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Sucks about the zipper. Even in longer coats it can be a pain to have a zipper that extends below the waist line. Better to just have a snap or two down there if need be and keep the zipper shorter. Don't worry about the Nikwax, you probably won't need it for a few more months. Mostly you just pop it in the washer/dryer to refresh the waterproofing.
Fit, material, construction, label. The quality of any of these can jack up the price of an item. No-name brand makes a hoodie, but it's Scottish cashmere, it'll be pricey. Put "Armani" on a boring cotton shirt, get ready to pay 30% more than if it was non-designer. There's an old saying I always point to: "A $200 pair of shoes will last twice as long as a $100 pair. A $300 pair will last a lifetime."
I'm having trouble choosing a pair of Trickers. I've got it more or less narrowed down to two. Which is more likely to become a dress-casual wardrobe mainstay?   The legendary country Stow (in acorn, I also like the navy but blue, I think, is an awkward color for shoes if you wear jeans).   Or the unusual, sleek city Chepstow jodhpurs?  
 Well then, allow me to test the waters. I'll report back about whether or not my order makes it to the humidor.
Hmm, not sure, seems my order will be processed. I wait with baited breath.
Oh momentous day. I've just ordered my first legal bundle of Partagas Cubans from Cigar Export to be sent to Boston It seems some of the e-tailers have moved very quickly on this. Seems that the rule is you must keep import value below $100, so boxes will likely be an issue. Inconvenient, but a step in the right direction.   Cheers to the new era of American cigar enjoyment.
@Beane   I like the quality of Bonobos in general. Earlier on, when they were selling many other brands and building their collection, the quality of many pieces was suspect. I recently compared my older models to the newer versions in the Boston "showroom" and its clear that their NYC team has found better sourcing people.   Their construction certainly is not perfect across all lines. The shirts generally don't work for me (between sizes) and I've never really found...
New Posts  All Forums: