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HOLY! That is some nice gator...     
LV quality: Stitching is tight and straight (machine stitched and it better be), folded over leather is done well but the fusing done with glue really leaves much to be desired. The lined card compartments are splitting too. All these after very light usage for less than a year.    Fused part splitting   Closeup:    
I'll be there! Hopefully pick up a thing about two on dressing 
Hermes craftsmanship is supreme, and you are paying them to keep the artisans in business (also to attract new artisans into the trade). You will cry when you pay for it, but 10 years down the road, you will smile when the same wallet is still holding strong.   I own an LV wallets and some fused parts are coming undone (just one year old), i could post pictures if you want to see.   - Hughes
Thanks for all your support, i really do appreciate it!    - Hughes
I learn something new everyday, didn't know that there's a rooftop bar at Maison Ikoku! Would love to meet SF members from Singapore too    - Hughes
I would think a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel would work (although it might be $200 over your budget). When you are faced with brand logos plastered over all the fashion brands (LV, burberry, Chanel etc), a well designed bag of would stand out more, hope it helps!
Thanks, i'm really glad that my products are appreciated!    - Hughes
I think your best bet would be some veg tanned belt blanks off eBay and some basic vintage tools (an awl would suffice). If you live in the States, you could try tandy stores, zack white and the likes for some tools and leather!   I suppose a veg tanned leather of 4~5oz would work best.   - Hughes     
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