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What was your mode of payment? I do hope you will be able to get your money back!    
Very nice strap! ^^   And it will be great if i can find out the model number for the Hamilton too!
I don't own pocket squares but i do enjoy browsing David's website as the has all the tutorials on tie/pocket square making. Shows a glimpse of his craft and i love it.    Looking at his appreciation thread, you won't go wrong getting his PS, the only thing is that you might be addicted    I also know that Gshen from Vanda makes great PS too. Hope it helps!   - Hughes
^^ congrats! 
No chart there but they have the full color range, click on any and scroll down to see all the colors. Hope it helps
Most probably bicast leather, a split layer attached with a polymer layer and probably stamped/embossed to make it look like leather. With the top layer (Epidermis) shaven off, this split layer is basically a loose, fibrous mesh held together with the faux polymer layer. With holes punched in, the bicast will be weaker at those point.   Do invest in a good belt, full grain is best. Corrected grain works as well but i do hope you won't buy the $15 belts ever again!...
Perhaps you could try for very affordable straps (saw it mentioned many times on watch forums).
Hi ThinkDerm,   The sides are sanded, dyed, waxed and burnished. After that, an edge dressing is applied to seal the edges. All the items posted are hand-stitched actually (i do try to get them as neat as possible)!    - Hughes
Hi ThinkDerm,   Yes i do make them myself, i do have to improve on my photography skills though! You can see more of my items here at   I'll be posting up more pictures and i hope you'll enjoy following the posts!   - Hughes
^^^ Blaze, love those chesterfield sofas.. May i know where you got those?
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