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Just emailed them, really hoping they do something about it, APC makes the best fitting/fading jeans imo and I really do not want to take my business elsewhere.
I got a pair of PS just after Thanksgiving.  I knew that APCs aren't the highest quality jeans but I had no idea how bad it really was, already there is a back pocket hole, crotch blowout, the seams on both selvedge side of both knees have separated and the stitching above the back pockets are falling apart at an alarming rate. I would sew it all up but I honestly don't know if I can keep up with all the repairs.  I really can't afford a new pair right now, and it's...
Raw denim softens over time, certainly after the first wash. It's only rough and cardboardy for the first couple months. You could try to re-starch them, but if you want them to stay rigid you'll have to do it all the time.
Just got a new pair of PSs and I really dig the way they fit.   Just wondering how long it takes for the stacks to settle down?  They seem to be taking longer with this pair of jeans than with the raw denim I've had in the past.
Does anybody have any fade pics of the 211 overdyed series?   I was thinking about getting some ST-100x, but the 211's are super cheap on 3sixteens website, I might have to go in that direction.
  You really aren't being specific enough with how long you've been wearing your jeans.  How do you expect us to judge if you don't go down to at least a tenth of a second, preferably a one hundredth.
I'm pretty sure they've always been sanfordized...I can't see Gap releasing anything unsanfordized...
That's very normal, APCs stretch a lot, if you'd gotten the 30's you would have been able to button them up after a few days at most.  Chances are your 31's will stretch to the point where you need to wear a belt.   I don't care if you call it novelty or gimmicky...these are literally the ugliest pair of jeans I have ever seen in my life.   Come on N&F...don't lose sight of what made you guys awesome, this shit is just terrible.
I imagine those don't fade at all?
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