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16 pounds in 28 days for me. If you can get past the first week it gets easier.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaPo And Arnie's wearing green Sebagos. Steezy as hell. His arms look like a serious synthol-fest there, though. Shit's probably XXXL. Nice shot of Lou Ferrigno puffing on a cuban, too. I take it you've never seen Synthol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vernon-Dozier I should note all their polos are true to size & good fits. It's just the button downs I have problems with and sweaters being a bit roomy. Yeah, I'm a solid large in the polos, which is what I expected to be in the favorite shirts.
If it's slimmer than normal, I guess I should be a medium in other shirts as well. I never thought I'd see the day when I became a medium.
Does anyone have experience with the lightweight favorite shirt? I've never bought anything at J Crew besides chinos and polos. I tried on a large and a medium, and the medium fit just about perfectly. I'm 6'3" 210, so that seems odd to me. I expect that kind of absurd sizing from BR and Gap, but I figured J Crew would be somewhat more accurate.
Dark Chocolate. Anyone had the Coconut ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by rockket i understand DOMS results, at least in part, from "micro tears," but does the absence of DOMS imply no micro tears, and thus no hypertrophy? No.
IMO, Corneliani, Belgrave (I would prefer the Audley, but I think a black shoe is the safest possible choice here), #2 in wine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Why are these apps allowed on other platforms that AT&T also sells e.g. Blackberry? Is the CEO only half sane? I think a lot of it depends on the contract language between AT&T and the phone makers. Also, does RIM have centralized control of app sales like Apple does? I've never had a Blackberry.
You'll lose weight with such a severe caloric deficit, but you will run into many problems. Besides, the goverment's track record with dietary recommendations isn't exactly brilliant. The grain-heavy, low-fat diet promoted by the old food pyramid is at least partly responsible for the current obesity issue in this country.
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