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The new shit > the old shit.
One day with my new drivers and I learned what people complain about regarding the leather area between the toe box seam and the front outsole pad. Some slight scuffing. So I found some clear nail laquor and went over the area, rubbing it in to kill the gloss finish. No more scuffing. The woven drivers are safe.
I dunno man, I just cannot abide plaid flannel - ever. I rock a beard too. But I'll get labeled euro-trash before any form of hipster. I do loves me some Ferragamo.. Cool headlight. But I like my "alien eyes" just as they are. Why's that so hard to believe?
Enter the lumber-sexual.       It's like a level 25 hipster.
There you go, being the voice of reason.   For me its the opposite, I'm always wearing slide-proof pants. But sometimes I go without the jacket.
@TRINI, I never met a hipster who identified as such
I think it was like, 90 yesterday. Was in full gear.   If I'm on the highway, I'm always wearing armor. But if it's hot as hell, I might squid it up around town.
The Dainese air frame jacket I linked back there is awesome. Been wearing it three seasons now. even in the rain, its a champ, very light and airy too. Though I dunno if I'd get it in black a second time around.     Re nerve compression: are you leaning all your weight on your palms? Try keeping your core engaged more and not resting on your palms/wrists. Builds ab muscles and  prevents those weird hand tingles. Also, wearing a wrist watch can restrict blood flow.
http://www.revzilla.com/search?query=Gore+tex+gloves+&commit=%F0%9F%94%8E http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-air-frame-textile-jacket
Kriega US20 US10 and R25 backpack for triumph.Givi Tank Lock bag
New Posts  All Forums: