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Bourbon Mora 2.0's today:
Burgundy Nathans from yesterday: The V-gap completely closes on this shoe, but my feet are more swollen in the morning
Just ordered some Concord Aves in Tan Saddle from Shoebank- $67. Can't argue with that...
Ok, glad to know it isn't just me. May be pulling the trigger on some khaki McTavishes...
Is anyone else having issues accessing SB this morning?
Walnut Wingtip Wednesday (W3?) today: Also, just received notification that my 1776's shipped! Also x 2: damn you all for alerting me to the tent sale. Dark Chili Brooks Warwicks or Khaki McTavishes? Polling for scientific reasons of course...
No, but my Jingle Bell Moks had one or two- I picked them out with tweezers pretty easily
I'm wearing my Cornwallis around the office again today to break them in (I promise, tomorrow I'll participate in Walnut Wednesday and have something different to share). I just wanted to show that the navy does appear a bit more blue against gray pants than it did against navy pants: Also, I changed the lacing to European Bar- kind of messy on the underside, but it'll be less noticeable as it breaks in.
Granted, this is in my office, but they are a bit darker than I expected as well. That said, it makes them far more versatile IMHO.
Yes- black leather strap on a Tiffany buckle and a black watch strap. I won't bother trying to find a navy belt to pair with these, the black works perfectly
New Posts  All Forums: