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You know that little bistro you passed by 100 times before giving it a try on a whim- and it soon became a staple in your life? Feeling something like that about the Day Date, seeing this. That green and gold model is GORgeous.
Ton up or shut up. \m/
When I see dudes with their sportster a all decked out in black leathers and a brain pan, their arms all hanging out in front of em.. That Harley rider scowl...
Harrods was a zoo today. So much high fashion for 50% off than all I managed to buy was a few glasses of wine..I've only lived here a month, so I'm no expert. But what are you into?
Yeah it can look good. But a long sleeve linen shirt is two shirts in one. Why rob yourself of that versatility? Especially for a color like black, which can cross seasons.
Get a long sleeve and roll it up?Or did you mean a tee...Short sleeves and buttons... Not advised.
There's this place in London called bubbledogs.
What I wouldn't give for an original 1969 Seiko Astron.
Now that I live in London...    
5711 all the way.   In my opinion, it's the one watch that is truly unique, yet never out of place. It's the pinnacle of understated (sporty) opulence. Though I do think it is a bit overpriced for a steel watch (as if the precious metal content of any gold/platinum watch actually influenced the price in a truly proportional manner...).   But at some point, one is paying as much for exclusivity as one is for quality and design.   Which is why I shall happily content...
New Posts  All Forums: