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What's up with not stitching the soles on the Epaulet cordovan trainers? A few more wears and there'll be flopping around like they came from Aldo.
At triple the price, they had better be!
 Very cogent points. I suppose then the discussion could turn towards whether the fat, luminsecent delta hands - and the blatant maximization of glimmer-producing angled surfaces - constitute a slightly-less-than-subtle challenge to the traditional paradigm of "the classic timepiece..." or are just reflective of unrefined taste. I do wholeheartedly agree that the luminescent material clashes with the white dial, but I might challenge the point that the hands are too fat. I...
Hmm yeah, and it reminds me of something... what was it...oh yes...  
::pokes head in::   yep they're still looking for CPs on sale.   ::pops back out::
What does everyone think of Parmigiani? For some reason I continue to find myself drawn to their peices. The movements and cases are quite lovely and generally seem to far surpass most of what you can find at similar price points.   Buuuuut, they're only a 20-year-old company and the Swiss watchmaking industry does have a rocky road to hoe right now... Will they still be around in another 20 or 40 years? I wonder about their reliability.   But put a Tonda 1950 up...
Every time I go to Southeast Asia, I have those mornings where I wonder what I was thinking the night before. Woke up with this on my wrist. Not that I feel particularly terrible about it
Speaking of JLC, I think I'm back onto considering buying the MUT Moon I've been looking at for some time.   I was wondering though, does anyone have experience with negotiating FURTHER discounts at a Heathrow Duty-Free Watches of Switzerland?   I imagine you'd stand no chance with asking for a discount on a Rolex there. But JLC isn't exactly the most popular make these days...
I currently live in London. I'm from Boston originally.
      Thanks gentlemen. I will first see what options are available for potential factory repair. Otherwise I think a good cobbler consultation may indeed be worth a try. Such a shame to see good hide end up this way!
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