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Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood I find Under Armour gear way too ugly. I have a collection of golf shirts I golf in and golf shirts I wear. I tend play a round, hit the showers in the club house and change into a nicer golf shirt for dinner or drinks. I don't see whats so ugly about them. I mean, how ugly can a solid polo be? Regardless, for heat and humidty I find them the most comfortable which in my opinion is most important for...
Quote: Originally Posted by txeconomist I think Ralph Lauren, Peter Millar, Bobby Jones, Fairway and Greene, Tommy Bahama are all pretty nice/ I guess those would work. But really, if I was buying a golf shirt, Id buy one that Id actually play golf in. I strongly prefer shirts made from synthetic moisture wicking materials produced by manufacturers such as Nike, Ashworth, Greg Norman, Adidas, and my favorite Cutter and...
I remember the first couple years of the Wachovia Championship (now the Quail Hollow Championship) they had Purple Label polos in the Merch tent. I want to say they were $175 with the tournament log on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by FIHTies But I am willing to bet that Hermes guarantees it when you use them (and they use TC). Hermes uses Tie Crafters because they are familiar with the silk, especially with the scarves because 99% of dry cleaners out there will flatten the hand-rolled edges. We never "guarantee" anything but Tie Crafters does do some fantastic work and know how to handle the silk properly and with care.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji If I recall Hermes will clean it for no charge and they do so in a way which does not damage their ties. I think they will also do the same for scarves. there is a $25 charge to have Hermes send it out. Hermes uses Tie Crafters.
not much for me... a new pair of navy trousers a solid grey (mid-grey) suit
I have a bottle of Equipage by Hermes that I'm looking to get rid of. I've sprayed it maybe 6 times over the last few days. It's a 3.3 ounce bottle, no box. I like the smell, but not on me... just doesn't work with my body chemistry. $45 shipped to anywhere in the US.
i'm ok with anything that doesn't come in an orange box.
wow, they actually make my size! might have to look into these.
Up for sale I have 3 Billy Reid ties that I no longer need. $25 each shipped or 2 for $45, 3 for $60. Green/Yellow Pink/Purple Orange SOLD I also have a Brioni tie that I got from Neiman Marcus a couple years ago. I took the tags off thinking I was going to wear it but never did. $50 shipped Blue Paisley
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