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Hey freethrowdunk! The last picture on the Longines look pretty good. Do you have the model number and a rough estimate on the price? damn... my wishlist just gets longer and longer
I would most definitely pick gator over ostrich. And IMHO, If you can pull off ostrich, you shouldn't have a problem with gator/croc!   But i must say the loafers look pretty good and would be an interesting addition   And i do agree with wing8tes_qw, exotics do have an inexorable charm, even for me who can't afford any  
Firstly, thanks Kaplan for identifying the watch for me and yes, that is plan dumb of them to discontinue something as classy and nice looking as that! I will be on the look out for this model and hopefully i can find one.. I'm just totally in love with it now and i cannot not have it after seeing it.....     
this thread is awesome. I do enjoy seeing Riccardo's creations and from the pictures, his workmanship is insane! His shoes will be high on my wishlist should i ever save up enough to own a pair 
In my country, it is fairly simple to find a goldsmith and getting a custom items made (as it is a traditional asian custom to send the bride's family some gold jewelry). I suggest heading to a local goldsmith and showing them pictures of what you want and there's a high chance that they can make you the exact product. It's the best way to get exactly what you desire imo.
I thought iroh would appreciate something exquisite that's in line with the guides that he put up :)    
would these work?  
I'd say go for something short and sleek, think ben affleck or ryan seacrest? well, with your features i think you can pull off those most styles (except for the first 2 pictures that is)
May i know the model and price of this! I love it     
I don't know much about Louboutin's but you might want to try this link for some FAQ and online assistance?   I'm sure a brand like them would have top notch customer service as well
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