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the reason I ask is that I tried an 8 D but the instep was fairly tight wear the laces end. The 8.5 D are too big and the 8.0E are too big. I tried talking to the sales man but I found him very condescending and unhelpful. 
With the barrie last what would be the difference between a 8.0 D and a 7.5 E?   Thanks,   MB
Hi,   I just got a barbour bedale equestrian coat, and was wondering about making some modifications to the fit. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience doing this to a barbour coat.    thanks,   MB
Hi,   I'm selling this gray and white Thom Browne Rugby, size 0 (fits like a small). I'm asking $125, shipped in north america. Let me know if you have any other questions.   Thanks,   MB Sold
yeah this will be a mistake i will never make again. it's too bad Alden doesn't offer these shoes in a variety of lasts.
Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated.
Any idea at what I could sell them for? I wore them twice outside, they are mint condition?
well this is too bad. I've already worn them outside so the soles are scuffed. looks like i will have to take a loss.
I bought a pair of Brooks Brothers plain toe bluchers. they fit great all around, but the heel is a bit loose. They are fine when i have them cinched right up but, it makes it uncomfortable everywhere else. any way to remedy this?   MB
Yeah unfortunatley i'm unable to access the varied widths and sizes. the tightness is acroos the top of the foot towards the bottom laces.  
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