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It could be from the Oliver People's gregory peck collection too.    
I think the 2nd one from the right (top and bottom rows) both look simple and nice. You might want to get the black face bottom right one too. Now you make me feel like getting new watches too...
Thank you so much! I'm watching it now     
  That is one sweet casing! I join the congregation requesting a picture of the inside too :)    
Well for that price, it definitely sounds like a very good deal!    Maybe you could call in to ask if the belt is a pieced strap or a non-pieced strap made out of a single cut? This affects the durability as a pieced strap will come apart sooner than a single cut, hence paving the way for the purchase of a replacement belt (meaning more money spent).    
like this?
  this deserves a +1
  and maybe you can check out this link for recommendations for shoes to wear for a wedding?    
+ 100,000   totally happened to me when ipad 2 came out...     
Hi Kalare,   This article here might interest you!    
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