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Hi,   I have a ready-made Beige alligator card holder for sale. The entire product is hand-stitched using the best aligator skin procured from a reputable tannery. If you have any queries, do PM me and i will try my best to answer them. The edges are done in a contrasting dark brown finishing. The color is true to the first picture.   Dimension 7.00cm x 10.00cm   2 card slots and a larger slot for bills/receipts   If you have any other specific needs,...
Pictures when they all arrive please!   I don't know if this works for you but i do like their Horn buttons. Not the best but you get the bang for the buck IMHO
^^ yeah, i prefer simpler designs too. Are those watches vintage or just made to look older?
A vintage watch   
  Will be stalking your B&S when you join that company!    
From what i gathered, it is important that your pants are of the correct length. Socks would definitely show when seating, just don't show anything but socks though      
2011 Insights   • Joined SF and started following various tumblr blogs on style and fine clothing • Realization on how good people can actually look • Starting to re-evaluate my own wardrobe (much to my personal horror)   2012 Plans   • Buy myself some Allen Edmonds'  • Custom shirts and trousers  • Learn more about fabric and fit • Buy a quality navy suit from a fellow member and have it altered to fit • New watches      
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