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 Eh, I wouldn't pay the age thing much mind if a piece works for your wardrobe. Anyways, this is a new direction from the brand ever since they got bought by Prada. I've seen the Church's in person and think they're pretty damn nice looking. I like that unbroken line from toe to heel where most minimal sneakers have the eyelet panel stitched right down to the outsole. But I haven't tried them on. Probably will before too long. I've checked out some Lanvins in person. They...
 Something unlined with stretch might work. Have you tried Butteros? I'm finding mine a bit wider and way easier to break in than my CPs I'm still looking forward to feedback on Church's Mirfield.   If you're in London, you might wander into a Church's and try a pair on. My most comfortable shoes are all English made and they're rarely too narrow.
New acquisitions. So far I'm finding the Butteros to be the softer and more comfortable of the two. Probably because they are only half lined. Soles are definitely of the same manufacture.
Keep the SV for 10k miles. Then you'll be an "experienced rider." Reward yourself at that point. That is... If your doctor friends haven't convicted you to get rid of your "donorcycle" by then!
I would always invest in good suspension (and have it set up custom for me) and in good ABS. I'd consider heated grips too.   Beyond that, I probably wouldn't use all the widgets. But I'm definitely a fair-weather rider, and ride mostly for fun. So when I go out I want a capable, stripped-down fun machine that's only got one "setting" and that I can really bond with.   If I were going cross country on the regular and, like LIVED, on my bike. I'd get every comfort...
::remembering his first time hitting 50mph on that clunky cruiser and screaming with glee. And then 75. Then sustained 70 on a favorite road. Then 90 on a highway. Then. 100 in the STR. 110. 120... Or something.... The world is bleeding by too fast to glance down...Turning suddenly requires timing and physical strength...::: ::blink blink::shakes his head, snapping out of a daze:: ::decides not to comment::
I might have to move to NYC for a year after we're finished in London. Got mixed feelings about it. NYC is like that really good pasta with truffle sauce you never knew about but - once you found it - nothing else satisfies quite like it. Then you think about it and say, "Shit, why am I eating all this truffle pasta? It's not even good for me! And it's twice as expensive as any healthy option." In fact it makes you kind of miserable a lot of the time. But you keep eating...
Breaking in a pair I got on eBay from Germany for about $40. The tag says Miltec. Don't know if there are many different makers or not. Def look like all the others I've seen. Material quality is def way lower than my more premium sneakers. Buy GATs for $40. Worth it just to experiment. So far they've been very TTS and comfy enough out of the box. Terrible support for running unless you know propper form and don't really need supportive running shoes. Probably will use...
How is suede horsehide as a material for loafers. Saw a nice looking pair on an Italian site and am wondering how it compares to bovine suede. While I'm on the subject. Anyone know the quality of Pantofola d'Oro loafers or any advice on sizing?
I've seen CP soles described as vulcanized on retail sites, so I'm assuming that's what Margom does. But I dunno for sure.   Starting to break in my CPs. Love these shoes, but good God, $400 is way overpriced for what you get. Their popularity is clearly out of control. Still love em though. No regrets. Can't wait til my Butteros come in so I can compare.   Anyone have an opinion on Pantofola D'Oro or Diemme?
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