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Did some tire kicking today. Tried the hesalite speedy on next to my sapphire sandwich. It was nice, but I think I made the right choice. Not sure it really felt all that much "warmer" as so many report, though that could have been due to lack of sunlight. Then I tried this out, on a whim:
Match made in heaven.
Waiting for day's end.
This image is not disturbing in any way...
By me, the only option for Omega is Torneau. I feel like I need to wash my hands when I walk out of there. I bought mine online.
It is quite intoxicating, isn't it...
White tea, 2.5 minutes. Green, 3. Black 4. Herbal,5-7. Elevator pitch, 3 minutes max. My friend's quarter mile time, 13.2 seconds. Time is money. Or, in some cases flavor.
I plead the Swatch association. But seriously, the 1863 is a fantastic movement any way you slice it, it wasn't a big deal ultimately to borrow from (now) Breguet. But I ultimately got swayed by finding a watch that hit on most of my criteria, then trying it on and quickly becoming unable to go on without it. Also, I felt the heritage and aesthetics was strong enough so as to not mind the movement being developed in a shop without the Omega stamp on it.
 These guys make the best moto packpack in the biz and some pretty great luggage: http://www.kriega.us/products/
@clpotter   I am around your age and like the look of some Breitlings. I was originally considering a Transocean or a Navimeter for my first serious watch. This was a while back. I'd seen the cool Travolta ads with the leather jackets and airplanes. I'd assessed that they were of better quality than Tag Heuer but not quite on par with Rolex and that I was okay with that because I'm not into Rolex for the same reasons I'm not into BMWs. But when I tried a few on my wrist,...
New Posts  All Forums: