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What's the watch?
Totally in love with these: Context (it's cold, but the wind and humidity made it worse):
Disclaimer: pic heavy/unashamedly, gushingly, enthusiastic review Received my Massdrop chukkas today. Wow. Just....wow. When I purchased these, it was definitely an impulse- i wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend the money on them (or if I wanted the chocolate, and not snuff), but I went ahead and pulled the trigger bc of the scarcity of the chocolate. My hesitations were quickly forgotten today: Maybe I don't get out much, but this is seriously the softest...
I'm realizing that it's been a long while since I participated in Walnut Wednesday...:
"Tannenbaum Tuesday": Context:
RE: the Massdrop Saphir- I'll probably get some, that's a really good price from what I've seen RE: suede Strands- mine are the same size as my other 5 last shoes (McA, calf Strands, etc). Speaking of suede Strands... ...cold, gray, and wet today: And since y'all seemed to like the tweed on Friday, today is RL tweed with a Brooks wool tie:
Should be Tuesday- we were out in it last night, I'm refusing to go anywhere today lol
I was going to wear my JBM's again today, but we have crappy weather rolling in that I'm going to have to be out in a bit later, so HM's: For context (just because I'm happy that it was cool enough for tweed this morning):
Ermahgerd mah MDxAE's are supposed to come in Tuesday. WAY more excited than I should be lol. Today's Verona II's (I forgot to wear bourbon today, sorry):
These are growing on me, but I'm just not sure I have room for a casual shoe like this in my wardrobe...
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