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Monkstrap Monday: We have rain in the for cast too, but I won't be outside at all, and even if I am, these have the Brooks topy'd sole
For me, it's the broad expanse of smooth leather on the vamp of the Bainbridge. On the Standmok, the effect is lessened (to my eye) because the foxing at the throat is so close to the toe. The Strandmok flows better to me, the Bainbridge looks like too stark of a difference between the toe and the rest of the shoe.I don't know if that made sense, but it did to me lol
Definitely the Strandmok IMHO. The Bainbridge just looks unbalanced to my eye- I think it's the brogued toe cap with very little broguing elsewhere that makes the Bainbridge just look awkward to me.
'Merica today, for no real reason other than 'Merica: Also, Oxford cloth pants.
Thanks! The downside is that I'm terrified to polish them, for fear of screwing up the burnishing lol
So, I like the Strand. And I love the bourbon color. And I love actual bourbon. And AE has an eBay account. You can probably see where this is going...
I'm a master mason as well, so I tend to notice stuff like that lol
Factory- I haven't touched them (only the second time I've worn them). Absolutely in love with 'em.
I like your book in the top right corner 😉
Not a problem! Note though that this has been my experience with the Cornwallis- the Strands I've seen look a touch lighter. That said, if AE re-releases the MN Strand this fall, I'll probably buy a pair.
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