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Hey guys, been on SF for a while, but haven't really posted much- I've been lurking on this thread and felt like I should start contributing more. I currently have 7 pairs of AE's, and three incoming. In no particular order: Black Boardroom Walnut McClain Burgundy Nathan Bourbon Mora 2.0 Chocolate suede Strand Brown Cavanaugh Red/Green Jingle Bell Mok Incoming: Black Grayson (I was waiting on the fall sale, but I ran across NIB firsts online at a price too good to pass...
bump, no one has experience with their knit ties?
What is the consensus on Costume National's knit ties? I saw one at a Marshall's near my apartment for $24.99 that appeared to be pretty decent in terms of quality- very "crunchy" texture (compared to my thetiebar.com ones, at least), 2.25" wide, and made in Italy. I've seen some mixed reviews for their suits but haven't been able to find anything regarding their ties. Pic below, thoughts/comments?  
I wasn't looking for any specific answer, so I appreciate the feedback. I actually already own a pair I tortoiseshell wayfarers (2410's) that I love, but in getting these I was just looking for something a bit different. If they don't suit me then that's perfectly fine, but I wanted to get opinions from an objective  3rd party before returning them. Those original pictures were a bit disproportionate though, so here's one from further away for a better perspective (yes,...
I wanted to get input on the fit of my new 714's. They're 52mm, I was wondering if the sizing looked correct or if I should look into sending them back and swapping them for 54's.    
If you're talking about Vostok Europe, I believe the movements are Russian but the watches are actually built in Lithuania. I actually have the VE Gaz-14 GMT, its a pretty watch (MASSIVE on the wrist compared to what I normally wear), but for some reason the hour hand slipped and is now always 30 mins behind the actual time. I took it to a local shop and they couldnt figure out how to get to the face to fix it, so until I find some place that can fix it I don't wear it...
  1955 Hamilton Baxter    
Love the blue strap on that JLC  
  Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic in rose gold
Hey guys, first post here. I'm in grad school, so my watch collection isn't anywhere near as high end as some of the examples here (I remain eternally jealous of everyone sporting these JLC's and AL&S ), but here is the one I'm wearing right now:      1926 Elgin manual wind with lume numerals and hands. Apologies for the crappy Blackberry pic
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