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You can buy levis from amazon which can be shipped to shipito. Try general retail sites - bluefly, nordstrom, amazon etc. 
Cost me $220 for the shoes + a pair of trees shipped.    Quality wise i think the goodyear welted english variants are superior but i really like the burnishing on these. 
  Recent purchase off endless during the cyber monday sale - magnanni romas. 
Great choice. Please post pics when you get them - contemplating a pair myself  
  With free postage. Shirts come to ~$34 each. 
How do you get free herring trees? I thought the code "HSAB" just applied to Herring Branded shoes. 
endless has a sale right now. Use code "NOVEVENT" for 20% off storewide for orders over $100   Perfect opportunity to pick up a pair of allen edmonds or some shoe trees 
Jimbo where did you buy those monks from and how much? 
^Or try the Cheaney Liverpool in mahogany   Bodileys does free shipping on all its shoes 
New Herring double monks   Thoughts? How do these compare to the shakespeare? 
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