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Uniqlo Made in Japan Selvedge Denim   - Size 29/32 (73cm) - The real made in Japan stuff - Will consider shipping internationally   $50 AUD. 
Nudie Grim Tim - Dry Dirt Organic - 30/32 - Australia   - As new, hardly worn - With booklet - Purchased from oi polloi - Very nice comfy jeans   GTDDO   $130 AUD. Will consider shipping internationally.
Hello I have a as new perfect condition w tags Filson 256 in tan for sale. Shipping from Melbourne Australia. PM if interested. Thanks.
Hi all, I have one Filson 256 and one FIlson 257 brand new for sale. Both in tan.  I am based in Melbourne, Australia but willing to ship anywhere.   Will consider trade with a Filson small duffle (brown or otter).   PM if you are interested.   Thanks
Hi NeedSupply,   My order comes to $242.10.   Could I get free shipping to Australia or just pay you $250? :)   Thanks 
Hi, any reason to NOT use the LP on a pair of sperry top-siders (leather of course)?   Cheers
Hi all   I am wanting to order some Park Avenues and Strands for a few job interviews coming up. Problem is I do not have the luxury of visiting a store to try, or ordering 50 different sizes and sending the 49 back that don't fit. I am in NZ and relocating to Australia this week where these things are not easy to find.   For reference I wear a US8.5 in Red Wings 875, 9146 and 9011 and Chucks. Most of my other shoes are US9.   Would a US9 in PA and Strands be...
do some research on apple cider vinegar for the hair, see if it helps. it worked for me, effectively cleaning all product build up, and it actually promotes hair growth and removes any bad scalp smell. never had dandruff issues but it may help with that too.
Could we please get a code for September? Thanks :)
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