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Try this:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/90990/bespoke-from-singapore-pic-heavy   Hope it helps     
They are finished edges. Raw edges do not wear well and i never leave my edges raw.    For the edges, they are sanded, burnished with wax and dyed. Then, a resin based edge ink is applied to seal the edges and to give it a smooth finish, this is unlike those that are soft/rubbery and they will not peel off.   - Hughes    
Posts like these make my wallet cry...     
Ah Chris, i see that the rings from Ralph reached you pretty quick! The stitching for the buckle attachment is done really well indeed and i am glad the thread i sent over is long enough for you to complete the job. Nice photos of the belt really, do you mind if i use them on my tumblr blog? - Hughes    
If you want small and slim, skip that one on the link. A coin pouch will just serve to fatten the whole thing    
Will most definitely be saving up for one, it looks amazing! And i would love to hear more opinions about German-made watches too!    
Hi guys, i found this watch on tumblr. Tried googling for places selling Junkers but i cannot find this model. Anyone knows where to get one?  
You are not alone...     
^^ i was outbid 
And to pass it on to the son, or grandson     
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