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Sale shopping is so much different in Europe. You just hop over to Paris or Milan in early January or July armed with U.S. dollar, and shopping at AMI feels like shopping at the Gap.   This whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing has such a panicked frenzy of an air to it.
Wow guys, suddenly I am overwhelmed with options! And with trips planne to both Vienna and Budapest, maybe I should hold off for now... I think I'm really starting to prefer antique brown cordovan to burgundy for casual boots... Thanks!
I'm looking for some simple black jeans. What do you guys think of these? Are the silvery buckles a bit much?
@MickeyPunch   I have the same issue as others with overheating from turtlenecks, so I avoid them. SNS in general make me very warm - as the wool is quite thick. So  I only wear the zip-up or button-up SNS sweaters. These are my favorites (I'm wearing my green Stark as I type this).   If I were going to go with a turtleneck, I'd buy something extremely breathable, like 100% cashmere (one ply), 100% merino wool, or maybe a wool-cotton blend - and thin. I would...
Hey Guys. After becoming initiated to the joys of shell by my Alden for BB LHS loafers, I'm in the market for a casual cordovan boot in either dark brown or Color 8 (cap toe or minimally-brogued wings). I'm finding it difficult to find many boots that are the right blend of casual + clean lines that aren't limited run and rare to locate. One local shop wants £800 for the only pair of Wolverine 721s in my size.   Wolverine has done a few (721/744), but they only seem to...
Do your time brah. I can "figure 8" like a motherf*ker
Oni "secret denim" 20 oz raw denim jacket.       To soak, or not to soak...
See also: Buttero and Diemme. CPs are too much work to break in. I'm convinced half of the people with them are wearing the wrong size.
For background, I tried on both of those jackets at Son of a Steer yesterday when I took a busted pair of raws in for some repair.  (They also had what might be the last pair of Shell 1000-mile 721LTDs in my size on Earth. But they want $1200 for them).   Whatever it is that "Secret Denim" comprises, I was pretty astounded by it. While I typically go for cleaner, more even surfaces, I could tell I was trying on something pretty special.   So I looked up the story of...
Thanks @KeithT   Navy looks great on that Monaco as well.   It's nice to have a strap that will pass as black in a dimly-lit environment, but lets out a nice bit of color when it's bright.
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