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Yes I explained all of that after a call with someone on Friday; they said I'd have to email in and explain the situation. Hoping to hear back over the next day or so.I just hope it doesn't take a month to get my watch back. At least I had a little Parisian retail therapy to keep my spirits up through the weekend.
Push come to shove, I'm pretty sure I could just have it sent back and pick it up when I come back for the month of August. But the thought of my baby being manhandle by those brutes at customs... The jeweler ought to have warned me of this, or at least taken precautions to avoid it. >sigh< oh bother.
So I had my jeweler back home in the states fedex me my GMT II at the UK flat after the service was done.   UK Customs appears to be holding it for a £1000 ransom.     I'm really rather speechless. Advice would be appreciated.
Nice work Swede. So did you end up finding someone to trade you for your IWC?16750! Classic! Glad to see someone shaking up BLNR fever with an O.G. Well done sir.
Ahh le fraise de bois Melba de Berthillon. But pictures could never convey the marriage of the sorbets below, the wild strawberries and whipped cream above and the strawberry reduction that binds it all together. Would I trade my travel beater for one? Probably not. But to have a place like that in my neighborhood... Probably. However, once again, credit goes to Gopher.
Worth posting if it draws any commentary. I actually do wonder if woven leather shoes tend to stretch a lot or have any special care requirements.http://www.saintjeanrtw.com/
Butteros have been on my radar a while. But then I just recently learned of Saint-Jean de Paris. Hand-made full grain weave. May be worth a try.
Thanks for the contrasting opinion @Munky The AirMax is indeed well known for comfort. I do have my own personal reasons for not buying Nike products, but this isn't a political forum, so I'll let it alone. Having not decided by leaving for Paris, I am splitting my time between a pair of Innov8 minimalist off-road sneakers that served me well in Thailand (daytime) and Allen Edmonds brogues (evening). My feet appear to be faring well. Upon returning to London, I may...
Now, where to for a glass of wine and people watching? Latin quarter I'm thinking.
I don't know gopher, I've had some rough nights resulting from cheese courses...
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