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So as I stated in my intro I know almost NOTHING about style.... hence why I joined this site, in the hopes of learning about it.   I'm hoping to buy a couple of suits soon to go with a new job and I realized that I have NO idea what kind of suit I should buy. I was hoping that some of you could help with what kind of suit works best for different body types.   I am short and stocky - 5'5" with a 42 inch chest to give you an idea.   So I hope someone can give...
So I've always loved the look of the 3 piece suit sans the coat.... so basically the vest with suit pants look. Man I hope that makes sense (if you didn't read my introduction I am clueless when it comes to style and fashion hence why I joined the site).   So my problem is that while I love this look I don't have the money to buy a bunch of 3 piece suits, also working in the restaurant business I don't want to get food stains on an expensive suit.   So besides...
Hello everyone, Gaviao here and to be honest I have no clue when it comes to style and that's one of the big reasons that I joined this forum. Also I recently got a job as a teacher's assistant in a culinary arts program and I specilize in the front of the house (serving, bartending... anything in a restaurant that's not in the back). Before I've always been "issued" my work clothes and now it's up to me. Thanks in advance for helping with my rookie questions
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