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Eh. Let's roll the dice. $625
Priced for a complete steal
NAh, how about a receipt mentioning the charitable contribution?
@LA Guy Can the winner make out a check from his company directly to the foundation and reference Styleforum's fundraiser in the memo? (For tax purposes)
That's really a matter of personal taste. Couldn't see myself in patent sneakers. But if you're more of a blinged-out kinda guy, why not?
The latter. Simple is better. And raw denim will stain the white back panel.
I would if it were the right size =\ looks like a great basic to have around.
What are the measurements?
Kicking tires in Knightsbridge at the Omega Boutique.   I finally got a chance to handle the Globemaster.     Wasn't crazy about it to be honest. It certainly is a handsome enough watch, and an achievement of a movement. But it felt so derivative on so man levels and the case was... well... nothings to get crazy about.           I did rather like the DeVille Tresor in white gold with textured silver dial.   But what was going on with that date window?...
New Posts  All Forums: