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Chris, these are some of the items made with the Navy hide, i will be heading to the tannery this Wednesday to arrange for a dye lot for green skins and to get the black one for your friend's order.   - Hughes      
Yeap, the dye lot for the additional navy skins would take a couple months as my order quantity is smaller and the tannery is doing me a favor actually 
Thanks Gabe! I'm glad you like the wallet and i do appreciate the review.   And Chris, i do hope it is just a delay in customs too as the shipping time does vary! 
Can any of you kind folks here identify the model of this Timex? It's a beauty  
This is all very insightful as i am looking to buy myself some vintage watches (seiko, longines etc) and i would love to find out what i should be looking out for when choosing one on eBay.     
 not to mention cheap as @#$%^&    
Try the Japanese site Rakuten (they have an english site too). They have this "ask a question function" where you get very detailed answers on your queries. Hope it helps.
That would be great! And I'm terrible with dates, was preparing to leave for blue ginger on 20th an checked the forum to realize my mistake       
Hey, i'll be there for dinner and drinks! Look forward to meeting you guys    
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