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I upgraded to a vector 2 after almost a year with a cheap HTC. I no longer look at helmets. I got a pair of Held Air N Dry because on occasion my hands felt numb from rain or cold. I no longer look at gloves. For jackets I have a warm (Dainese) and a cool (RSD) weather option. For pants, I have jeans (BullIt) and textile (Dainese Drake Air). Never saw a great looking pair of Draggins up close. I really like Sidi's motorcycle high tops for around town. No boot out there...
:: pours a little of his beverage on the ground::
My Alternative Apparel shirts came in. I ordered from an eBay seller connected with shopblueco.com. Based on what you all have been saying, I must conclude that these shirts are counterfeit (no surprise at $8/a pop). No attached tags or branded packaging. Just the inner tags. The cotton is mediocre and too thin for use as anything but an undershirt and the stitching around the shoulder line is kind of squirly. The fit is a bit slim, which is cool but the cut overall is...
Okay Silky, you're on. I just ordered two AAs and a Taylor Stitch. Let's see how it goes.
AAfrican hair sheep leather. Hand made in England. And insulting them really only proves one's own ignorance. Rapha is the shit.
 So far, my favorite tee shirts that I've ever purchased have been Transit Uomo. Simple but modestly embellished, soft, stretchy, 100% cotton (or linen blend). They are light and thin but not transparent. The stitching is beautiful and, in some cases, done by hand. They don't really do white, but the dyes they use are that kind of uncommon drab that (quietly) screams good taste. And they've outlasted any other tee shirt I've put them up against in terms of how quickly they...
Re: the rapha gloves, that pair was probably fresh off the line and not broken in. Re: the icons. Ain't got nothing on my Road Stars.
I'm seriously considering a pair of these from Rapha:     But mostly for cool off-bike days or quick trips to the store. Most days I wear my Helds.
Right? I had the same reaction
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