading a group without discussing rider level is dangerous. Don't ride with anyone who hasn't read this:http://www.fjrowners.com/pace.html
Road trip in a car? I did that when I was a kid. And I learned a lot about America too. Mostly that it's nothing but corn and soy fields between Pennsylvania and Colorado. Boriiiing. If I'm going a distance I'm either flying through the night, drunk and knocked out on pills, or I'm getting some excitement out of it.   Hell, tomorrow I'm going to ride up to Lake Winnipesaukee for the night. It's an exercise in minimalism for sure. One pair of pants. Two sets of underwear....
 Road trips? Can't always predict the weather. Good to be prepared.  I think the main thing traction control is great for is the track though. If you have stupid-high HP, you need something to keep yourself from getting killed with it! At least I would.
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