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 These are what I have: http://www.sunspel.com/uk/mens/sweats.html I really don't think it's possible to do better for basic cotton sweats than Sunspel.
If you have one made, I'd recommend a flap to cover the zipper. That would make it so clean. I have the button holes covered on all the shirts I have made. An under-rated enhancement.
Hmm. Dainite is better. But I can always have a cobbler put a topy on.
I bought this for a simple reason. It's the most beautiful denim jacket I've ever seen. But it's the wrong size, so I ordered a size up and am selling this one. The shop I bought it from doesn't speak English very well, so while I requested raw, I'm pretty sure this is the once-washed version.   What Is Oni Secret Denim? This denim is hand woven by an old man in a secret location in rural Japan, on vintage shuttle looms. He...
That is a nice model. Hm, I do see someone on the forum selling a new pair of Alden for J Crew jumpers in #8 in my size. Been considering it.
Guys, I'm in pickle. I want to get a "most days" boot and I've decided that I'd like cap-toe jumpers in shell with speed hooks. Probably something by Carmina or Viberg. But for the life of me, I can't decide on a color. I'm between #8, cognac, and "natural." But every time I think I've picked my favorite, I look at another shade, which then becomes my favorite. They're all so darn beautiful.   Help me sort this out?
Speaking of robes, not for women, but the wife gave me one of these last year after I dropped a few hints.     That's my answer to the house robe now. Can feel awkward answering the door to my rented flat in it though....
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