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 In spite of all the fabulous things Patek has done, I think my favorite overall (in terms of what would integrate with my own life) would probably the standard blue dial Nautilus date. But then, I'm a younger guy and self-employed. So there's little sense in my having much invested in thoroughbred dress watches. I will have a Nautilus at some point. Preferably one as old as dirt and scratched to high heaven, but keeping flawless time and quite waterproof. How about yourself?
What do people think of typographic prints in fashion?   Burberry made a brief splash earlier this year when they did a ton of Prorsum pieces in "book cover" typographic prints.   A few examples:           It was a bit of a stretch for the brand, but seemed a unique and inspired direction. As a typography fan, I was intrigued.   I've been wondering if this typographic focus will be tried by other designers, or if it was a one-off.   I snagged of the...
I don't know @benhour. I might just risk leaving the suede exposed. What's the worst that could happen?
I think I get the most pleasure from that golden period between breaking in a shoe, and needing to provide the first care session.   But then there's that feeling of taking a several-years-old pair and breathing new life into it and, looking upon your gleaming work, remembering why you loved that pair to begin with.   Perhaps that's the most satisfying.   On a side note, I brushed out the left suede boot for a while and the color lightened back up.
And then suddenly, without warning...   Naughty Nautilus brothers...       Hello London limited edition...     A little something for the missus?       Jewel encrusted Rolex? Or perhaps....     When tracking your own star just isn't enough...         Half a millennium ago, all the ballers had one.   Because GMTs are for wusses...   Was your PP finished on this bench?   Oh yes, take it off...   And from...
Gems encrusted tool watch... The Dude does not abide.
Absolutely gorgeous. And you have the chance to buy a great PP pre-owned from somebody you trust...@mimo, a little enabling please?
This is my jam lately.   Transit F/W '15            
@Berners15 - didn't know about omni'nettoyant. Think I'll pick up a bottle.     So, assuming Carmina is using halfway decent suede, is there really any need to fear little rain here and there if I left them unprotected?
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