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@Sweden   (the 4k was a typo FYI, I'd meant to say 3)   If you'd rather have the Explorer than your Pilot, why not?   It really all comes down to what's motivating you to have one watch vs another. At the end of the day, a Swiss timepiece is an emotional purchase and many $10,000 watches are effectively not that much better than many $5,000 watches. If you're thinking in terms of comparing which would sell for a few hundred bucks more, I'd push back and say what...
@mimo I recently took my GMT II in for service (15 years old and it had only ever been in for service once). My AD quoted a flat $600 (which is on par with Rolex official prices) unless any additional parts were needed. I assume there are probably certain components (like seals) that are switched out on every overhaul service. It could be that they broke down the full price of the overhaul into subcategories?  @Dino944 would probably know ...   @Sweden - I'd say mid to...
 I'm guessing Calatrava. I peg Brax for a traditionalist. 
@brax - More plz!
 We've already been discussing the idea of an "early wedding present" (her words). Last night she feigned interest as I flipped through the JLC catalog. She really likes the uncomplicated Master Ultra Thin. I've really got to see the black dial moon in person...  Might be something to consider, though she insists that her Frederique Constant Slim Line is perfectly acceptable for her needs.  Now this had not occurred to me! Though due to our two-year stint in London, a long...
Thanks gents! It's been an exemplary sort of weekend. @d4nimal It's A Horween Model 1 from Worn and Wound.
Well gentlemen, I must confess... sorry to have misled you but the woman whom I have hitherto referred to as Mrs. Hedonist is not, in fact, Mrs. Hedonist.   However...     I can finally confirm that she'd like to be.
 I would also like to laud Mr. @Roycru for what appears to be a lifelong commitment to the stiff upper lip.
Bartender's Bain, also known as the Ramos Gin Fizz
Thanks for the background @Dino944.   I'm generally of the mind that "less is more" when it comes to words on the dial. The word "superlative" still makes me raise an eyebrow.   Ah, it just came to me. I bet the Tiffany brand mechanical watches are marketed toward women to buy as gifts for their men while they daydream about the glittering ice they might expect in return...     Oh and also, quick give-away: would anybody (non lurker) like my hardcover Montblanc...
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