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Just ordered merlot McAllisters through Shoebank for $157 (-$40 from a gift card). The SA said he didn't see anything wrong with them, but he didn't sound very convincing, so we'll see.
Yes- this is the biggest issue I've run into with loafers from Shoebank. I had three pairs of Patriots I went through that all got differently in the same size (still a horrible fit), two pairs of Cavanaughs that were too small (I ended up getting 1sts), and a pair of Graysons that were way too big (compared to what I tried on in the store)
Found a pair of Merlot Strands, but I already own burgundy Nathans- how close are burgundy and merlot?
Saw some questions a few pages back about the RDA sale- i heard from an SA that it's early October this year (I think she said around the 5th?)
The walnut McAllister was my introduction to Allen Edmonds- I first saw it when I was in college, and thought it was the most beautiful shoe I had ever seen. I still don't own one, but I have walnut McClains and bourbon McAllisters, so I'm happy. Some day I'll buy walnut McAllisters, just for the nostalgia factor.My first pair of AE's were black Boardrooms, via a friend who was a manager at a Jos A Bank (he gave me discounts that, in retrospect, he probably wasn't...
A little late, but dark chili Warwick from earlier today: Also, a while back I ordered the Concord Ave bit loafer in tan saddle leather from Shoebank, and the shoe that showed up was super scratched up, too small (I think sizing was off), and had a crushed heel counter on one of the shoes. Just noticed today that a bunch of these popped up on the clearance section of AE's site for $57- yes, please, and thank you.
That's fair,I personally just don't want to pay more than double for the Alden. Plus, I actually really like Dainite, so that's in the plus column for me with the HM
I saw a review online (Dapper, I think) where they said it was TTS, but with enough room for thicker socks if need be. I'm apparently the same size as the reviewer (10.5D), so that's good enough for me.
Gahhh, I was doing so good at restraining myself on AE purchases, but with how I've been wanting some work boots anyways, $250 for the Higgins Mill might be too good for me to pass on....
If it were me, I would pay the $37 extra- but then, my track record with seconds is abysmal.
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