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 The bonding of man and machine is another perfect example, but not from a standpoint of needlessly bashing the intellectual exploration of the realm of the senses... In the world of motorcycles, there exists what we call the "park and polish" crowd. They have gorgeous, expensive, meticulously-detailed, fine machines, yet when they ride them, it is often through a visibly great effort - both to not blemish the machine and to concentrate on the actual ride. To a new rider,...
@Renault78law   Bobs Watches has a decent reputation. Or there's eBay. I know eBay has a less-than-savory reputation as a place for luxury shopping, but if you budget a full overhaul into the purchase and buy low enough, you'll still get a deal and it'll come back from Rolex looking and working close to new anyway.   Problem with online is the lack of manufacturer warranty. So make sure if you buy online you budget in a possible service.   But if brand new is your...
A moment ago, I was watching a video featuring Jeffrey Ying and thinking to myself. "What is the core of what attracts me to a person's style?"   Because his outfits were great, totally fun, fine, complicatedly laid out and all. His sense of style did not make me envy the man, as it does with some. I realized, it was because he was completely fashion obsessed and it showed.   Next, I determined this: No matter what your style, you've got to make it a nearly-effortless...
Good gracious @mimo ... You certainly don't half-ass things.     FWIW, I got my Cartier catalog by hobnobbing at the AD on Newbury while pondering Tank XLs.     PS - Don't forget Nomos.     And March 31 was forever known as Catalog Day.
I just love hobnobbing with associates at ADs and milking it for catalogs, magazines, etc. A little retail suck-up is great fun once in a while. I'm trying to teach Beautiful how to work sales associates, but she always likes to be left alone to ponder her purchases unaffected.
I recently ordered a JLC catalog from their website. Didn't cost a thing. Matter of fact, hard-bound watch catalogs have edged out everything else on my coffee table, save an issue of L'Uomo Vogue. My favorite is the JLC, hands down.
 Yes, you'll have to pay duties.
 I wouldn't call the R8 the poor man's anything... Anyhow, the closest I've been to driving an R8 was sitting in Tom Brady's once. So as to maximize the impressiveness of that statement, I'm not going to explain the context. It felt like the cockpit of a rocket ship.
The diagnosis is in: a position error.   +7 if left face up. +20-ish when on it's side.   I was then given a (polite) lecture on gray market dealers and something like this exemplifying why you're not actually saving money. Because am I actually going to take advantage of the gray-market warranty with my nearly-new Speedmaster? Not likely.   Anyone know if Omega would do a partial service? Or is every send-in an overhaul...   Drinking and driving back to the office...
I use an app like Zulu time and hack the movement to a precise time one day, then check against the app a day later.
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