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 Indeed they were! Thanks for the kind words. I took a full set of pictures of the process. Thinking of putting together a guide. But I want to see how it all holds up for a few days, since these are CXL.
Before     After       Antiquing process complete.
 Corsas do have great grip. I've only ridden in the rain a bit and they were fine, but I was being tame. Full disclosure: i drive a car in bad weather usually. As for squaring off.... I mean not if you CORNER brah...
 Love my Etro swim trunks. Best made pair I've ever had.
 yes...ahem...well... perhaps I wouldn't recommend it for welts of a lighter shade...
 Quite right. And let us remind ourselves that these are country brogues we're (mostly) dealing with here. Wasn't broguing originally developed to dispatch bog water from one's feet? I say, wear em in the mud!
I've had great luck with Perelli Corsas
I will agree with you that the case and lug design is not the nicest out there. I never like seeing a seam in the side profile of a case, particularly on a $10k-ish watch.   But my suspicion is that reading the date would get to be pretty easy. The hour markers also mark multiples of 5 days. So you just count a few out from there until it's second nature.   I like that there are no numbers or words anywhere on the dial. Considering the data available from the watch,...
 I've been looking into them and I'm very impressed with OuJ. I particularly resonate with their desire to create the simplest movements possible to produce the required data at your wrist. Would you mind sharing a picture of your Annual Calendar?
My first response was "What on earth am I looking at?" But it is quite an intriguing little work of art, isn't it...
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