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In two days, it will be one year (to the day) since I bought my Omega Speedmaster 3573.50, which I love for being the model where the original, thoroughbred, Speedmaster "jumped the shark." But this isn't about Speedy.   Oblivious to the precision of this precedent I was setting for March being "watch month," a new wave of obsessive research wound up manifesting this little beauty:       Never thought I'd wind up wanting a Rolex. But, as it turns out, my process...
I suppose that makes two of us at least. All the bezel variations are great, but I tend to prefer no more than two major colors to a watch. And I've always thought red and black a very striking combination.
The guy I bought it from hadn't cleaned the grit from the bracelet so I'm having it cleaned and then just a light buffing to blend some scratches. The case is pretty much getting left alone. Good advice though.Pleased to report its timing in at +/- 5 and tests at 5 atm. Guess it doesn't need a factory service for at least a few more years.Can 5atm WR be taken snorkeling? Or is it really just for light swimming.
       Thanks gents. I am quite pleased with this model. Amazing how well these things hold up! It's a 15-year old watch and, other than some light scratches and grit on the bracelet, looks quite fantastic. But now, I'm off to my watchmaker to get the old girl cleaned up, checked out and verified. Must delay gratification for a few more days.  
Just got back from holiday in Mexico, and what was waiting for me on my desk?  
I don't doubt that the Apple watch will sell. Even the model carrying a $9,600 premium for exclusivity alone (assuming there's about 50 bucks worth of gold in it).   In its current state, I think we'll mostly agree that the gold Apple Watch is a rather shameless status symbol given that it does little more than duplicate a subset the functions of the other three portable computers Apple users often carry around (Macbook, iPad, iPhone). Makes sense why Apple feel China is...
When in Mexico, bring a Seiko.
 So would you say the Grand Seiko is the "Acura" of watches?
 Never tried on a Deep Sea Chrono. But I'm not really much of a fan of Chrono divers. Have you looked at the good old Omega Speedmaster Pro?
 Seiko is a tremendously underrated manufacture in the west. Yes they make good, reliable watches at just about every price point. But they also invented the quartz watch, have a history of building mechanical watches that outperform COSC standards and have continued to innovate in completely new directions in an industry where you don't see a lot of genuine "newness." Their aesthetics tend to be a bit derivative and they write too much on their dials, but that's about all...
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