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 That must be from R Kelly's new line.
 I found that adjusting the click pressure to firm worked well for me. The idea of haptic feedback, where a machine makes me feel things that aren't really there, is still a little unsettling though.
Anyone know where to get that shovel mike is carrying?   Help me guys.
I'm one of the new guys ruining the site with lousy content. New enough that I didn't even know there was a redesign before I read this thread. But that is a fast rule of every web forum ever, that no matter when you join the guys who were around a couple of years before you were better, and your generation sucks.   But with Safari on OSX the site is fairly clunky and lags a bit, compared with the other forums I use. With Safari on an iPhone it is unusable....
That depends on the brand I suppose. I'm 6'8" so I qualify to most people as 'oversized'.   When I was a poor college student I had to shop at mall grade big & tall stores and put up with attendant low quality and fit geared toward tall hefty guys rather than tall athletic guys. Now gainfully employed, I have yet to find a tailor who won't take my money to fit me.
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