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That peacock's a rather overt statement then, isn't it...
 I sure hope so. Oh but to hear that minute repeater in person.  
Yes please.
 Thanks for sharing. That was an enjoyable read.
I suppose it was too much to hope for that this clock would be recognized on sight.Ever wonder where the phrase "GMT" came from?
Found a pretty good clock to set my Speedy to today.     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @mimo and @Munky     Fortunately I packed a travel size (only one shoebox) shoe care kit to keep with me these next two years. I'll use this as an excuse to up my polishing regimen a bit.   But I must say, I'm surprised at how many people I've seen wearing Converse Chuck Taylors. It's like the 1990's are back, in all their grungy, arch-support-lacking glory.
Gentlemen, I just moved to London and am finding myself somewhat unprepared for the weather. Seems to me that most people wear their dress shoes despite the rain when I'm tempted to just throw on the Wellies. But that can't be good for the leather. Perhaps people treat their shoes with silicon?    Would someone care to explain to me a typical Londoner mindset with regard to shoes and rain?   Cheers.
If it makes you feel any better Mimo, I had no denim with me on that trip...
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