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Disagree. It's meant to take the Bonnie platform in a more sporty direction - rather than to please the vintage revival crowd. 20%more torque @3200rpm than the older Bonnie. Take that Honda.But it's also supposed to be easily customizable. So who knows what options will be available. I bet they felt threatened by the RnineT
Those watches would make a great gift for an aspiring young professional.
Jut in from Hinckley. The Street Twin  
For jumper boots, what is anyone's favorite kind of pull tab? I thought it would be lovely to have a one piece heel counter-into-pull-tab with the end of the pull tab tucked behind, so as to have an unbroken silhouette. But I'm not sure if this is possible.
For my very first piece of MTO footwear, I just put in an order for Julian Bowery boots in cognac shell cordovan. They currently have cognac, #8 and black Horween shells on hand. I was instructed to take very detailed measurements: ball, waist, instep, heel, pencil outlines etc.. Seems that there is not much price difference having a pair made vs trying to buy one from a store. Though I don't know of anywhere that carries cordovan models. Hope their 4-8 week estimate is...
So, your friend who always asks your thoughts about watches asks you about this $650k+ kickstarter:   Apparently, this unique kickstarter-funded project is able to bring you "Italian luxury watches" for $100 by removing the middle men. The movement: Japanese quartz.   Without sounding like an obsessive hobbyist, how would you urge your friend not to waste his money?
I bid on all the Zegna stuff in my size.
 ooh! tuning in now:
I'm agonizing over what the best material for a bag drawcord is. Going to have to test the tensile strength of woven silk. Maybe a waxed silk...
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