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please, a video! I'm sure many echo my thoughts to see you tying a tie! :)    
It's genuine alligator skin Zaza :)    With embossing techniques now, tanneries can produce hides that are pretty hard to tell. But comparing embossed skin and genuine skins, one of the main difference is that an am bossed piece seems flatter and has less character. They can imitate the scale patterns but natural alligator scales (think fish scales) are more three dimensional.    Try to buy from reputable sellers and most custom or bespoke craftsmen will not hesitate to...
Thanks! I can make them in other colors should you need them too :)    
let me guess, your buddy is charlestonties ya 
I think these shoes could be passed to ron rider for a makeover? The shoes look very nice, it's just the colors that i'm uncomfortable with
Adding on to his suggestions, maybe you could check out color matching here:   When i went for my first art class, my teacher presented all of use with a color wheel and it really helps setting the foundation for picking very safe colors to match :)    
Honestly, i do not think that there could possibly be one single comprehensive thread or source that can give you insights on style, quality, fit, brands and make. IMO, you could watch mainstream TV shows like "Tim Gunn's Guide to style" and get to know your body shape as a basis to build your wardrobe. Next, visit the WAYWRN threads and see what people are wearing (what receives good feedback and which pieces get pissed upon).    If you are talking about quality,...
I would choose the 2nd one from the left (i'm in my mid twenties so that could be a point of reference? )
ok off topic but Kate looks reallly hot there....     
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