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  Quote: I really enjoyed watching that, thanks!   I second that, i do enjoy watching videos of a fine piece of work being made! 
First time seeing something like that! Didn't know exotics could be used this way 
Hi friends,   I am selling this ready-made brown alligator card case. The entire card case is made of genuine alligator skin and velour lining are used where necessary. The card case can take 4 regular 9cm x 6cm credit cards with two additional slots for bills or receipts. The item is fully hand-stitched as well.   Dimensions (when closed) Length: 8,00cm Width: 10,20cm   The price includes registered airmail shipping from Singapore with...
Hi all!   Turning a quarter century this year and i'm starting a small little leathercrafting workshop in Singapore.    I'm intrigued with hand-stitching and i spend lots of time sewing. I would very much love to meet and know craft enthusiasts here as well as people interested in MTO products!   I'm always in either jeans or shorts with a very plain shirt, i would love to own bespoke shoes but that's out of the question for now. Have a girlfriend and i love...
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