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This has probably been discussed but I can't really find a definitive answer. I really want a pair of unlined chukkas in snuff suede but I live in Seattle. I've heard that high quality full grained leather suede will hold up to the elements well as long as it is given a chance to dry. Is this generally true? I rarely find my shoes get soaked but they will get a little wet walking around and I will make sure to dry them before wearing them again (always give me shoes 24...
They do not come with shoe trees.    I had brown sperrys as well but I never wear them anymore. The oakstreets are a bit different style and the quality makes them so much better. I currently have the brown with camp sole and blue with vibram sole. I love them both but the blue leather is just fantastic.   I ordered the same size as my Indy boots for both. They started out a bit tight but stretched and fit perfect now, I can lace them loose for socks and tigher for...
This also appears to work on the Indy Boots right now. Typically they pull them during their sales. Just bought a pair, we'll see if it goes through. 
I sized down in mine and they were pretty narrow when I got them as well. After a couple weeks of wear they stretched and fit perfectly. If they are really really tight it might be a problem though. 
I just wanted to follow up on the sizing on these. I am solidly a 12 in every other shoe I own but ordered the 11.5 in these with a little bit of hesitation. Initially they were a bit snug in the width but have stretched out to be perfect and actually a little loose without socks (not in a bad way). These have very quickly become my favorite shoes and I am considering a pair of the boots as well.
Just got my trail oxfords with camp sole on Friday. I am a 12 in most every shoe but ordered an 11.5 in these. They fit a little snug in width but I think they will stretch out to be right. The length is perfect for me but the width at the lower part of the lacing is pretty snug. The toe box seems to be fine in width though and loosening the lacing seemed to make the other parts a bit better. I think a 12 would have been way too big in length, especially since I plan on...
I put in an order on the weekend for the vibram sole brown oxfords but I can't decide if I want to switch to the camp sole... I think the camp sole is a bit more classic and it is also currently in stock in my size, unlike the vibram. How do they hold up with light rain and wet streets? I imagine the vibram is a bit better there.
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