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It would be great if you could be more specific. but in the meantime 
this might help:    
Pants that are too tight spells disaster for your circulation   
Hi all,   This is a custom order for a very kind gentlemen who has allowed me to post pictures up on the classifieds. As this piece is already sold, orders will be for a custom piece which will take 2~3 weeks to complete.   Shipping is included in the price and it will be shipped through registered mail taking 4 ~ 12 days depending on location!    If you have any specific needs, do contact me as i welcome custom orders for any small leather goods.   -...
i literally lol'ed at this.. and +∞ to that    
Sorry to hijack this thread but Jitaras, would you know where to find cheap dress forms? Thanks!
Thanks and i will do just that, i'll just put more hours into practicing on scraps first :)    
Hi DWFII,   Here's a quick question for you with regards to ostrich skin. I have just begun trying my hands on working with ostrich skin and the fibrous/papery flesh side is giving me lots of problems when i try to skive it down by hand. Are there any suggestions on working with it?    As for the shagreen articles, i must say that the hard beads are rather indestructible as i have a card case made and it still holds up very well for the 4 years i've had it (until it got...
I spent nothing on shopping and i am making all my christmas gifts this year from what i already have! Hopefully, i can keep January clean as well 
Yeah i agree, you look much better with this haircut. 
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