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Hi Homer,    its been a while, any new bracelets?
Loved the bracelet I ordered. Im definitely ordering more.
Has anyone heard of a MTM company recruiting people and making them pay for their training???  Ive never been with a company that didn't foot the bill for any training,  does this sound like a scam???
So ive been offered a position with a new custom clothing company, I would love to do it, but they want me to attend a seminar to learn how to measure customers, and they want me to pay 499.00. I would have thought that if a company hires you they would pay for your training. Your thoughts please
I took a liking to the show, sad to see it end.  I am thinking they're going to make a spin off show with Ari.  The way they hung that last episode makes you think a lot about the direction they're going   btw I would eat ari wires ass asap.. she's hot. 
Hi,  Im Jose from Southern NJ.  I am a banker for a major bank on the east coast.  Im all about improving my style with my suits and my shoes.  I am planning my wedding with my beautiful fiancé for next yr, and i am looking at getting some custom made pieces of clothing for my wedding.     On here to learn more about these brands i have been reading about. 
Working in the banking industry can be very stressful most of the time. but it is a fun environment when your on point.  
Ok so Im really looking at A&B for some customer made suits.  any recent post of how they have been,  Im not trying to hear about stuff from 4 yrs ago.  We all know companies go through bumps in the road.  Also would anyone know how much their suits usually run for???    I just don't want to make an appointment and feel like I have to purchase something.  I really dislike that they don't get back to you in a timely manner.     Let me know what you guys think....
They almost got me with the marketing aspect of it.  Now after reading this thread I'm a little hesitant to even spend.  Im a young banker and I like looking and feeling good in my suits.  I just don't get the concept of buying a MTM suit, then it doesn't fit you correctly so the company will send it to any tailor it chooses that just sounds a little shady to me.  
Awsome shoes....Im a young guy just getting up on custom suits or MTM suits and Nice shoes.  Since Im a banker i was wondering if you guys have any preferences on certain brands.  
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