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Great watch. Did you pick it up in Japan?
AMEX is a great tool. I run my company's ad budget through a triple points multiplier for online advertising via AMEX gold. End result: airfare = free most of the time. I am a believer. On the personal side, my Starwood card has been a trusted companion. For all else, there's Chase. But chase benefits pale in comparison. Main reason being, AMEX charges merchants more than anyone else for charge processing. Also why penny-pinching merchants try to avoid it. Bought some...
The doctors gave me some very nice ball meds. I've been informed that I may yet have children.
Boston is finally coming into bloom.
Don't write fashion checks that your personality can't cash.
I like the MUT Moon as much for what it is as I do for what it isn't. For me a dress watch will never see as much wrist time as a casual watch. But what appeals to me about the idea of a dress watch is the opportunity to boil down a mechanical watch to an elegantly minimalistic aesthetic. The JL Ultra Thin movements are pretty impressive. And let's face it, moon complications are neat!It's easier to love a minimal watch when it uses precious metals, which is why silver...
In a manner of speaking...Quick stop in front of me in the brief instant I was scanning the left lane for an opening.
Or ?
Worst part was when the "boys" hit the tank. Dear god.
Today just got shitty.
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