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 Nah, this was the OKCupid pic. Jacket by Roland Sands Design.    Wait 'til you see how I layer popped collar polo shirts.
Just returned from my semi-annual shopping trip - this time it was Florence (for leather) and Milan (for everything else). With the dollar killing the Euro and pretty much everything at 40% off, I got a bit carried away.   Leather shopping isn't something I do often. I don't give a shit about labels (Only thing that makes Gucci jackets worth $3k is five letters that I don't find particularly interesting), and yet I don't like to compromise on quality. So, I go to where...
 Well done gentlemen, most especially Fok.
Anyone know anything about Fanmail tees? I have an unquenchable thirst for high-end tees, and might try a few out.
 Don't worry about the 1K's toe box. It'll lose most of its structure and go much more slubby before too long.
It's been about a month, as a matter of fact. But thanks for the chide...
Mr. GMT has a new neighbor.  
Disagree. It's meant to take the Bonnie platform in a more sporty direction - rather than to please the vintage revival crowd. 20%more torque @3200rpm than the older Bonnie. Take that Honda.But it's also supposed to be easily customizable. So who knows what options will be available. I bet they felt threatened by the RnineT
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