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Lots of people do that, not a lot of people get fades like yours in the amount of time you have spent wearing them.   You must have magic sweat or something.  Well done, they look awesome, can't wait to see more shots in a few months.
  I doubt the chinos fade at all...
    LOVE these! Must cop!         Saw a pair of these in real life for the first time the other day, dude on campus was wearing the black pair...I experienced a whirlwind of emotions
I've never tried on a 508, but I've always thought the closest Levi cut to the WG was the "Matchstick"   I've got a pair and are quite similar to my WGs, especially in the thighs.
Air Force 1 "Deconstruct"
Just three and a half months?   What the hell do you do to those things???
I really like those.  As I've said before, I don't like any of Nike's "modern" running shoes, so the vintage-y look of those really appeal to me.
I feel it is my duty to post some variety in this thread...        
  I guess so, running shoes just look so "futuristic" these days that IMO they look pretty goofy unless you're using them for what they're intended for.     They're comfy as shit though, I was all about the AM360 when they first came out.
Do you guys jog around everywhere you go?  So many running shoes       
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