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You guys need to stop referencing pimps with shoes... really. It's silly to think all pimps look like Bishop Don Juan. It only shows that you are only trying yo comfort yourself in silly stereotypes. But I digress...      
One more time, what is the silly homoerotic reason for the hatred of Mezlan shoes around here?
In other words I have to go to Japan. Gotcha what about Imai Hiroki? How one order shoes from this shoemaker?
How does one go about ordering a of shoes made koji suzuki shoes from the US?
Can someone recommend a Pair of Top Notch Oxford for between $800-$1000USD? Btw, what do you folks think is the best brand of Oxfords are in this price range? 
Base on what criteria other than your opinion are these shoes bad?
      Not bad.
Yes, I believe they do. I think they are made in italy. They make custom shoes as well.
Corthay should really set up shop somewhere in the US. He makes many of the other exotic leather brands look like toys.
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