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Merlot today- these shoes pretty much glow in sunlight: Also, per our conversation about ties, Drake's today:
So this is a first. I received a notification that I have a package coming in from AE next Tuesday (2/28). I've received everything I've ordered recently, my account doesn't show any additional orders, and AE has no record of sending me a package from a store or online. #ghostshoes
I have several Drakes and one Zegna (all silk), and I prefer the Drakes. The Zegna is fairly delicate, and doesn't seem to hold a dimple particularly well. I also have to tie a half Windsor with it, otherwise the tie won't hold a dimple at all. My Drakes, on the other hand, are very sturdy, can tie any knot you throw at them, and I almost always get a perfect knot the first time. I'm actually wearing a Drakes tomorrow, I'll take a picture.I do like my Zegna- it's a...
Caught up finally lol. Crazy busy week. On the MacNeil last change: I was the one that posted that, it was a comment made by an SA I was talking to. Supposedly ending the 2.0 and reissuing, due to people having trouble with the 97 last. Speaking of MacNeils, brown grain ones came in today: With flash: On the feet- relaxing on the right is kind of wonky, but not enough to bother me I don't think (my first pair of HMs were much worse): Only issue (if it is one) is...
Pics of the RWB McA???
I've heard great things about Hober, and I love KW's pocket squares, but Chipp would get my vote. Paul Winston is fantastic to deal with, and prices are very reasonable.
I wear these for every American holiday, but realistically, I wear these all the time during the summer interchangeably with white bucks- I get a ton of use out of them.Gracias! Thankfully, my wife is very understanding with my clothing, to the point she usually eggs me on (me-"should I wear khaki chinos or red ones?" Her-"Red, obviously").I'm going to be ordering a pair in orange and white in a few weeks for my alma mater- I've been meaning to for a while.
I don't know what you're talking about, I definitely don't have multiple Stands and McAllisters.Happy Presidents Day (always looking for an excuse to wear these- it helps that it's pouring and these are on Dainite):Preppy AF today (otherwise known as "Orange Fury in his natural state"):
Don't know. He told me if I wanted something, he would order it and sit on it until the sale starts.At the office on a Saturday, acting like I'm a receptionist for the afternoon (non-AE though- Vans FTW):
My chili Warwicks are the Brooks version- the poron doesn't really compress much. I noticed that my heel sits slightly higher in those than any other shoe, which contributes to a bit of slippage. These shoes fit me like a glove out of the box, I think that's the trick with poron insoles- if it doensnt fit perfectly from the beginning, you'll have issues.Fwiw, I like the feel of the poron, but vastly prefer the normal leather insole/cork footbed, if I have a choice.
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