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Was considering some Desert Boots. But then I was in Barcelona last weekend and found these.    
You know that little bistro you passed by 100 times before giving it a try on a whim- and it soon became a staple in your life? Feeling something like that about the Day Date, seeing this. That green and gold model is GORgeous.
Ton up or shut up. \m/
When I see dudes with their sportster a all decked out in black leathers and a brain pan, their arms all hanging out in front of em.. That Harley rider scowl...
Harrods was a zoo today. So much high fashion for 50% off than all I managed to buy was a few glasses of wine..I've only lived here a month, so I'm no expert. But what are you into?
Yeah it can look good. But a long sleeve linen shirt is two shirts in one. Why rob yourself of that versatility? Especially for a color like black, which can cross seasons.
Get a long sleeve and roll it up?Or did you mean a tee...Short sleeves and buttons... Not advised.
There's this place in London called bubbledogs.
What I wouldn't give for an original 1969 Seiko Astron.
Now that I live in London...    
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