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  Pretty cool. And under $6k
Pound for pound, I'd generally take the JLC in most comparisons.
For those who missed it
Well, Moser just gained a bit more of my respect. Of course, I do have a healthy love of the absurd: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/h-moser-swiss-mad-watch-swiss-cheese-limited-edition-venturer-introducing TLDR: they are selling a watch with a case made of Swiss cheese for more than a million. Seriously.
Ok let's workshop it. Why?  Working from fresh images:Pick em apart.
 Color/texture of the leather looks like hell compared to new. Disagree.
Matter of fact, the live launch event is tonight at 7p.m. GMT. That's what, 2pm for most of you?  
Ha. You can buy it if you want.  
Yeah it definitely is true that not every shape is for every foot. Especially true with all leather uppers. But I can't get over the poor quality of the leather itself. Stiff and badly tanned. I mean just look at the crackling of the die. And I don't wear these alot. With the number of manufactures jumping on the luxe sneaker market, we're spoiled for options now. Two months ago in Rome I popped into the Car Shoe (Prada) shop and walked out with two new pairs of sneakers...
New Posts  All Forums: