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Do you mind posting some photos of the suit? 
    Try skywatches.com.sg or creationwatches.com   Look for something from seiko or orient. Automatic with sapphire glass.   My personal rec: ($288 delivered)      
Nice watch. Mind posting a pic of your entire collection?
Ben whats the ETA on the new suits? 
I think he means brooksfield
  Try http://www.cainefashion.co.uk/
Seiko's are beautiful and underrated time pieces   This is one I bought recently:         
For those purchasing Herring Shoes use code "TWEET10" for 10% off or "HSAB" for free shoe tree
^How much were the Lowndes from Herringbone? 
ehaberdasher sells good quality ties for cheap   Corneliani at $45 and benjamin ties for $35
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