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I'll chime in for posterity's sake here.   I'm 5'8, 180lbs and have a 41" chest size. I'm a large in RL custom fit polos, which fit perfectly snug but not too much. I just bought a Sunspel tee in Large, which it says is appropriate for 41-42. I find it to be big on me and not fitted at all. I will proceed to intentionally shrink in the dryer and see if that works, or I may just buy a Medium to compare.   By and large, I am surprised that the material is not thicker....
That helped. Thanks!
Casual Speedy Friday.
Nothing like that first fresh Speedy. Nice choice @AndyGarton!   I particularly like that the caseback doesn't suffer from "First and Only" syndrome, as does mine.
Fwiw, I bought my Speedy on Jomashop. Got a great deal and had no issues. But I can't say I would ever make use of their warranty. I look at the gray market discount as a sort of "early AD service Russian Roulette."
Did this Ruin these? Or will the discoloration come out with lots of brushing? There was a situation involving some coffee and the suede shampoo got it out. I fear it may have weakened the dye as well.
I feel the opposite. Wouldn't want one of the newer GMTs unless they made a Coke bezel. Even then, I find them a bit too big and too shiny.
I have a cabinet for my shoes that keeps them free of dust. There is also a doorside rack where shoes can dry out before being put back. When they come off, they get the trees and go on the rack. I give them a wipe and a quick sole brushing before going back in the cabinet. Only my finest and/or least-used shoes get put in bags (unless I'm flying), and then after at least a quick cleaning. Though I do maintain an "up" and a "down" side of shoe bags for those sorts of reasons.
Conspicuous consumption is most definitely a theme in all these sorts of forums. But I do think @roomiller has a point @Dino944. For the most part I ignore the rest of styleforum. Far too much much group-think object idolatry. But in this thread (and some others, like the shoe care thread) I find a distilled and thoughtful community that generally discusses the objects of desire through a far more contextually-informed and intentional lens. I think what roo has observed...
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