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New price: $300
Not to shit in this thread but I was wondering the same thing. There's quite a few listings for TOJ jackets.
APutting up my black Common Project combat boots. I've worn them twice, still in brand new condition. Comes with box, extra laces and dust cover. Shipped is going to be a bit high because of the size of the box, $35 within Canada, $45 anywhere in the US and all international buyers need to message me for a shipping quote. You can find me on eBay, m4l_2k7. I have 600+ positive feedback so buy in confidence. I only accept Paypal CONFIRMED. I will NOT accept payment from...
Cool, always looking for proxy services from the US. I'll add this thread to my favs.
I run 3.5 miles in 30 mins every day.
Are you on RS?
$250 shipped worldwide for the Diors.
I would say a total of 5 times.
New price for the Diors; $275 shipped worldwide.
Price update: $300 shipped worldwide for the Diors. $80 shipped worldwide for the Etro shirt. No price change for the DG sweater.
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