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Every time I go to Southeast Asia, I have those mornings where I wonder what I was thinking the night before. Woke up with this on my wrist. Not that I feel particularly terrible about it
Speaking of JLC, I think I'm back onto considering buying the MUT Moon I've been looking at for some time.   I was wondering though, does anyone have experience with negotiating FURTHER discounts at a Heathrow Duty-Free Watches of Switzerland?   I imagine you'd stand no chance with asking for a discount on a Rolex there. But JLC isn't exactly the most popular make these days...
I currently live in London. I'm from Boston originally.
      Thanks gentlemen. I will first see what options are available for potential factory repair. Otherwise I think a good cobbler consultation may indeed be worth a try. Such a shame to see good hide end up this way!
Woe is me. I ordered a pair of cordovan trainers from Epaulett in November and finally received them. But unfortunately, the heel counter seam was utterly botched in manufacturing. Given that these had a six-month turnaround time, I'm sure an exchange isn't an option. Haven't heard back from them yet... Please spare me any "this is what happens" commentary. I wanted cordovan trainers. But is there any hope of repair if I find someone good?
Behold, the $6,200 G Shock
 Transition-gate 2016? Forums have taught me a great many things, not the least of which is that if you put enough people obsessed about one topic in the same place, they tend to look for a reason to display their knowledge; happily at the expense of someone more highly regarded. This is why it's a privilege to hang out in this wee little corner of the watch-loving internet. TWAT keeps it classy. Usually...
I need to plan one epic motorcycle trip for my second and final (?) year living in the UK. I'm thinking Romania.       Where would you go?
 I love the overall design of the PanoMatic. If they would just not label the date window and power reserve I might go for one.    Your honor, I'd like that last remark stricken from the record.
New Posts  All Forums: