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Thanks gents! It's been an exemplary sort of weekend. @d4nimal It's A Horween Model 1 from Worn and Wound.
Well gentlemen, I must confess... sorry to have misled you but the woman whom I have hitherto referred to as Mrs. Hedonist is not, in fact, Mrs. Hedonist.   However...     I can finally confirm that she'd like to be.
 I would also like to laud Mr. @Roycru for what appears to be a lifelong commitment to the stiff upper lip.
Bartender's Bain, also known as the Ramos Gin Fizz
Thanks for the background @Dino944.   I'm generally of the mind that "less is more" when it comes to words on the dial. The word "superlative" still makes me raise an eyebrow.   Ah, it just came to me. I bet the Tiffany brand mechanical watches are marketed toward women to buy as gifts for their men while they daydream about the glittering ice they might expect in return...     Oh and also, quick give-away: would anybody (non lurker) like my hardcover Montblanc...
Ah yes, the Tiffany dial Sub. I always wondered what the story behind that was.
VERY nice @kimmo. You are truly a man of good taste.     Speaking of taste. What do you all make of this?     I'm just wondering what sort of watch buyer looking to buy a $4k+ mechanical watch would want anything to do with a Tiffany's logo.   "Hey Burt, nice timepiece. That Swiss?" "Yeah, Chuck, sure is. I got it at Tiffany's."
If you already have navy, why not change it up? I like to match leatger straps to belts when possible. What color belt do you wear most often?
I remember that. CEO smoked some dope and made a stupid announcement. I snapped them up at 72 and sold at 130 or so. If only I had more capital to throw around back then. And if only I held it longer. But whatever. If you come out ahead on speculation, it's a win.
Eye candy.  
New Posts  All Forums: