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EPIC fit Xhale...are those PSs?
Could anybody tell me how an aggressively sized down pair of NS' would compare to a TTS/down 1 NC?   I want to try a pair of sized up NCs, but I worry that after stretching the waste will just be ridiculous.  Could I fake it with a pair of New Standards?
This made me really like the Addison...
I can confirm that the Seattle Gap has the jeans...I was in there on boxing day and they had loads of the old style raws.
Ok let's try this again...   Levis henley/white tee, Raleigh denim (Nash I think? Whatever the slimmest cut is), Nike Blazers  No outerwear in this pic, but I'll probably throw my peacoat on if I go out...    
x-post from WAYWT   Stiff 21oz indigo selvedge, sized down 3 (true waste - 31, these are 28s) as I mentioned (twice) before.   Even though these things are sandpaper right now, I love the fit, IMO the wg suits me really well, probably because I have a fucking weird body 
Ok, first post in the WAYWT kind  blvck beanie, oldass leather jacket, n&f 21oz wg, nike af1   Sorry my expression/stare makes me look like an autistic pedophile 
Just a quick you can see from my previous post, I just got some new jawnz...   I love them, but there's one thing that's bugging me.  On the right leg from the knee down I'm getting some pretty bad leftward leg twisting.  Which is really odd because the twill is right hand.   It's not a huge issue, I just have to adjust/twist the direction of the leg every 20-30 minutes, which gets old. I just want to make sure that they don't get "stuck" like that
sideways pic FAIL   sorry guys, can't figure out how to flip that #dumbass
Picked myself up some new Forces as a little xmas gift to myself... also hopin' to kop a new pair of 1s on Monday.  
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