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Worst part was when the "boys" hit the tank. Dear god.
Today just got shitty.
That's the one my friend bought, only with that woven carbon fiber strap.I respect everyone's opinions, but it's important to note that one watch lover will get extremely picky and opinionated about details that won't even factor into another's thinking process. So any time one asks a group of them for an opinion, it needs to be with a grain of salt.Talk about rabbit holes. A decade ago I thought Seiko Kinetic watches were cool because they didn't need a battery. And now...
FWIW, one of my young internet marketing kingpin buddies recently bought a Montblanc Timewalker chrono specifically because they are well made and modern but are far more "incogneto" than his gold sub.   Although, in truth, nearly ANYTHING would have been more incogneto than his gold sub.    Anyhow, Montblanc does seem to be coming along. Having held a number of their pieces and hobnobbed with some shopkeepers (which got me my catalog; anyone want it?) I imagine it to...
 You could check this out: https://www.sfbags.com/collections/laptop-bags/products/hardcase-macbook-case It's pretty stealth and fairly well made. Not much room inside though. So you've really got to be a minimalist. 
@Sweden    I'm just going to come out and say it. The models you feel are within your range are rather concerning.   I think the best strategy might be to save up a grand in cash first, and then find a pre-owned watch shop with a good reputation that will take your watch as a trade towards a newer Explorer. It's a common enough model that most pre-owned shops that deal volume in Rolex will have at least one to sell on a monthly basis.   The shop will probably want to...
If you want to keep them clean. Nothing says "non-baller" like a shabby white garment. 
Seems like most stockists favor navy and white models when it comes to these luxury slip-on sneakers. Safe bets, no doubt, but vexing, as I don't have the patience for white footwear and navy, well, I wear enough denim for that not to be practical. Love the look of those navy Butteros though.
The crown of that Rolex so close to the Patek's case is giving me a touch of scratch anxiety...
Diemme does have some interesting models...   Purple croc anyone?       Yeah baby blue python.
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