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I don't have any pics, but fwiw, I was considering the brown Odenwald a while back. I just wasn't a huge fan of it- It just looked way to bulbous and clunky on my feet (I get that it's a boot, but still). I was thinking that I was going to ask for a Wolverine 1k or some Chippewas (the LL Bean Katahdin engineer boots) for Christmas, but then the HM came out and I couldn't be happier.Just my $.02
It wasn't cool enough today to justify boots, but was cool enough to justify suede Strands: Also, from yesterday, bourbon Strands:
I love the tan laces on the brown HM's, but I think I must be the only person on here who doesn't mind the dark brown laces.
Honestly, I was kind of wondering the same thingPaul! Do a midnight navy Grayson! 😀
That was impressive
Freaking pissed- scratched the toe of my merlot McAllisters on a metal piece that I didn't realize was on my desk: Is the best option for this to just polish the heck out of it?
Very nice- I can't wait for it to cool off a bit so I can justify pulling out my bitter chocolate suede Strands......or my HM's, for that matter...
I've heard dying shell is a royal PITA for the manufacturer, so I imaging it would be incredibly difficult to strip and re-dye. In any case, I personally would be too risk adverse to try it with a material as expensive as shell
I would never trust myself to attempt this, but those look absolutely incredible
I have shoes with Dainite for bad weather days (treated suede Strands), but if it's truly nasty enough, I wear Le Chameau rain boots or (if it's cold) Bean Boots, then just change at the office. But I really don't have to leave my office, so it's only been necessary a couple times.
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