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I agree its unlikely a con - more like poor accounts/refunds handling which is a major turn off for a company that prides itself on its return policy. I've spoken with them via email and webchat multiple times all to no avail so this is really a last resort. 
Yep - multiple times I received the SuSu email "Your return has been received and refund is being processed" but never got the actual PayPal refund.  I've escalated to a dispute on PayPal. 
I've had it with SuSu.   Inconsistent sizing and a refund policy that takes forever to be processed.   I'm still waiting for refunds for suits they received 6 weeks ago. Ridiculous. 
Do you mind posting some photos of the suit? 
    Try or   Look for something from seiko or orient. Automatic with sapphire glass.   My personal rec: ($288 delivered)      
Nice watch. Mind posting a pic of your entire collection?
Ben whats the ETA on the new suits? 
I think he means brooksfield
Seiko's are beautiful and underrated time pieces   This is one I bought recently:         
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