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 Bacon, beards, Harley bobbers, farm-to-table, unvarnished wood, crafts-for-the-sake-of-crafs - yep, that pretty much sums it all up.  It's how "metro" got scruffy. Though I rue the term, many are calling this modern aesthetic "lumbersexual." Others are calling it the "American Heritage Revival." I am no expert, but it seems to have evolved over the last decade or so as a result of hipsters learning about the many f***ed up practices that go into the manufacturing of...
Those look gorgeous. So we know they have the hides. I just sent them an email. Maybe they've got a pair lying around somewhere!
Where can one find a pair of natural shell jumpers, anyhow? Not too keen on acquiring a #8, as I have a pair of dep red Trickers Stowes that I've darkened. Got my "red" shade need filled. Natural shell seems hard as hell to find right now.
Hm. You couldn't buy shell boots from Viberg now for any price, it seems.
I'm guessing the forum had a huge hardon for selvedge in the early 2000s. That would have been fun to witness.
It just dawned on me that "selvege," from a practical standpoint, probably doesn't confer any promise of better quality than denim cut from a larger bolt.
 "Oh sir... it's only wah-fer thin."
Bah. I'd push it if I could get the 501(c)3 receipt. >>puts his paddle down<<   Hey Fok, want to auction off an Oni Secret Denim type 3, size 40? Pretty sure it'd fit half the SW&D guys.
Better drop the hammer Fok, or the Christmas spirit might get out of hand.
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